Production and sale of blinds

Production and sale of blinds is popular business, first of all, because does not demand considerable capital investments. Even in the conditions of the high competition demand for blinds is quite big and is practically not subject to seasonal fluctuations. Blinds were for a long time and strongly approved in our apartments, houses and offices. At first they mastered space of office, then gradually moved to apartments. Blinds – it is practical and conveniently and now very many choose them, only order the color suitable to design of the room. And as repairs it is rather a need now and many try in all possible ways to change the room, on production and installation of blinds it is possible to make good money. The most important to find the favorable wholesale supplier. Advantage of production of blinds as business – lack of restrictions. Production of blinds is not subject to obligatory licensing (installation of blinds also does not belong to construction works), does not belong to the category of harmful, does not demand special permissions to start work. No legislative barriers to entry into the market exist. Does not exist as well professional associations of producers of blinds which would dictate unprofitable rules of the game or lobbied the interests in power structures. Important feature of the market of blinds – it is not consolidated. In the market of finished products there are no companies monsters capable to dominate at least at the level of the city, not to mention federal scales. The majority of the regional markets are divided between small and average producers. It means that the company which will be going to enter this market should struggle not with titans, and with rather small companies that strongly facilitates a task. It is possible to be engaged in production of blinds of the house, but as option, it is possible to rent a corner in a hardware store. In the same place you will be found by potential clients. To collect blinds you will not need special skills and abilities. You will collect several blinds, and then it will be only a question of speed on which your profit will depend directly. All that you will need to get: a drill, the screw-driver and screws and, of course, you will invest money in the order of blinds at wholesale suppliers. Production of horizontal blinds requires the additional equipment, technical process is a little more difficult, and here the entrance ticket turns out much more expensively. The equipment will cost you in the sum of 20 thousand dollars. You pay such price for expensive the press for the top and lower bars, the machine for work with an aluminum tape. The trend which is most demanded in the market – horizontal blinds, and also rolled curtains. Staff is selected depending on the size of investments into production and the number of orders. It is desirable to have in a staff of measurers and fitters. In the conditions of the high competition the consumer becomes especially exacting to service: Range of goods. In your outlet there have to be in assortment different types and colors of blinds, whenever possible. That the client could choose the options suitable for themselves. As for office, blinds of neutral white and beige tones are generally used. And for private houses and apartments very often order blinds of different flowers and width that they approached on design. You can minimize the range to avoid waste. But in that case, prepare that many clients will leave to your competitors. Advertizing. It is necessary to print leaflets with your coordinates and the list of the offered services and to distribute them to all interested. It is possible to stick announcements in inhabited residential districts, there will always be people who are going to make repair or to hang up blinds. On such leaflets it is worth “telling” about advantages of blinds before curtains and curtains. Sometimes you should leave on measurements of windows. And about how windows were measured by customers it is necessary to ask at once and to write the receipt. Subsequently, on these measurements blinds and if measurements were not exact, to you not to avoid unpleasant returns will be made. If the customer is not confident in correctness of measurements, you need to make them. As a rule, such service as measurement, in addition is not paid and is included blinds in the price. Clients can provide you the individual transport, as a rule, it happens quite often. Payback. Initial investments pay off within the first year of work, and even earlier. It will already depend on your personal working capacity. It is the best of all when blinds are not the main activity of your enterprise, and logically finish the services in repair and finishing of rooms offered by you. On one blinds it is possible to live, but it is only necessary to dream of purchase of new Mercedes so far. 🙂 Therefore think of finishing of rooms plastic, false ceilings, wall-paper, gypsum cardboard, a parquet and filling. On this type of service demand is always.

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