The value of the Hebrew letters

According to Jewish legend, Moses taking the written law (known as the Torah Sheh-Bai-hat) on the Holy Mount Sinai, also received the oral law, ie. E. The Torah Shi Bai Al-Pei. Pissanaya Torah is central to the oral Torah, because this latter Act is made up of comments and interpretations of written Torah. It was compiled over the years on the basis of the views and interpretations of seasoned experience of scientists and rabbis. Jewish mystical wisdom says that both in written and oral presentation of the Torah contains the basis for the structure-magic Kabbalistic thought and research. Like all religions based on sacred texts, Kabbalistic doctrine holds that the Jewish scriptures in a literal sense is the Word of God and contain the divine essence. Some alphabets possessing esoteric foundation, marked general characteristic of quality when each individual typeface named, a special purpose or quality.

The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet – Aleph – is the equivalent of the Latin letter “A”. Exoterically this letter has a value of “cattle” or “bull” and esoterically – “wealth” … Aleph is taken as an expression of the hermetic principle: “As above, so below.” Esoterically, as the first letter, it symbolizes his father, head of the family … The digital value Aleph is 1, t. E. Ahad, which means “unity”. Astrologically Aleph corresponds to Taurus and the constellation of Orion.

Beth – second Hebrew letter, which reads like a “B”. It means “home” … This is – an expression of stability, ownership and continue the human race in one place. Beth – a hereditary possession of the property … It also represents the family, procreation and offspring, continuity bloodline kind … Beth labeled with the number 2 bus, the one that repeats – the essence of creation. Astronomical Beth associated with the constellation Cassiopeia.

Gimel – the third letter. It reads like a “G”; its meaning – “a camel” … The esoteric interpretation of the letter Gimel – “nature”, which without human intervention is always a self-regulating system. The numerical value of Gimel – 3, ie Shalosh, ie the triad….. Astrologically the letter associated with the constellation Virgo.

Dalet, ie “door” -.. The fourth letter of the alphabet represents a sound “D” … esoterically Dalet is “power” … Dalet is the knowledge and ignorance, which are well expressed symbolism of opening and closing the door. The digital equivalent of Daleth – 4, Arba, a geometric shape – a rectangle.

Hee, «h», – the fifth sign of the alphabet to indicate a “window” … … This letter is the connecting link of the inner world with the outside, ie, that brings enlightenment… Esoterically Hee – “religion” that connects people with each other, it is something that unites them with the divine that exists is man himself. The digital equivalent of Hi – 5, Homesh, ie “armed”… Astrologically Hee associated with Aries.

Bay – is the sixth letter of the alphabet with a phonetic value of “B”; it is a nail, the knob of the door or a small hook. In relation to a person connected with the Bay hearing and esoteric matters “freedom”. In this sense, a reference to the doorknob very appropriate, t. To. The latter opens the door. The numerical value Bay -.. 6, ie, Shesh, which means “white or bright shade.”

Zain – seventh letter of the alphabet and its significance – “sword”, but in a more general sense – “weapon” or “decorated wand” … Its phonetic value – “3”. The numeric equivalent of Zain – 7 t..e. Sheba, which means “on vacation.”

The eighth letter of a hat. This letter is read as «X» and has a value of “fence” or “fence”. Het represents esoterically “distribution”, as the primary function of energy. The digital equivalent of letter – 8, ie, Shmone or fertility; astrological its place in the constellation Libra.

The ninth letter Tet is read as “T”, and its value – the snake. Wall – a symbol of the organic unity. It is a copper snake from the Old Testament, the rod of Aaron as a Jewish parallel to the magical staff of Hermes, the caduceus and the Christian, the cross of Christ, organic unity can exist only when the flow of energy of the universe supports him and is represented in all. cultures in the form of a snake, a dragon, or Noivre Orme. Esoterically Tet represents prudence property, its numerical value is equal to 9, Tshey, t. F. “Gate”.

Iodine or Iodine is the tenth sign of the alphabet and read as “I”. Letters and as a hand symbol, expresses the completeness … Iodine in the esoteric meaning – it is destiny “,” fate “, controlled by God. This value has a parallel in the Greek alphabet: letter Iota, which is also understood as “fate”. The numerical value of Iodine equivalent to 10, Esser, t. E. All.

Kaf – is the eleventh letter of the alphabet; it is set to “palm” and transmits the sound of “K”. Palm as part of the body is important, as it passed through the radiant energy, known to many as “Pneuma”, “Ondes”, “Odile” and “NIVR”. The doctrine of this energy is best known through the Eastern martial arts, where it is called “Qi”. In Christian practice, this subtle energy brings healing when “laying on hands” and is also a component of spectacular feats of martial arts. In the Christian symbolism of Jesus’ palm, disastrous pierced with nails, lose their ability to emit a beneficial healing energy. Sometimes, the icons of the Virgin Mary’s arms emanate rays of glowing energy. Kaf esoterically represents “power”, its numerical value is equivalent to 20 Kaf Astrologically associated with the constellation of Leo.

Lamed is the twelfth letter of the alphabet and read as “N” … Lamed – a purposeful energy required to undertaking in any case, and the inevitable sacrifices that accompany any activity. The esoteric meaning of Lamed – “sacrifice” and a numerical value – 30.

Mem – is the thirteenth letter which is pronounced as “M”. Esoterically Mem means water. This is understood to be over, but in a more secret meaning as the changes associated with death … Her astrological aspect – the constellation of the Dragon. The numerical value of Mem – 40; in Jewish tradition, this number represents the fullness and completion of the business started.

Nun, fourteenth letter of the alphabet is represented by the term “fish”. Her zvuchanie- “H” … She is the epitome of the constellation Aquarius. Esoterically Nun – reversibility is … Its numeric equivalent – 50.

The fifteenth letter of the alphabet is Sameh, transmitting the sound “O” This letter is meant as a backup or support. Sameh denotes the mutual dependence that exists between people, material world or between God and humanity. Esoterically, the mark represents the totality of the universe. The letter is adequate to the number 60.

Sixteenth mark denoted by the symbol Ain or Ein having sound “O”. Meaning Ain – Eye. This letter of view, in the esoteric plan is the ability to “foresee”, t. E. To see the processes that are deployed in the event. Ain – parallel Greek letter Omicron, which represents the sun and its light, as a necessary condition for the functioning of our sight. Astrologically Ain corresponds with the constellation of Ophiuchus, and corresponds to the zodiacal sign of Scorpio. Its numerical value – 70.

Seventeenth letter in alphabetical number is Pi, phonetically the sound of “P” and its significance – “the mouth”, ie the place of speech reproduction -.. So is the letter of eloquence and precepts … The esoteric meaning of this letter is with “immortality” . After all, the “word” was the root cause of the primordial vibration from which there was material existence. Astrologically letter Pi combined with the constellation Andromeda and Pisces sign. The numeric equivalent of Pi is equal to 80.

Tzaddi, Tsade or sadhus – the eighteenth letter of the alphabet which is read as “C” and is a fishing hook or spear. Symbolically Tzaddi is a shadow or reflection of all things – the necessary contrast, which is inherent to any state of being. The letter has a numerical value of 90.

Kofe – nineteenth letter – indicates the head. Esoterically Kof denotes light t. E. The inner illumination. Koth is a sound «Q», and it astrologically – Gemini. The numerical value of the letters – 100.

Resch – twentieth letter in the Hebrew alphabet, the phonetic quality of its “P” … In the exoteric terms, it represents the head, and in ezotericheskom- “recognition” as the kind of person – is the main feature that helps us to know each other. The numerical value of the letters – 200.

Twenty-first in the alphabetical series is Shin, indicating the sound of “W”. Shin is the teeth, which are a means of converting food into an edible substance. Esoterically, it is – the divine fire that transforms one state to another. In Kabbalistic terms of Christianity fire illumination of the Holy Spirit transforms the material into the spiritual. Shin, the addition of a fourth letter in the name of God, leads to the appearance of the Messiah. Its numeric value is 300. The twenty-second, the letter of the Hebrew alphabet is written Tau, the phonetic sound that «th». It represents the phallus and the sign of the Cross – a symbol of “the elect.” In accordance with some ideas of Christian Kabbalah, all those who do not wear the mark of the Tau, are doomed to failure. The numerical value of Tau – 400; this is the largest single digit in the Hebrew account system. Esoterically, it is the four Sephiroth four worlds, that is, “Synthesis.” This – the accomplishment of God’s Word and thus – a reflection of the creative process.

Nigel Pennick “Magical Alphabets”

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