The legend of the space thought

“Knowledge of the Cosmos accumulates humanity slowly. For centuries, man discovers the laws of nature, cosmic laws. These laws exist and when people did not know about them. And now there are laws that mankind has not yet discovered. What we already know, is our knowledge. What we still do not know, is a mystery to us. But what for us is still a mystery for someone is knowledge. The cosmos there are beings who know more. And I know that means something to think about this. This creates thoughts and live independently in space. The space is filled with examples of the truth, the people they are called ideas. In the space soar invaluable treasures of the spirit. Few understand the wondrous significance of living spatial thought. But each spatial thought can become the property of the person. Sparks knowledge can discover all the secrets of existence. Those who can stretch his mental energy into the rhythm of the energies of space, those will be in the minds of the treasures. Since spatial thought becomes for such people Voice of the Silence. Scientists call it intuition, a poet – an inspiration, a hermit – illumination. Public manifestations of Cosmos shines eye seeker. Who was able to adjust itself to the space note, he can listen to the Voice of the Silence. But among the monotony of everyday reality, few feel the Cosmos. Only in the majesty of nature, away from everyday noise, you can hear the Voice of the Silence. Only in nature can realize the greatness of the cosmos. Only in nature can contemplate the Infinite, where everything is possible. That is why throughout the history of mankind hermits, ascetics, saints, went into the mountains, deserts, forests. In the twinkling of the stars, they listened to the secrets of the cosmic mind. For millennia, sensitive people listened to the Voice of the Silence. So they learned a lot of cosmic secrets. Some of them were recorded in the sacred books, others passed on orally as Revelation. heard transferred peoples’ characters on the global language. “From time immemorial, people looked at the starry sky, reverently admired the twinkling of countless worlds. The greatness of the cosmos hit man from the very beginning of its presence on the ground. Especially in the immense solitude of the desert or among the heaps of giant mountain man unwittingly immersed in thoughts about the vastness of the universe, the infinity of space. Man’s mind is amazed that Infinity. But he also could not imagine Cosmos limit. Assume that there exists somewhere a limit space, but now the question arises – what is beyond this limit? If no space, then, what is it exactly? And each time, the human mind has to admit – Space can not have limits, space extends infinitely in all directions … But quite comprehend the boundlessness of the human mind is limited, too, is unable. So is the concept of Cosmic Infinity terrible, before which numbs the human mind. Duma of the boundless cosmos in space unwittingly evokes thoughts about eternity it in time. So there were the oldest of the old questions: was once the beginning of the universe? Will it end? Or is there from eternity? And the people went into the desert, were removed in the mountains – became hermits, so that no one prevented them from concentrating on thinking about Being indigenous issues. And they thought, thought, thought … And cosmic secrets gradually began to unfold in front of them. Intense, concentrated constant thinking of those who abandoned the usual pleasures of life for the sake of knowledge of the cosmos mysteries attracted spatial thought – they began to hear the Voice of the Silence … “There was a time when there was nothing! ‘” “Legends say that the Cosmos is born into existence, there certain limited time, and then again dissolved into nothingness. The legends of ancient India during the existence of the cosmos is called “Age of Brahma” or “Great Manvantara.” To express the duration of this period in our calculus requires 15 digits. Although the Cosmos exists for so incredibly long time, it seems endless, yet this time is limited – our universe is not eternal. The same time continues “Great Nothingness Eternity”, called “Maha (great) Pralaya”, ie dissolving worldwide. Then the universe again rises to the new space of life, a new age of Brahma. This continues with no beginning and end of the alternation of the great periods of Life and Death Space. In successive cycles of Being and Nothingness – the universe is eternal! It is periodic in constant appearance and disappearance of worlds – and eternal as a whole. Number Manvantaras indefinitely – never had the first Manvantara, as well as never to be the last. Great Cosmos manifests to life and dissolves into nothingness in exactly the same way as is born and dies microcosm – man. The analogy is complete. It extends further. As a person every night feels “small death”, falling asleep and waking up in the morning, as is “Night” of the universe, when all living things die only, but the whole world does not disappear, but remains dormant. On “Morning” it all comes to life again. This repetition periods of sleep and wakefulness in the cosmos can be compared with the change of the winter and summer in nature. In the terminology of ancient Indian philosophy during Space universe, when “Space awake” when all things living, called “Day of Brahma” or small manvantara. And while Space “sleep”, called “Night of Brahma” or small Pralaya. It is said that the duration of Brahma’s Day is more than four billion years old; the same amount of proceeds and the Night of Brahma. 360 Days and 360 Nights of Brahma Brahma Brahma is one year, and a hundred years of Brahma – already known to us Age of Brahma. This is the calculus of the Cosmic Calendar! The alternation of activity and passivity in the cosmos is reflected in the frequency of all the manifestations of nature. In the can distinguish Manvantara and Pralaya. From the smallest to the worlds of phenomena shifts can see this majestic law. It acts in a heartbeat and the rhythm of breathing; exposed him sleep and wakefulness, day and night – as well as the phases of the moon and the alternation of the seasons. The birth and death of all living things is repeated forever. Nature, like the rest of the Cosmos manifests itself in an infinite change in the eternal rhythm. Man and Earth, the solar system, the universe as a whole – all in the cosmos has its periods of activity and rest, life and death. Among the Milky Way star birth and death of worlds ever follow one another regularly alternating in the solemn procession of the Cosmic Law. So tells the legend of the First Mystery of the Cosmos – the great cosmic rhythm of Being and Nothingness. ” “Legends are seven states of the Cosmic Matter – seven degrees of its subtleties. Just as steam, water and ice are the three states of the same substance of our physical world, just as there are seven states of the Cosmic Spirit-Matter. Of these, only the seventh – the lower, the toughest condition – apparently physical eye: it is the matter of our physical world. Six higher states are invisible and inaccessible to our physical senses. Each of the seven grades of the Cosmic Matter is made of atoms, different for each gradation. The atoms of the first, very thin, Spirit-Matter status are as follows: The energy of the Logos (called in the legends Fohat) vortex motion unimaginable speed “drills holes” inside Pre Space Substance. These eddies of life, dressed in the thinnest skin of Pre Space Substance and essence of the primary atoms. These atoms are in the substance of “emptiness”, filled with the energy of the Logos. Each of the seven states of the Cosmic Matter forms its own special space area, a specific plan, or world. The countless myriads of primary atoms and combinations thereof form of spirit-matter of the highest or the first sphere, called “DIVINE WORLD”. Then Logos builds atoms next, second, the scope of some of the atoms around the first sphere, forming a spiral vortex of the worst combinations of the same scope. These coarser atoms form a cosmic matter of the second sphere, called the “world MANODIC”. The atoms of all these states of spirit-matter are similar to the atoms of the second sphere. On the two highest space sphere legend says as inaccessible to our understanding, so they do not know anything about. Something is known about these two spheres – the third, called “The World of the Spirit” or “WORLD Nirvana,” and the fourth, called “The World of Bliss” or “WORLD intuition”. Much more is known about the fifth and sixth areas – this is the scope and plans available to man. The fifth is called “the world of fire”, and “World of Thought” and “Peace of Mind”, and the sixth – “WORLD THIN” or “world of feelings, emotions, desires.” Even the very names of these worlds shows that they are “human”. That will be covered in other legends. The latter seventh sphere – it is our physical world in which we live. it is called the “world of dense” in the cosmogonic legends. Each sphere – this is an area enclosing a Spirit-Matter, the basis of all combinations which are a certain type of atoms. These atoms – homogeneous units, animated Logos life, hidden under more or fewer sheets, depending on the area to which they belong. The internal forces that are hidden in the spirit-matter of the physical world, as it were wrapped in it is rooted the possibility of evolution. The whole process of evolution is nothing more than, as the deployment of these forces. In fact, the idea of ​​evolution can be expressed in one sentence: it is hidden potentialities of becoming active forces. The word “spirit-matter” refers to the fact that in the world there is no such thing as “dead matter”. All matter is living, the finest particles are her life. No spirit without matter and no matter without spirit. Both are connected together throughout life. Matter is a form, and there is no form, which would not be an expression of life. Spirit is life and there is no life, which would not be limited to the shape. Even the Logos, the Supreme Lord of Life, manifesting, clothed in the universe, which is used to shape him. The same thing is repeated all down to the last atom. Once built the atoms of each of the seven cosmic spheres, Logos creates in their division ( “podilany”), which in every area – seven. For this shrink atoms in groups of two, three, four, etc. atoms. First finest subdivision of seven fields each composed of simple basic atoms, while all other units – combinations of these atoms. Thus, in the physical world, the first unit consists of simple atoms; The second image from a fairly simple combination of homogeneous atoms – electromagnetic state of physical matter. The third unit is formed from a more complex combinations atoms; it is – a light state of matter, or “ether”. Fourth – of even more complex: it is – the thermal state of matter, or “fire”; fifth subdivision consists of yet more complex, considered by chemists as the gaseous atoms of chemical elements, which in this division got some names; This – the gaseous state of matter, or “air.” The sixth division – is the liquid state of matter, “water”, and the seventh is from solids – a “land”. Life or consciousness of the Logos appears as a kind of energy, a kind of vibration; all based on the vibrations. The universe consists of vibrations flowing divine life, they are clothed in the basic forms of matter, from which develops the diversity, matter, which forms the objective world, is an emanation of the Logos, its strength and energy – are the currents of his life. It – Source and the End of the Universe, its cause and its purpose. He is in everything and everything in it. “

“Ancient legend” Nicholas Roerich

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