Space steps of life

“When evolution of Materials progressed enough, then the second great Space wave begins to come from Logos. It gives an impulse of evolution of LIFE. What is life? It is Logos’s energy which of matter of all seven spheres builds forms for the manifestation. It is that force which for some time connects chemical elements, forming of them live organisms. These forms are under construction of various combinations of earlier created Space Matter. Infinite number an assembly of the Entities called by Builders including so-called Spirits of the Nature takes part in their construction. Each form exists until Logos’s life holds matter in this form. Now for the first time there are phenomena of the birth and growth, withering and death. The organism is born because Logos’s life has to make a certain evolutionary work in it. It grows as this work goes to the end. He shows decline signs when Logos slowly takes Life from it because life grew so as far as it was possible in this organism. The last dies when Logos takes from him Life. What is represented to us organism death is no other than removal of Life from it. For some time this Life will exist out of the lowest matter, in connection with superphysical, thinner. When Life leaves an organism, and the last dies, the experience got at its means remains. This experience in a type of new skills is transported to new creative abilities which will be found at the subsequent efforts of Life to create a new organism. Though the plant dies, Life which created it and induced to react to influence of surrounding, does not perish. When the rose fades, we know that from it nothing vanishes; each particle of its matter continues to exist because matter cannot be destroyed. The same happens also to Life which creates a rose from chemical elements. It temporarily recedes to replace old, to be shown and construct a new rose again. Experience which she gained concerning beams of the sun, storms and fight for existence in the first rose is used by it for creation of other rose. The new rose will be better adapted for life and for distribution of the look. In the nature there is no what is called death if to understand dissolution in a non-existence as death. Life for a while is removed in the superphysical environment, keeping results of experience through which it passed in the form of new abilities of creativity. Forms which arise and perish one by one, are as if doors through which Life is shown, disappears from a scene of evolution. Any share of experience is not lost, just as any particle of matter is not lost. Moreover, this Life evolves, and its evolution happens by means of a form. Life is subject to evolution – it means that it becomes gradually harder and harder in the manifestations. Life in process of development passes through various steps. It forms consistently seven kingdoms of the nature: at first three elementary, then mineral, vegetable, animal and, at last, human. These seven stages of evolution of Life, beginning from the first elementary kingdom to human, call “the Vital Wave”. Thus, Life exists not only in human, animal and vegetable kingdoms, but also in the seeming dead matter of minerals and in organisms of invisible matter below minerals and above the person. But also the mankind is not the last step of evolution of Life – its development goes further. In the worlds Fiery and Thin the first three steps of Life of Logos are called Elementary Essence. During the long period of time called by the Chain it first of all is shown in the highest subplans Mira Ognennogo and is called the First Elementary Essence. When there comes the end of the Chain, it comes back to the source, Logos from whom occurs at the beginning of a new chain, for an animation of the lowest subplans Mira Ognennogo again. In this stage it is called the Second Elementary Essence. And then it begins work of the second Chain, keeping in itself all experiences of the first Chain in the form of bents of abilities. In the following Chain it becomes the Third Elementary Essence and Mira Tonkogo animates Matter. Matter combinations Mira Ognennogo and Tonkogo aim to cause Matters of these worlds plasticity, ability to be given an organized shape to work as units and gradually to develop се big stability in the materials which are formed in certain organisms. Elementary Essence is cast in various forms which existence lasts some time then they break up, continuing “to go down in matter”, Logos’s life animating this Matter animates then Matter Dense (physical). The first action of this new enthusiasm is ability of chemical elements to connect variously with each other. During the first Great Space Wave Logos’s action created hydrogen and oxygen, but only with manifestation of the second Space Wave two atoms of hydrogen can connect to one atom of oxygen to form water. So under the influence of Logos there is physical matter. Under its management there is a mineral kingdom ready to build the dense earth the poured-out Logos’s life having achieved the physical peace, begins to pull together radio particles and to connect them in radio forms in which vital currents move. The constructions from more dense material forming a basis for the first minerals are brought in these forms. Following laws of a rhythm and beauty, matter begins to crystallize with a mathematical accuracy. Work of Life happens through physical shapes according to the Great Plan. In this seeming motionless matter all the time works with Logos. In minerals there is a work of life though constrained, closed, squeezed. The first kingdoms of Life – three steps of Elementary Essence which are shown in the Worlds Fiery and Thin, are involution of Life. It falls from thinner spheres of Spirit – Matters to more dense. The mineral kingdom is the lowest, rotary step. Here Life is shown minimum – it is almost imperceptible. From this step evolution of Life in exact sense of this word begins already. After the deepest immersion in matter of mineral kingdoms Logos’s Life rises in the following great Kingdom of Life – vegetable. At the beginning of this stage of substance of Earth develop new ability to become covers for Life which our eyes can see. Chemical elements connect in groups, and among them there is a new step of Life which builds of them protoplasm. Under the leadership of Logos protoplasm changes and becomes the Vegetable Kingdom eventually. When some of representatives of a mineral kingdom reached sufficient stability of a form, the developing Life begins to develop big plasticity of a form in a vegetable kingdom, connecting this new property of plasticity to earlier acquired stability. Both of these properties receive even more harmonious expression in the Kingdom Animal and reach the highest point of balance and harmony in the person. Our vital wave to the introduction in ours the mother Earth was throughout several centuries the life preceding Lunar Evolution. But on the planet moon the vital wave appeared on one stage earlier, than on the planet Earth. It means that the mankind of the mother Earth was an animal kingdom on the planet moon; our present animal kingdom of Terrestrial Evolution was a vegetable kingdom on the Moon; in the same way and all other kingdoms of Lunar Evolution were on one step behind the same kingdoms of Terrestrial Evolution. How there was a transition of a vital wave from Luny to Earth? When the Moon finished the vital period when all steps of space life on the Moon reached the highest point of the development and were ready to pass to the highest step, and thereby and on other planet – then the new center of planetary life, the center of future Earth was created. Around this center the Fiery World of the new planet by its transfer from Moon began to be formed. Then the subtle world was transferred to Earth. At last, passed to the new planet also all radio, gaseous and liquid parts Dense World of Moon. It occurred as follows. The new fog on which there was Earth developed around the center which was approximately in the same relation to the dying planet in what the centers of Earth and Moon consist now. But in a condition of a fog it is a congestion of matter occupied much more volume, than dense matter of present Earth. It extended in all directions so far that clasped also the old planet in the fiery arms. Temperature of a new fog considerably exceeds temperatures known to us; thanks to it the surface of the old planet heated up to such an extent that all water and all volatiles turned into gaseous state and became, thus, available to impact on them of the new center of gravity which was formed in the center of a new fog. Thus, air and water of the old planet were involved in structure of the new planet. That is why the Moon in the real state represents the fruitless weight deprived of air, clouds and water, uninhabited and unadapted for existence of any physical beings. Having transferred all the animal beginnings to the new planet, it became really dead planet in which since the birth of our globe rotation almost stopped. The moon transferred to Earth all but the corpse. The moon is to the cooled garbage, the shadow conducted by a new body to which all its vital forces are transferred now. She is doomed to pursue Earth within long centuries, involving the generation, both itself being attracted and constantly vampirizuyemy with the generation, the Moon revenges Earth, impregnating it with the pernicious, invisible and poisonous influences radiated by the intimate party of its nature. Because it is dead, but nevertheless, the body is still live. Particles of its decaying corpse are full active and destructive life though the body created by them is deprived of soul and is lifeless. Therefore its radiations at the same time beneficial and harmful – the circumstance which is on Earth in the parallel fact that herbs and plants are so not juicy anywhere, do not grow with a bigger force anywhere, than on graves; whereas the emanation of cemeteries or corpses brings diseases and kills. Before Earth reaches top of the evolution, her raspadeny mothers will be finished by Moon. That matter which still keeps it in connection will turn into meteoric dust. When the problem of our mother Earth, work of the developing life comes to the end it will be made in kingdoms of the following, other planet. By then the task of our planet will be resolved, and present Earth will become the dead planet, without the developing life on it. It will decrease in a size thanks to loss of liquids and gases, and then it will be attracted by the new planet, and it will follow it as the Moon. Each kingdom of the developing life will rise by one step. Our present vegetable kingdom on the following planet will be its animal kingdom; our animal kingdom will begin to live then in quality of the person. And our mankind will be lifted to level superhuman. There are also other uncountable planets on which reasonable beings – both live in our Solar System, and out of it. And they have a dense physical world, thin and fiery spheres. The world Thin all planets is quite excellent from subtle world of our Earth. Just as there is no physical message through interplanetary space between Earth and other planets, so there is no thin message between the World Thin other planets and our Thin World. The same can be told also about the Worlds Fiery. Venus and Mercury have no satellites, but also they had “parents”, just as Earth had them. Both of these planets are much more senior than Earth. Evolution of Venus ahead of terrestrial on one step. It must be kept in mind that when on the physical planet, thanks to high temperature and pressure, there cannot be organic life of similar terrestrial, there nevertheless there are different types of not physical evolution able to perform the work in subtle world of the planet. Thanks to the fact that evolution of Venus on one step ahead of Earth and that the average mankind of Venus approaches the level of adherents, inhabitants of the mother Earth at its beginning were come to the rescue by Adherents of Venus as Lords, Manu, Budd and other Great Leaders of evolution. So, the mother Earth is generation and Luny’s creation – her embodiment, so to speak. The Moon which finished the vital period died – entered Pralayyu. Planets act in heaven like the person on Earth. They generate similar. Origin of mankind on our planet represents the beginning of the third stage of Great Space Life. There are three evolutionary streams: The FIRST – evolution of Matter (Dukha-Materii) – it is formation of materials; The SECOND – evolution of Life and Form – it can call creation of the house from earlier created materials; The THIRD – evolution of mankind, evolution of consciousness – it is growth of the inhabitant of the built house. Development of mineral in a plant and plants in an animal is a stage of the second evolutionary stream. Transition from an animal to the person is already the beginning of a new step, the beginning of a new (third) evolutionary stream. The mankind represents a new stream and consciousnesses of the Divine Life absolutely other than that stream of life which recovers kingdoms below human. Therefore the animal does not become a person in the same way what the plant develops in an animal.”

“Ancient legends” Nikolay Roerich

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