Dean College, Franklin, State of Massachusetts

dean college
dean college

Dean College — private college of joint biennial training.

Year of foundation: 1865

Arrangement: on 100 acres of the earth Mr. Franklin (the population — 26,000) the State of Massachusetts, 45 minutes from Boston

Climate: moderate, 4 seasons

The nearest airport: Boston

Number of pupils: 800 students — 10% of the international students

Accommodation: only in the residence of a campus

Ratio of teachers and pupils: 141

Equipment: the computer center, the Internet, use of e-mail, a possibility of use of computers in some rooms of the hostel, library, a gym, the telecommunication center, a tennis court, the center of health and beauty, studio FROM, the centers for facultative occupations, the centers for assistance to students.

Requirements to receipt:

TOEFL — 450, a certificate GPA — Page.

Description of the program

Programs: business administration, communications, service of flights, computer information systems, criminalistics, choreography, humanities, pedagogics, psychology, sports management, drama.

Diploma: Associate Degree

Main objective of training in college: training of students for further training in baccalaureate programs in the leading colleges and universities, such as New York University, Long Island University, University of Massachusetts, etc.

Dean College is a partner of Suffolk University that gives the chance to students of college to continue continuous training in the baccalaureate program being or in a campus of college, or in a campus of university which is located in the center of Boston. What also gives the chance to students of college to pass training or training in other countries on an equal basis with students of university.

Is included training, accommodation and food in the price.

Colleges of biennial training give the chance for foreign students to adapt and to be prepared well for training in the baccalaureate program at universities.

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