Sixth sense: riddles of human reason

Telepathy is an ability of a brain to transfer thoughts at distance without application of any supportive applications. For the first time this term was applied by the founder of Society of mental researches of Great Britain Frederik Myers in 1882 after carrying out experiments on transfer of thoughts. Other scientists – Sidzhuik, Gurney and Barrett also were involved in this experiment. In spite of the fact that the number of such researches, and also there were enough places of their carrying out, it was not succeeded to prove reality of a similar phenomenon yet. The parapsychology divides conscious telepathy (it is directly transfer of thoughts) and unconscious (telepathy). During numerous experiences scientists drew a conclusion that telepathy can take place even when at the conscious level of prerequisites to communication is not present. It became the reason of fierce disputes between representatives of a spiritualizm and advocates of existence of the paranormal phenomena. Scientists also speak about need of division of the concepts “telepathy” and “broadcast of thoughts”. The matter is that in the course of telepathy the transferring party not necessarily knows that it acts as the agent, and the host does not prepare itself especially for reception of foreign thoughts. The belief in existence of such phenomenon as telepathy, traces the roots back to an extreme antiquity when even the prayer was perceived as attempt of telepathic communication good luck. More than once were suggested that telepathy is an intuition basis, in particular subconscious sympathy or antipathy. Scientists formulated several theories, trying to explain a telepathy phenomenon. One of them is “the wave theory” which supporter was William Kruks. According to it, there are so-called “radio” waves which are characterized by small amplitude and bigger than at gamma radiation, amplitude which, getting into a brain of the person, cause in it the images identical to initial. Now scientists of the world struggle with creation of powerful technical methods which would prove that telepathy actually exists. For this purpose they use the latest equipment, do not feel sorry for means, time and forces, but sceptics were not reduced yet. And meanwhile already in the twenties the last century many had a real opportunity to be convinced that think after all it is possible to transfer to distances, without using at the same time any equipment. The foundation was laid in 1921 when two brothers of Torresa, Ralf and Vilbur, made the statement that they arrived from other planet and will be able back to return as soon as their mission on the planet Earth is complete. America was in perplexity, all were struck and intrigued with the statement of brothers that they can transfer and read mind of each other, being for hundreds, and even thousands of miles, and they do it so precisely and quickly as though conduct telephone conversation. Over brothers Torres it was made big the number of experiments, however to reveal as after all they make “focuses”, it was not possible. To show the abilities, brothers used the skyscrapers constructed just at that time. And the essence of experience was that one of brothers, Vilbur, together with the witness was in completely closed, impenetrable box, and Ralf, too together with the witness, usually from among the most esteemed and authoritative people in the city, rose on the elevator by some floor specified by the witness and approached a window. Vilbur almost instantly reported on what floor there is his brother. And that is remarkable, was never mistaken. But the number of sceptics did not decrease, began even to say about fraud. But when in one of such experiments by the witness the Catholic priest acted, all talk time stopped. Having moved to New York, Torresa’s brothers continued the experiments. This time the essence of experiences consisted that someone from attendees wrote any phrase on a sheet of paper, Ralf is silent it read, and Vilbur who is in absolutely other room has to be precisely to write this text. And again any mistake, texts were absolutely identical. Then scientists were connected to process. As at that time there was already radio, the assumption was made that brothers use some cunning radio transmitters to fool the people, but after the most thorough search of nothing similar was not found. The assumption and that they use a special sound code therefore all experiments were made in absolute silence was made. But also this time the result was absolute. Then academicians decided to complicate a task as far as it was possible. For this purpose they put Vilbur on the train going from New York to Los Angeles while Ralf remained in New York. Day of carrying out experiment was kept the most strict secret so any of brothers did not know when everything happens. In four days experiences were begun. The note was written by the former president of Academy of Sciences. When Ralf read it and mentally began to give its contents to the brother, that, according to eyewitnesses, strongly turned pale and reported that the brother tries to contact. Later, by comparison of two texts, it turned out that they are absolutely identical. Scientists tried to use both long texts, and colors of playing cards, and forms and colors of various objects, and even the objects taken at random from someone from attendees. In all these cases – permanently absolute result. Brothers behaved very modestly, claiming that on their native planet telepathy is not perceived as something supernatural. Besides, they said and that shortly they will be taken away back. And it is valid, in three years brothers disappeared, and more them nobody ever saw. Except these certificates in the middle of the 20th century for determination of telepathic abilities Zener’s cards representing a set of five small drawings – a cross, a circle, three wavy lines, a five-pointed star and a square were widely used. However such method was opposed by a large number of sceptics, claiming that similar results can achieve also simple guessing. In Germany of times of Nazism the special service SS Ahnenerbe to which sphere of interests not only an occultism, but also researches of telepathic abilities got was organized. Similar researches were conducted also by the famous scientists among whom it is possible to call also Vladimir Bekhterev. Also researches of people which called themselves psychics were conducted (for example, Ninel Kulagina or Wolf Messing). However these experiences could prove nothing certain. In our time the most considerable achievements in area of research of telepathy were reached by employees of University college in London. According to their statements, it is quite possible to define the memoirs which are kept in a brain by means of its scanning, analyzing electric activity. Thus, scientists, scanning memoirs, can precisely specify where this or that person would like to be. Demis Hassabis, one of the staff of college, says that similar opening – let small, but a step to comprehension of secret of telekinesis. According to him, the invention of a way of reading and transfer of thoughts for the purpose of the prevention of terrorism and crime is in the future possible. Besides, studying of this part of a brain can become a guarantee of treatment of many diseases. Similar development was presented also by scientists of the state technical university of the city of Astrakhan. The essence of their development was reduced to the fact that the computer read out information from a human brain and correctly executed all its commands. In order that the computer could consider thoughts, also a special helmet with antennas by means of which the electromagnetic waves proceeding from a brain were transferred was invented. According to inventors, did not do also without certain difficulties. The matter is that it is necessary for the correct recognition of information that the thought was issued accurately and clearly. Therefore the person has to be able to fix in the consciousness those images, letters or figures which it needs to transfer. One more complexity consists that force of this wave is individual for each person therefore also the device needs to be arranged under everyone separately. At the moment scientists try to eliminate defects for the purpose of increase in accuracy and speed of data transmission. Similar development has very many scopes of application. For example, in the course of work with the computer it is possible to refuse use of a mouse and the keyboard. Also it is very convenient thing for people with special requirements. For example, if the person cannot move, then by means of the similar device he will be able easily to cope with various technical devices.

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