Bay State College, Boston, State of Massachusetts

bay state college
bay state college

Bay State College, Boston, State of Massachusetts

Bay State College — private college of joint biennial training.

Year of foundation: 1946

Arrangement: Boston (the population — 600,000) the State of Massachusetts in the prestigious area — Commonwealth Avenue

Climate: cold winter and warm summer

Number of pupils: 700 students

Accommodation: in hostels near college and in families. In each hostel there are a computer hall, a laundry and restrooms.

Food: in cafeteria.

Equipment: Internet, library, dancing club, student council, various student’s clubs and societies. The gym, a tennis court, the center of health and beauty, etc. are located in the center of Boston near college.

Programs: 18 training programs in the following directions: business, finance, criminalistics, preschool education, medicine, fashion, social sphere, tourism.

Diploma: Associate Degree

Features of college: possibility of receiving degree of the bachelor on specialties: management, management of organization of events and a merchandising in fashion. The training program management of organization of events allowing students to specialize in the sports and musical industries.

Main objective of training in college: training of students for further training in baccalaureate programs in the leading colleges and universities, such as New York University, Long Island University, University of Massachusetts, Suffolk University, etc.

Colleges of biennial training give the chance for foreign students to adapt and to be prepared well for training in the baccalaureate program at universities.

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