Gardens on roofs of houses

sad na krishe
sad na krishe

The unusual business offering any unique services and goods to the clients is always favorable. For several reasons. First, minimum number of competitors or their total absence. Secondly, interest of the public in connection with singularity of the offered services. Thirdly, possibilities of expansion of business, exit to new territories. One of ideas of such business lies in several spheres at once – rest, art, a decor, gardening and ecology. It is difficult to define one sphere since the idea is really many-sided. These are unusual nakryshny gardens. A green roof garden – it not only is extraordinary beautiful, not only esthetic pleasure and an attractive building image, but also the good decision from the ecological point of view. In the modern world environment acquires new characteristics. If earlier this phrase was associated with a natural environment, then now city environment, and a survival in its conditions has big relevance. So-called stone jungle. The dullness and a small amount of green spots (parks, avenues) is peculiar to them. Thanks to green gardens on roofs the city will blossom. And not only. He will also begin to breathe. As we know, plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Agree, the brilliant decision for the city filled chock with cars? The vegetable covering on a roof is spread like a lawn. Such unusual roof garden was developed by Caliper studio and already embodied in reality on West Village penthouse roof in New York. “We managed to mix the city with the village”, – developers of design of a nakryshny garden say. They tell that their idea is viable and has fine prospects. For example, it is possible to connect roofs of the neighboring buildings and to turn them into the fine green garden decorated with fine sculptures. The roof garden of a penthouse of West Village is decorated not only sculptures, but in it there are also small alleyka on whom it is possible to walk. Extremely? And it is romantic. These unusual roof gardens will attract clients on time. Will want to buy the apartment in the house with a roof garden many. Or to work at office in such building, and, maybe, you want to open a cafe among greens on a roof? A roof garden – the excellent course for business. And it means that nakryshny gardens will use demand at businessmen. And it in turn means that business on production and installation of nakryshny gardens is very attractive.

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