Trade and transport of Celts

celt civilization
celt civilization

The Celtic region has long been linked to distant countries, as important routes passed through France and southern Germany. We got to know the situation in late Halstatt and early Latenian times already above. The Alps ceased to be an obstacle to trade relations, and some places on both sides of the ridge turned into transshipment and important trading points between remote areas. Archaeological materials show that in the Latenian period, especially in later times, this trade was well organized. The daytime transitions to a distance of about thirty kilometres meant that there were places to rest and sleep. Some of the late Latenian time points are sometimes even considered customs offices, such as Laten himself in Switzerland. The importance of permanent shopping centres increased due to economic and social changes and the construction of oppidums. Some of them were based at the crossroads of old trade routes and were famous for their trade connections. Particularly advantageous were the sites at the tribal border, such as Noviomagus (Nizhon) by the Lingong-on. Some centers, which became important later in the Roman era, grew up on the place of Celtic centers and markets: Forum Julia (Frejus), Forum Nero (Lodev), Forum Seguciavora, Augustomagusi, etc.. A wide variety of goods were traded at Celtic markets, a large grain warehouse was located in Bibrakt, and many coins of different Celtic tribes were found on the place of the bazaar. An extensive system of grain pits was discovered last year during the excavations of the Manhing oppidum, and the findings in the Stradonitsa show very lively trade connections. Details of horse harness, cavalry spurs, and late Latenian horse horseshoes are increasingly being found; many roads appear to have already been paved with stone, forcing horseshoes to protect horse hooves. Trade connections were very busy, and a variety of means were used. Private movable property of individuals grew rapidly and was stored in houses under solid door locks.

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