Advertizing in mirrors of public places

reklama v zerkalah
reklama v zerkalah

This idea is very unusual and original. If to present that the person comes into the bathroom the room at restaurant, stops near a mirror to check the appearance – suddenly directly on a mirror video with the commercial appears. Any visitor of the bathroom will watch this clip up to the end even because it is an unexpected and curious type of advertizing. Similar mirror advertizing in public toilets is successfully used in night clubs and restaurants of St. Petersburg and Moscow. In principle by sight mirrors differ in nothing by sight, but if to approach closer, then it is possible to consider the small screen in the center of a mirror. The main highlight of similar advertizing is a surprise. The Russian company “Mirror-TV” which makes these interactive mirrors, considers that by means of this device it is easy to inform of the advertizing for the target audience. For example, if to place advertizing in an interactive mirror of restaurant of the highest level, then it will be seen only by rich potential clients. Division of advertizing for women from advertizing for men will be the simplest. Eventually, it is original, fresh and interesting alternative to simple methods of advertizing which will be able to draw special attention to the advertized goods and services. This is unusual business idea of the advertizing market which to be highly appreciated and will make worthy profit.

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