Tri-State University, Angola, Indiana

trine university
trine university
Tri-State University, Angola, Indiana
Tri State University is a private research University
Founded in 1884
Location: Angola (population: 2500), \”101\” Lake County Indiana, Chicago, 2:00 3:00 from Detroit.
Climate: temperate, all seasons
Nearest airport: Detroit
Number of students: 1400 students enrolled in Bachelor’s programs and 50 graduate students.
Accommodation: 6 dormitories on campus (400 acres), separation.
Equipment: computer centre, Internet, emailing, computerized library, fitness, perfect conditions for sports centres for extracurricular activities, student aid centers, tennis court.
Program: about 40 training destinations in 5 colleges: the school of business, school of engineering and technology, College of education, College of Arts and Sciences, professional college.
Diploma: Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree
Features of University: during education in university students acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are necessary for further employment. A small number of students per class, friendly and demanding teachers, convenient geographical location of all funds of the University make learning quality and successful.

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