Advertizing on covers of notebooks

reklama na tetradyah
reklama na tetradyah

Students – very large audience for advertizing. It is expedient to place advertizing on notebooks and to distribute these notebooks free of charge on educational institutions. By calculations of the income from placement of announcements of advertisers has to be enough for a covering of costs for production and distribution of notebooks, and also for profit. Efficiency. Let’s consider the student. At least two times he will look through the abstracts: at first, when writes them, and then when thumbs through before examination. But more often leaves that the student sees this advertizing more than five times. At school students leaves also that more. Needless to say that advertizing is read, and, therefore, carries out the function. The decision given business already works not only in foreign countries, but also in some cities of our country. And, notice, quite successfully. Long impact on the audience. On average on filling of the page at students 30 minutes leave, and before examinations the notebook is looked through 3-5 times. Means, advertizing will be seen again and again. Students store notebooks long enough while booklets and an other print advertizing most often is thrown out at once (doubtful argument). Notebooks of diligent students ordinary before examinations are copied for not especially diligent. And if the advertizing picture interesting, then it also provokes discussion in audience. Let’s notice that the company does not place advertizing which can do much harm somehow to students and their academic progress, that is consciously refuses the most part of advertisers. Advertizing. Nobody will read it if it is located incorrectly. For example, on the back of a notebook. Information has to be before eyes, that is on sheets. But, it is necessary that the notebook did not cease to carry out the main function. Therefore, it is the best of all to place advertizing in the form of a small tape below. So it, on the one hand, will not disturb, and with another, always is before eyes. Contents. Information at us only for special group. Therefore you should not place advertizing of means from baldness or luxury goods. What the student thinks of, being on boring couple within one and a half hours. Most likely, not about world peace. It is better that it was advertizing about places of entertainments, food, personal gadgets. That is, for example, night club, a snack bar with fast food, mobile phones. Distribution. Whether such notebooks will buy? It is rather not, than yes. But it is not a problem. Not the one who will buy, and the one who wants that its advertizing was read pays. Therefore such notebooks usually distribute for free among the pupil of the population. Whether it is favorable to us? Of course. Free distribution is some kind of advertizing too. Therefore it is favorable to companies to place the information in these notebooks. They will also pay you. Unlike newspapers where the cost of advertizing is much higher, and business is more difficult and more expensive, Eco-Notes do not demand editors, and return from advertizing is higher. Coefficient of readability of newspapers low, it makes only 75-85% that means that not all newspapers reach the reader, the part of circulation comes back and thrown out, and then, not everyone reads all sections of the newspaper. Very accurate tendency of leaving of advertisers from Television and the press aside online and mobile content is now traced. Such advertizing is much cheaper more effectively. Now people rely on newspapers less. Such new advertizing ideas pretty interesting and rather effective. By the way in Japan there are a lot of such goods existing due to advertizing: business cards, handles, napkins, photocopies. Such business quickly enough pays off. You look. The student’s notebook usually contains from 48 to 96 sheets (sometimes more). On each page at least two advertisements will be placed. Notebooks huge number. Even with a deduction of expenses, the income from this business of idea is obvious. And, above all realization is rather simple.

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