University of East Anglia, Norwich

The population of the city of Norwich makes 127 600 people. Blossoming of the city fell on the 17th century. The city of Norwich for 500 years was the second-large city in England. The city is rich with architectural heritage. In the city 1500 historical buildings along with constructions of modern architecture are located. The architecture of the Middle Ages is presented by a cathedral 11 of a century, the Normansky lock of construction of the 12th century and numerous churches (45). The city is included into the five of the best cities for shopping where there is one of the most large open markets of Europe. Norwich is considered one of the best British cities on a standard of living and prosperity. In 30 minutes from Norwich it is possible to reach to the coast Norfolk. In the city the international airport from which it is possible to reach to 200 cities of the world is located. From the railway station everyone half an hour goes the train to London. Time in way makes less than 2 hours. For students discounts work. The cost of the railway ticket — 15 pounds. The city of Norwich kept the atmosphere of uniqueness and originality of the British culture and is one of the safest cities of England.
University — UEA

According to a rating of “The Good University Guide 2007” the university takes the 23rd place among universities in Great Britain. The university accepted the first students in 1963. Now at university 13000 students are trained.

The campus of university borrows picturesque 320 acres of the earth. In the territory of a campus there is a lake on the bank of which students like to have a rest.

Main characteristics of a campus:

is on a full samoobespechivaniye
modern design and architecture
the sports complex of university with the pool of the Olympic size and opportunities to be engaged in many sports is one of the best in Great Britain
picturesque nature
convenient arrangement (10 minutes from the downtown by bus No. 25 which goes round the clock. The cost of a stud.bilet for a year — 130 pounds)
3000 places in a student’s rezideniya (100 places for accommodation in a family in the downtown)
well completed library equipped with the modern equipment
123 student’s clubs on interests
medical center

The INTO University Partnerships programs on the basis of university:

Academic: Foundation, Diploma, Graduate Diploma.

Programs for English: Essential English, Academic English, IELTS Preparation, Pre-sessional English, Pre-masters.

Foundation programs: Science, Computing, Business

Level of proficiency in language: IELTS — 4,5
Science Foundation:

main objects: biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, English. On the termination of the program it is necessary to gather 120 test balls: 30 — in biology, 30 — in chemistry, 20 — on English and educational skills, 20 on mathematics and 20 on physics.

After the termination Science Foundation revenues to baccalaureate university programs for business and economy are also possible.
Business Foundation: (152 students are trained)

main objects: business, social sciences, law and English. On the termination of the program it is necessary to gather 120 test balls.
Diploma Program: (45 students are trained)

The program prepares for revenues to the second year of university. Main objects: mathematics, English, microeconomics, macroeconomic. Requirements to language — IELTS — 6 – 6,5.
Graduate Diploma Program

preparation for a magistracy on two naprvleniye: business and economy. At the end of the first semester it is necessary to decide on the direction in which will be trained in a magistracy since the 2nd and 3rd semester are research.
Computing Foundation:

main objects: computer sciences, mathematics and English. On the termination of the program it is necessary to gather 120 test balls.
Enlish Language Programs:

12 lessons for 60 minutes a week
4 days a week
the training material is given for independent preparation
regular testing
the most popular course: IELTS (2 days a week) + Academic English (2 days a week)

On the termination of programs for English for revenues to the Foundation program or baccalaureate programs of university it is not required to hand over IELTS. The result of the project work which is carried out at the end of a course becomes engrossed in reading.

At university 4 faculties: Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Health and 23 colleges. The researches conducted by university in such areas as biology, pharmaceutics, medicine, environment, computer sciences, chemistry, mathematics were recognized excellent by government inspection of faculties. At university the introduction program for first-year students is carried out.

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