The moon inhabits Earth

“The moon played the biggest and most significant role both in formation of Earth, and in the population its human beings. Monads which passed an animal stage of evolution on the Moon, having finished the cycle, had to begin to start a new step of life on Earth human evolution here. They were those fruits which the Moon had to transfer to Earth for further development. … Great Lords gave the order to Lords of the Moon — Pitri — to create people. These Lords of the Moon were two types: The highest gods — Lord of tribe, the called Agnishvatta, and the Lunar Gods named by Barkhishadami. Were one step higher than Agnishvatt Pitri — they were up to standard Mira Ognennogo whereas were of Barkhishada at the level of subtle world. And here it happened so that Barkhishada (Lunar Gods) obeyed Logos’s order to create — they went to Earth. Agnishvatta (the Highest Gods) refused. They did not wish to create. Agnishvatt Pitri were deprived of creative passion because they were too divine and therefore they are not capable to create a physical body. Nevertheless only they could finish the person, that is make him conscious — to give him a mind rudiment, a rudiment of ability of thinking. Barkhishada, having been up to standard of subtle world, could create only a thin body — a prototype physical.

Birth of the First Race of mankind

Evolution of mankind on the globe is septenary division. Life cycle of mankind is divided into seven human races called by roots. They appear consistently one by one. Also in each Radical Race seven subraces consistently appear. The first Radical Race, that is first “people” on Earth, were Posterity of Lunar Ancestors or Pitri. Barkhishada allocated the thin bodies from themselves and became creators of thin forms of the person. Around these Nature forms built radio bodies. Thus, Primogenitors of the person — Pitri, or Fathers — are ourselves as primary persons, we are they. The highest Pitri or Agnishvatta did not take part in this creation. The first Race did not receive that intimate sacred spark which burns and develops in a flame of human mind and consciousness. Pitri Barkhishada could invest human Monads only own thin essence with its animal instincts. They could give only what was inherent in their own nature, and no more than that. Lunar Gods could reveal from themselves only shadows of people. The initial person isogoing from bodies of Primogenitors was the being of a radio form deprived of flesh. The monads embodied in these empty covers were unconscious. The initial person could stand, run, go, lie and fly. But nevertheless it was only Pkhaya, a shadow unconscious … The first Creators were Pigmalion of the Primitive person: they could not recover this statue reason. Because to finish the septenary person to add to his lowest bodies and to fasten them with the Spiritual Monad — the binding principle, “Live Fire” which gives to the person self-knowledge and consciousness is necessary — Manas, the Thought body was necessary.

Evolution of the Second Race

From the First Radical Race the Second developed. It came from the First by budding and allocation. Primary process of reproduction by means of which the Second Race was formed of the First happened as follows: the radio form which invested the Monad was surrounded as well as now with the oviform sphere of Aura. When there came reproduction time, the radio form “pushed out” the tiny similarity from surrounding Aura’s egg. This germ grew and ate Aura until its development did not come to an end; then it gradually separated from the parent, carrying away with itself(himself) own sphere of Aura. The first Race became the Second Radical Race without generating and creating it as the First Race was made just of radio Shadows of Primogenitors Creators and had no physical bodies, – that this Race also did not die. Instead of dying, it disappeared in the Second Race as pass some lowest lives into the posterity. Her “people” were gradually dissolved and absorbed by “bodies” of own posterity, more dense, than their own. Matter of primary forms — cloudy and efiroobrazny — was attracted or absorbed and thus became addition of forms of the Second Race. Primary or parental matter was used on creation of a new being, on creation of posterity. The first subraces of the Second Race were given rise by means of the process described above. The last gradually, in parallel with evolution of a human body, began to be made by different way. The last people from the Second Race were “Given rise then”. The first and Second Races, and also the first half of the Third Race existed for three hundred million years. The first Races had no relation to climates as they were not subject to any influence of temperature or its changes. The terrestrial conditions existing then had no relation to the plan on which made evolution of efiroobrazny, thin Races. Geological and physical difficulties did not exist for existence of the initial radio person. The being who became Primary Person could remain perfectly impenetrable for any condition of the atmospheric conditions surrounding it. Primary Ancestor could work and live with identical ease both under the earth and in water, and on the earth.”

“Ancient legends” Nikolay Roerich

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