Earth threatens “planet of the devil”

Apparently, Earthlings once again threatens the cosmos. Also at this time, it comes simultaneously from two celestial bodies. Astronomers predict Earth a dangerous encounter with the legendary “devil-planet” Nibiru, and after it will attack Raja-Sun. As according to US researchers, the first to be able to see Nibiru, are the inhabitants of the Earth’s Southern Hemisphere. They will see it as a red point of light, and by the end of next year, “planet-devil” and residents will be able to observe the Northern Hemisphere. Nibiru is like a second sun, but in color it will not yellow, and red. What is the effect of Nibiru will have on our planet is approached, the researchers say definitely not. But already quite certain that the key date will be February 14, 2013 at a time when our planet will pass between the Sun and Nibiru. As scientists assume, will shift the magnetic poles, which will lead to changes in the tilt of the Earth, and, consequently, the earthlings crumble tsunami and earthquake hitherto unknown forces. Only July 1, 2014 Nibiru will begin to move away from our planet in its orbit. Mysterious “Planet of the devil,” discovered in 1983, Americans Richard Harrington and Thomas Van Flanderns. They even managed to calculate some of its parameters. Alan Alford, also an American, in turn, said that Nibiru is inhabited by a civilization with a high degree of development, which has more than three hundred thousand years. But at the moment the existence of the planet itself, as well as “apocalyptic” theory, astronomy official questioned if not Nibiru, some scientists decided definitively intimidate the inhabitants of the Earth the next approaching cosmic evil. Namely, Cyril Butusov, a planetary scientist from Russia confident that the Sun in our planetary system has a “twin brother” by the name of Raja-Sun. And, therefore, the twin-star is approaching our planet. Once Raja Sun had more mass than the sun. And according to scientists why it burned faster. How to calculate, Mr. Butusov, “twin brother” to our approach in the near future. Thus, this “cosmic duo”, including Nibiru, will result in serious catastrophic consequences for us. Well, to us did not seem enough, the Butusov sure that revolving around the “second sun” planets, too, there is a highly developed civilization, which is already over earth 150-200 million years and manages all processes in our solar system.

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