The birth of planets

“If you know about the builders of the cosmos, if you know about the materials from which it is constructed – perhaps you want to learn how to build solar systems. So listen to the ancient legend. As in heaven, so on earth ground of being penetrates all things. It is this foundation helps to understand the Hierarchy of Infinity and the creation of the Worlds. Who will be the question that in every earthly object is expressed someone’s will? None will not create the earth and the object does not set it in motion; so in the world – it means the same in the upper world. Planet like the Earth’s stronghold, and the whole system of heavenly bodies also need pulse will. This will particularly clear, but even the average human will can be a microcosm of a sample. If we take the average human will for unity at the highest tension, it is possible to calculate the force of will of the planetary pulse. Even you can rush in countless ways to represent the will of the momentum of the system. So the knowledge of the universe is inexplicable. Primordial Cosmic Matter in space is in a discharged state. From this chaotic stellar matter will of the Logos and his staff creates worlds and sets them in motion. How are conceived celestial body that knows a simple yeast infection. The landlady, knocking oil already know the secrets of the worlds. But before you start churning, the owner sent his thought about it. She also knows that does not receive water from oil. She will say that you can churn milk or egg, thus she already knows about the matter that contains vital energy. Thrush also knows how useful a spiral rotation. Thus, only the compound is composed of thought and churning mass of useful, then going and cheese, since the beginnings of the population. Let us not smile at such a microcosm – the same energy and drives the system of worlds; only need to firmly understand the meaning of the thought, the significance of the Great Energy. That her energy shines in every human heart. By analogy of getting a piece of butter milk is known and cosmogony. Thought-Energy Logos effulgent pierces the material and the rotational motion creates Forces Center, around which increases the Cosmic Mother. Thus, the primary differentiation of matter in clusters and lumps, like curds in thin milk. So the Logos begets worlds because there is a “cosmic churning of the Milky Ocean”. Worlds are created from the “Star Substances,” which collapses and spreads milky white clots in the depths of Space. Logos Energy Cosmic Matter whirl gives impetus to the aspirations of the form and the initial movement. This movement is supported and regulated by the never resting hierarchy Planetary Spirits. Fire vortex of cosmic dust glow-magnetically to be like iron filings attracted by a magnet, their guiding thought. Cosmic matter passes through all six stages of solidification becomes spheroidal and ends, transforming into balls. Born in the immeasurable depths of space from a homogeneous element, each core of the Cosmic Matter begins life under the most hostile circumstances. Over the countless centuries, it must win a place in Infinity. It rushes into space and starts to rotate in the depths of the abyss, to strengthen its homogeneous organism by accumulating and adding differentiated elements. So it becomes a comet. This core is rotated between dense and already fixed bodies, moving jumps and rushing to the point or center that attracts him. Like a ship involved in a channel dotted with reefs and underwater rocks, it is trying to avoid the other’s body. Many perish, their mass Razlan in stronger masses. Those who moves slowly, sooner or later condemned to destruction. Other avoided death due to its speed. Having reached his goal – a suitable place in the space – the comet loses speed and, consequently, its fiery tail. Here, the “Fiery Dragon” settles for a calm and organized life as a respected citizen of the star family. Thus, clots (world-stuff) become Wanderers first-comets; comet become stars, and the stars (the centers of rotation) – the sun to cool to the extent of inhabited worlds (planets). The idea of ​​evolution, similar, if not identical, Darwinian evolution, the idea of ​​the struggle for existence and superiority and the “experience of the fittest” belongs to antiquity. A continual battle between the stars and constellations, between the moons and planets. “The Great War in Heaven” in Purna; “War of the Titans” in Hesiod and other classical writers, and even of the battle in the Scandinavian legends – they all belong to Heaven, to the astronomical and theogonic battles and adaptation of the heavenly bodies. “The struggle for existence” and “the experience of the fittest” reigned supremely since the manifestation of the cosmos and of life. The ancients talked about the creation and development of the world completely Darwinian method, ahead of him, and the school with regard to natural selection, a gradual development and transformation of species. There were, as they say legends, without a fight, and in our solar system. There is a poem describing the battle between paragenetic developing planets before crowning formation of the cosmos. Here is the content of one of these legends. Eight sons were born from the body of Mother-Space, eight houses were built for the Mother of the eight divine Sons – 4 large and 4 smaller. Eight shining suns according to their age and dignity. Sun Lord was not satisfied, though his house was the largest. He started to work, as do the huge elephants. He sucked in his stomach the vital breath of his brothers. He tried to swallow them. 4 large were far to the extreme limit of his kingdom – the planetary system. They were not affected, and laughed: “Do everything in your power, O Lord, you can not reach us.” But the smaller wept. That could have a slight impact on Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter, would destroy such a relatively small “monastery” as Mercury, Venus, Mars. They complained Mother. She sent the Sun to the center of his kingdom, where it could not move. Since it only guards and threatened. It pursues his brothers, slowly turning around. Planet rapidly turning away from the sun, and it is from a distance watching the direction in which his brothers move along the trails surrounding their abode. According to legend, the first concentration of the Cosmic Matter began around a central nucleus, a Sun-Father. But our sun just separated earlier than everyone else during the tightening rotating mass, and so is their elder “brother” and the greatest, but not the “father”. Sun and planets are only the uterine brothers, having the same misty start. Is from Outer Space, Sun, according to legend, before the final formation of the initial ring-shaped planetary nebula, dragged the whole cosmic vitality in its mass depth, which could only threatening their absorption and weaker “brothers.” According to legend, all the worlds and planets are individual beings. They need to fulfill their responsibilities, they have their periods of illness and health, birth and maturity, decline and death. They are real tight houses animates Intelligence Planetary Spirits. Every celestial body is the temple of one of the divine beings – each star is the sacred abode. They are also called “Heavenly Snails,” for disembodied (for us) Intelligences, unseen living in their stellar and planetary homes, in their rotation carry them like snails. “

“Ancient legend” Nicholas Roerich

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