Construction and sale of smart houses

The essence of this business idea consists in carrying out sale and installation of the Smart House system, and also its service for a monthly fee. As experience shows, implementation of such project is very simple and favorable. Realization of similar business idea in practice is capable to bring on average from 50 to 150 thousand dollars a month. However It should be noted that to be engaged in similar business in power it will appear not to everyone. For implementation of this type of business it is necessary to have at least some relation to electric networks, security alarm systems or computer networks which created existence of the minimum experience with the computer and cables. Today concept “smart house” familiarly much. This automated system has the mass of the most various opportunities. Among them both management of lighting, a microclimate, system of protection, and creation of effect of presence and so forth. Such control can be exercised by means of the push-button panel, the control panel, the cell phone, voice and even through the Internet. It should be noted that contrary to a popular belief that this system is very expensive and it is intended only for the rich, there are many producers offering system for quite available means. Today there is a lot of consumers of such service. Despite of an economic crisis, many people continue to build houses, to get apartments and to carry out repair work. And all of them are potential buyers of service. For the organization of the business based on equipment of housing by the automated Smart House system it is necessary to acquire the corresponding equipment. Today it the equipment is let out by both foreign, and domestic producers. The foreign equipment is very expensive that finally does business not demanded and not favorable. At the same time the producers offer the similar equipment for very available money. In this case its cost makes about from 25 to 65 thousand dollars depending on floor area. For customer acquisition first of all it makes sense to go round new buildings and cottage settlements and to place there the corresponding advertisements containing information on the provided service and contacts. Besides, it is also necessary to advertize in local print media, on the Internet, and also to create own website. It should be noted that today in Europe in this field of activity there is practically no competition that means only one – the business based on equipment of housing by the automated Smart House system is very perspective and can bring in the good income.

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