“Ghostly heavenly army and battles

“Legends could explain the appearance of” ghost soldiers “, of course, if you believe in them. In the book “Ancient Irish beliefs” UG Wood-Martin leads occurred in 1797 case when noon came elf army marched through the swamp is between Maryborough and Stredibelli. Another phantom army appeared in 1836 on the hills Bellifriar. It is also possible to give an example, similar to the one described by St. Augustine, when, after a magical battle on the ground remained very real traces. It is said that in 1800, two small armies fought entrenched in ditches, on both sides of the road in Kilkenni, leaving behind a battered bush, broken trees and traces of blood on the grass. In the XVI century. vision heavenly battles appeared quite often. In the book “Black Magic in British history” Ronald Holmes cites examples from the history of the XVII century Scotland. According to the chronicle of the time, “in the summer of 1686 there was a drop in Clydeside helmets, hats, guns, swords, which covered the trees and the earth; They were seen combat formations of armed soldiers marching on the water … “. A similar falling objects and ghostly vision of the army took place in Scotland in the late XVIII century. Holmes explained all this by resorting to plausible argument about mass hysteria, but in this case to explain the fact that persons who are not prone to religious excitement, too, watched the ghostly army. In 1642 there were battles between the vision of ghostly armies and reporting. Title one published in London and exhibited now in the British library books reads: “The sign of the sky, or dreadful and terrible noise heard in the Ayre, Aldeburg, Suffolk, on Thursday, August fourth day, at five o’clock in the afternoon, when he was can be heard drumming, shooting muskets and artillery fire for an hour or more … “it is further reported that the witness that there were” many honorable gentlemen “who were willing to testify in the presence of the leading members of the House of Commons and to present a heavy stone that fell from the sky, when it is thundering battle there. ” In the book “The Magic of Nature” (1832), Sir David Brewster advantage appeared in the age of enlightenment mirages theory to explain a number of unexplained phenomena. One of the most striking visions witnessed ghostly army occurred June 23, 1744 at Sauterfell mountain in Lake Cumberland area. About seven o’clock in the evening Striket Daniel, servant of John Wren Wilton Hall, saw a lot of soldiers who rode up the hill and disappeared behind it. We sent for Wren, who, together with all the inhabitants of the village (about twenty six) saw these soldiers. Brewster explained that it was probably a reflection of the real troops who were on the other side of the slope. However, while in the area there were no soldiers, just as there was no road on the slope. Therefore, Brewster explains further, as it is unbelievable, “if there was no road along which they can move, it is possible that these were portions that were carried out in secret in the mountains of military exercises on the eve of the uprising in 1745”. In the book “The New Land” Fort gives many examples of the old chronicles the emergence of ghost soldiers. In 1785, at a time when a military honors funeral of General von Cosel Uyest in the town, in Silesia, were seen marching across the sky soldiers. Some time later, when the funeral has ended, ghost soldiers appeared again. May 3, 1848 in the skies over Dauphine near Vienna twenty eyewitnesses saw the whole army; December 30, 1850 ghost soldiers were reported in the sky about Banmuta; January 22, 1854 ghost soldiers appeared on Buderikom; October 8, 1881 g.- of Ripley, Yorkshire; From September to October 1881 figures in white robes appeared on the Virginia troops “angels” in white robes and helmets marched on the Delaware; Similar reports were received from Maryland (these data are presented in the book “Scientific American” in the same year). Within a few hours for three consecutive days, beginning seems to August 1, 1888, in Varasdin village in Croatia, in the sky galloping cavalry troops, commanded by an officer with a gleaming blade in his hand. “

“Ghostly heavenly army and battle” J. R. Michel Ricard

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