The reason of world financial crisis – part second

financial crysis
financial crysis

Now about the high price of oil.

In the last 8-10 years only the fact that high prices during this period solved the same problems, as stock market – to connect dollar weight, but, unlike stock market, in real goods was the only cause of high prices of oil.

Oil – the ideal choice for binding of huge mass of money. It is possible to make the wrong choice of object and to raise the price of goods which in case of excessively high advance in price buyers will refuse to buy. Oil is almost only goods which purchase nobody ever will refuse. Even the ordinary citizen going by the car can not, almost, be put on the tram or by the subway again. He will prefer to remain half-starved, but on the saved money he will buy gasoline and will continue to use the car. By the way, 69% of oil are processed into gasoline and diesel fuel. At the same time, oil money not only the big companies, but also simple citizens as in the last 10 years and simple citizens had too much money on hands communicates, and these means began to constitute premature danger to dollar too – the main goods of owners of FRS.

Except direct binding of several trillion dollars, the high prices of oil are also ideal means of an increase in prices for all other groups of goods (the food, production of mechanical engineering, etc.) since everywhere in the prices there is a power and transport component.

Such additional increase in prices annually gave the chance to connect some more trillion dollars.

So, in the last decade direct interest in it of the USA was the only cause of extremely high prices of oil, is more right than those who printed dollar. It was necessary to delay a collapse of a pyramid for several years and it is good to be prepared for “a controlled collapse” of world economy.

And highly to lift up the prices and to offer to it a convincing explanation and war in Iraq allegedly for receiving “cheap oil” was organized. Americans came not for control over its oil there at all and in order that oil of Iraq did not get several years on the market, and instability in this region promoted growth of the world prices for oil.

We go further.

It was very ridiculous to watch in the spring-summer of 2008 messages that the special commission in the USA looks for speculators at the exchanges which are guilty of excessively high prices of oil from which the economy of the USA suffers. By the way, speculators were not found.

You should not condemn owners of U.S. Fed. Simply it is very clever people who created to themselves big, just fantastic opportunities (both financial, and political, and military) to influence our world. They are not obliged to undertake duties of God and cares for all mankind. They did not subscribe for it and have no such obligations to anybody. They just do the business and create to themselves mechanisms for growth and prosperity of this business. The purpose of this article not condemnation somebody, the purpose – to show the world it what it to eat and help to preserve money that who earned by the hard work and saved up money, rather small to present measures. Under a pillow it will not be possible to preserve this money. But about it a bit later. For now we continue.

By the way, whether you know how so-called “exchange” prices of gold are defined?

You think that there is auction in the gold exchange and the balance of the offer prices and demand is an exchange price? You are mistaken. Price of gold is defined by very clever and dear people (I write it without subsplittings, absolutely seriously since people who created this mechanism it is, certainly, very clever and influential). The price of gold is defined by members of family Rotshildov who gather in the London mansion and on the basis of exchange applications which “origin” is known only by them, define how many has to there is a gold. By the way, I mentally applauded them about 6-7 years ago when they slowly lowered price of gold to 250 dollars for troy ounce. Then, as on wave of a magic wand, the mass of articles that gold ceased to carry out function of treasure and providing part of gold and exchange stocks that the central bank it is necessary to get rid of gold appeared. As a result the central banks of Switzerland and England sold to investors on a half of the gold reserves if I am not mistaken – something about 2 500 tons, (try to guess who bought up them). And, apparently, business did not manage only the central banks of England and Switzerland. I then not really could monitor a situation since I had no Internet, and in newspapers and magazines wrote a little about it. Then, within 3 years, price of gold grew more than to 1000 dollars for ounce.

Now it fluctuates about 1000-1100 dollars, but do not worry when it becomes necessary, it will quickly grow both to the 2nd and to 3 thousand dollars for ounce. More true not than dollars, but some other money which will succeed dollar.

Everyone can present what would be for it in respect of personal welfare if he had the right to determine the gold price for the whole world. Whether he needed to be engaged still in any business or this business costs all other types of business combined?

Now it is necessary to tell about what occurs in the world now, and what will be farther.

Now there is “a controlled collapse”. It is necessary to understand that for founders of virtual stock market nothing terrible occurs. Everything goes according to the plan. This stage of “a controlled collapse” also has to make huge profit and strengthen positions of owners of FRS around the world. The stage of a collapse is inevitable since nobody repealed laws of physics, and any financial pyramid will surely collapse. The Egyptian pyramids can stand centuries, and financial pyramids surely fall.

It would collapse a bit later, in 2-3 years itself, but then process would become uncontrollable and could do harm to interests of creators of a pyramid. To a controlled collapse there was an active preparation many years. All the matter is that during this stage it will be necessary to buy up for nothing the major and most profitable enterprises, and it will be for this purpose necessary to control rigidly all financial streams and to have an opportunity to stop those from them which will threaten interests of buying up of the enterprises (for example which can help to hold on before completion of crisis to the enterprise, interesting to buyers).

Whether there was such preparation? May we see its traces?

In the middle and the second half of the 90th years the bank secrecy practically disappeared. An official occasion of fight for cancellation of a bank secrecy – need of fight against failure to pay taxes. Under the threat of the fact that for banks of Switzerland and other countries where existence of a bank secrecy was declared, the banking markets of the USA, Canada and other countries will be closed practically all states refused a bank secrecy, per se.

But just know that some money somewhere and from where go insufficiently. It is necessary to have an opportunity, if necessary, actively to influence a situation. The following step became – on September 11, 2001. The events which took place then solved a number of problems, but we will allocate only one, interesting us in respect of a subject of our article now. As a result of these events laws on fight against financing of terrorism were adopted. It is generally easy to understand that terrorists are almost always financed not through banks at all and for the organization of acts of terrorism the ridiculous sums – usually to several tens of thousands dollars are necessary.

Actually, creation of the mechanism of blocking without decisions of the courts for any term (though for 20 years) any sum if there are suspicions that it allegedly intends finally to terrorists was a main goal of adoption of these laws. Legal proceedings in this case are inconvenient – it is long, it is necessary to produce the evidence that it is really terrorist money and it is difficult to control the huge mass of vessels around the world. So the real tool for impact if necessary on a situation was received at the approaching “controlled collapse”.

I will show also other elements of preparation (on the example of Russia):

For this purpose it is necessary to understand the following: you paid attention where Russia held all these years 90% of the means obtained from sale of oil at high prices? Where money of stabilization (reserve) fund of Russia was placed?

Correctly – in the USA. This money arose at Russia because of actions of the USA in the person of owners of FRS and, on justice, i.e. on “concepts”, Russia generally did not need to use them. It is obvious what the main thing was here not that all knew how is “fair” to arrive, and the fact that the leadership of Russia, had and has only one opportunity – to make implicitly as it is necessary to owners of FRS.

Why it so – a separate subject.

You remember how the Russian politicians and “experts” in a row explained several years that at once it is impossible to spend oil money for needs of Russia since it will cause “awful” inflation. It is necessary to think several years how to spend them, to define presidential programs, priorities and only then it is very carefully possible to begin to take away money from the USA and to spend.

Why the USA could spend decades trillions of poor dollars for the consumption and it never caused “awful” inflation – “experts” did not explain it to us.

Of course, from where to “experts” could come to mind that if not to eat this money, and to spend them for construction of plants and factories which will make goods, i.e. to fill the commodity market, then no additional inflation in Russia will exist. Too difficult task for “experts” to realize it. It is simpler to say that it is told: about dangers of “awful” inflation which will result from “rating” of economy of Russia money. It was necessary to carry out a task, real sense which “experts” did not understand – to prove why Russia keeps in the USA everything earned as a result of the high prices of oil.

When last year Russia began to spend money for presidential programs, I told the friends: “All children, it was necessary to wait not for long: Russia already allowed to spend money”.

Well, and when in August of this year prices of oil began to fall, it became clear that the task of their maintenance at the high level is solved and now the main events in virtual stock market will begin.

Let’s continue how there was a preparation for a controlled collapse in Russia.

It was important for the forthcoming implementation of successful buying up of important assets that the large interesting enterprises did not save up by the time of a collapse of the markets considerable monetary stocks in volumes which could help them to hold on afloat that period of time in which “the controlled collapse” has to come to the end.

The possible mechanism of creation of such hidden reserves for the enterprises – through failure to pay taxes, through cashing in.

As you remember, since 2000, and especially since 2003, in Russia “ruthless” fight against the oligarchs who are not paying taxes began. Frightened them so that for example V. Alikperov gave the tough instruction to the financiers to pay all taxes, to pay even when the accounting situation really allows to interpret doubly whether it is necessary to pay a tax in a concrete case. Put in M. Khodorkovsky’s prison. It was it is model – indicative landing. The few from reading this article know that Khodorkovsky was the so-called financial officer Rotshildov in Russia. All oligarchs knew that Rotshilda of such things is not forgiven and waited that V. V. Putin’s head within a year will depart from shoulders. Did not depart. I think because Rotshilda specially handed over Khodorkovsky. After that it became clear to all that taxes should be paid. At their level the decision on its landing for the benefit of the solution of very important task was made.

Those excess profits which could be formed at the oil companies from the high prices of oil were withdrawn about the help of excises and other taxes. Left to the companies no more than 20% of revenue, so that was on what to extract oil and absolutely slightly to grow fat. Therefore ensuring the most severe control of payment of taxes was very important task. It was necessary to bring together them as it is possible more stoutly.

And where there were collected taxes (except financing of expenses of the budget)? Correctly – in the USA as a part of various reserve and other funds. There in a different look also huge annual surplus of the budget went.

The last 3 years in Russia there was also very rigid fight against cashing in of means. Two strategic hares were killed. The first – nobody will create too large stocks of cash which could provide that its business “did not die” during crisis, and the second – those 11-12% which were cost by cashing in – these huge sums were earned, besides, with those who have the right to earn them.

On the one hand it is possible to claim what fight for taxes is what does any civilized state and it is not a preparation element to “a controlled collapse”. Yes, it so, but it is necessary to pay attention that in the conditions of Russia when at the beginning of this decade for the first time since 1991 the budget began to be filled, this fight began practically along with the beginning of an increase in prices for oil. It is necessary to pay attention and to forms of this fight: the chosen indicative victim (Khodorkovsky), its communication with the powers that be and the main object of fight – the company of oligarchs. Also it is necessary to look where the money received as a result of this fight (stock market of the USA, mortgage papers of banks of the USA, etc.) went. All this allows to draw that conclusion which is drawn. Then in the world there came long-awaited day – crisis began


Then in the world there came long-awaited day – crisis began.

As the hole in liquidity was made and the western and Russian banks to tell there is no sense, all this also is so known.

On wave of a magic wand (a stick you know, in whose hands) the steel products ceased to be bought, prices of oil fell, it is sharp – capitalization of the companies many times fell, banks began to withdraw the credits, also practically any crediting stopped mortgage. Oligarchs began to understand that they any more not absolutely oligarchs.

Now it is a little how the patriotic rhetoric and patriotic processes in Russia with implicit controllability of the leadership of Russia in questions of following to rules and instructions from “control center of flights” are combined. Here it is necessary to recognize the following: unfortunately, there is no special merit of the people and the leadership of Russia in development of patriotic processes of the last years. To me of course as to the person, it is pleasant that all this takes place, but here we see just realization of one of elements of the plan of preparation for a new configuration after the crisis world. Plan for creation of one of new poles of the multipolar world.

There is a joining of the people of Russia, and owing to historical and national peculiarities of the people of Russia, is best of all and more effective than everything to rally it on the basis of patriotism. Because other options do not pass in Russia. Therefore the last years very well and effectively duplicity of the West, its double standards, etc. is shown. Here it is not necessary to say much, all is so known, to the population real information that it is the West in moral sense how effectively moves.

Joining of other part of the people — officials and oligarchs of Russia goes according to other scenario. America suddenly unexpectedly begins to do mistakes, foolish, strategically harmful to it: P. Borodina arrests, tries to obtain the arrest which was truly working for the American interests of E. Adamov (to take at least sale of the Russian weapon plutonium for 12 billion dollars for processing in the USA, from where this plutonium as far as I remember did not return to Russia). Entrance, sootvetstvenn of the USA and to France, etc. is forbidden to oligarchs Deripaska O. and Prokhorov M. The head of “Rosneft” Bogdanchikov is exposed to a humiliating search in London.

As a result sharply the outlook of the Russian officials changes. Before they considered that honest service to interests of the USA, plundering of the country, disorder of economy will be appreciated over the ocean that for them (officials) of the USA are the real first homeland that they on completion of the mission in Russia will leave on the West, and will quietly use stolen. Especially as at the majority of a family were sent to America as it is. And here suddenly everything turned over in their picture of the world. It turned out that America throws out them as the used rubber products intended for prevention of undesirable pregnancy.

Americans just had no right to do it concerning the Russian officials even if those would steal part of the gold reserves of the USA which are stored in the Fort Knox. Nobody is better and more effective, than that generation of officials, Russia did not destroy. No war could be compared to results of their activity. And here suddenly unexpectedly the USA struck the fifth column in Russia.

How on this background the behavior of the leadership of Russia looks? Ideally from the point of view of the frightened, confused officials and oligarchs. Russia and to nobody gives nobody. The Cossack slogan works: “About Dona there is no delivery!” Ukraine is fled to Russia by the former Minister of Internal Affairs Belokon and the former chief of the department affairs of the president of Ukraine of Bakay. Yushchenko splashes saliva, demanding to give them, but Russia gives them to nobody and even America can do nothing here. Such examples tens.

All this sign signals for officials. The USA hand over, and Russia does not hand over the.

At once it became clear to all that the main thing – to carry out rules of the game: to steal in smaller scales, than earlier and to do something for the state – and everything, you in safety, you are the. When the state begins to struggle ruthlessly with oligarchs for failure to pay taxes, but along with it quietly appoints in the power of governors who stole always and continue to steal after appointment to the post is not accident. It is an element of operation on joining of official-oligarchical community. Officials begin to feel protected and in safety in this state and, on the whole, cease to work for foreign states. The same is also oligarchs. The state, in turn, begins to lobby and protect interests of the businessmen in the world markets, to help to carry out expansion of the Russian business in Europe, in the USA and other regions.

About it it is possible to tell, give much many examples of the fact that Russia is going to be made one of new enough strong poles in the world of a new configuration which will be created in the next one or two years.

But before still there will be a number of important events, and such events which it is seriously affected all of us.

Now, as we already told, process which it is conditionally possible to call “a controlled collapse” is well under way.

The stock market failed, huge problems with product sales at metallurgical, automobile, construction, chemical and other companies were formed. There is no sense to list all those problems which arose – news feeds dazzle with such messages.

But there are interesting features: stock markets failed instantly (within 1-2 days) and at once on such volumes of falling to do serious, almost deadly holes in liquidity of the enterprises and banks.

And banks were the first target. For example, the Russian banks, facilitating itself life, not especially liked to credit a real manufacturing sector, for them it was much more interesting to play without any headache in stock market temporarily spare cash of clients. The virtual stock market grew the last years in Russia “surely” and quickly. And here unexpectedly in one day fell to a third. In translation into usual language – banks lost a third of client money from those which they played in the market. To sell shares at new, lower prices, meant to record huge losses and to lose hope that it is only casual falling and in a week of the price will grow and everything is normalized. All began to wait when the prices return. And they, for some reason, in a week fell to a third. Volumes of losses became catastrophic (today the prices in virtual stock markets fell in Russia already almost by 5 times).

As a result at banks huge holes in balances were formed, banks cannot give anybody the credits since there is no money. The western banks because of problems in the countries begin to withdraw the credits issued to the Russian banks and the companies that catastrophically aggravates a situation.

At the largest Russian companies the capitalization counted proceeding from indicators of stock prices of the companies in virtual stock market sharply falls. It is one more basis on which the western banks began to demand automatically a response of part of the credits, and rating agencies began to downgrade these companies. The volume of the credits also depends on a rating and the sum of capitalization. At decrease of these indicators there is almost automatic response of part of the credits and an opportunity for the company to take still somewhere the new credits disappears to hold on in hard times.

Generally, for banks and the large companies which sit on a credit needle the apocalypse situation came.

By the way, that in that economic model of the world which was built in the last decades without the credits any large enterprise, any bank could not work. Especially as availability of credit resources in the West was just tremendous, and interest rates – just sweet for business. But all sweet instantly vanishes as soon as begin to demand early repayment of the loan from the enterprise or bank. And, the reasons very “objective”, stated in the credit agreement – “decline of capitalization of the company by 10%”. As we know, capitalization fell at all. In Russia in 5 and more times, and in the West – for 30-50% and more.

By the way, whether reminds you is what crisis of 1929 – “A great depression” began with. There too under the terms of the credits under purchase of shares, the creditor had the right to demand that the borrower returned the credit within a day (so-called a marginal loan). Such requirements at the same time were also unexpectedly shown, and borrowers had to sell urgently shares that caused an instant collapse of stock market.

If this scheme perfectly worked in the 30th years, then why with some modifications not to apply it today? As occurs.

Now there is a need to solve a problem to buy up for nothing the most interesting and profitable enterprises. How to make it? Just to come to the owner and to offer him some rather ridiculous sum for his business? Most likely, it will send far away such visitor even if to it and his business it will be very bad. He will try to wait somehow hard times, will beat off legal claims from creditors, to drag out trials (they can really be tightened for 2-3 years).

It is not that way which can suit TsUP (“control center of flights”) represented by FRS.

Despite all power (both intellectual, and financial) it has no sufficient resource to conduct thousands of difficult trials with the people protecting by hook or by crook the business. And time factor plays very important role here. All operation has to be complete during certain, not really big period of time because after completion of buying up there will come other, even more important stage. But about it a bit later.

As to buy up the enterprises and the whole branches of business so that also the prices were accepted and buying up terms short?

Very simply: it is necessary that the state began to rescue the “sinking” oligarchs, their banks, their companies. The state will offer the credits “on rescue” the companies, strategically important for the state. For example, in Russia it to 4,5 billion dollars on the company.

The oligarch will face the difficult choice: – or bankruptcy of the company will begin already now when nobody gives the credits, when there is no sales of products, and maintenance costs of the company (plants, blast furnaces, etc.) even in the conditions of a stop of productions are huge and in 2-3 months just up to the end “will eat” the company, – or to take the credit from the state and to try to hold on, especially, all “analysts” and “experts” say that improvement will begin in the spring, everything is normalized and the oligarch who began to doubt that he is an oligarch will become the real oligarch again as it was in July, 2008. However, conditions of receiving the credit are hardish and are generally similar to signing of refusal of business in favor of the third party. But we hope for the best. Everything will pass as a bad dream and again will be as earlier: cheap money (credits), the growing virtual stock market, the world swells from dollars, sales of products increase.

Yes it seems and the credit undertakes at the native state from it friendly adjusted and well familiar selling officials. If something happens, they for “kickbacks” will help to prolong the credits for so many time how many it is necessary that everything in the world returned to norm. Here if the credit was offered by rigid businessmen, then it would be extremely dangerous. Actually, capture of the credits on such conditions would be voluntary refusal of business in favor of giving the credit. But a counter here that when all to whom it is necessary take the credits and at the same time will sign all rigid guarantees of return of the credits here then with finance it will become rather bad. When term approaches to return the credits, to return them really there will be nothing. Stock prices still will fall, prices of oil – too will fall dollars to 20 for barrel, sales markets of production will be zero. So, there will be a global redistribution of property which is one of main goals of a stage under the conditional name “controlled collapse”. Of course, at first business will pass to the state (officials will unexpectedly take a hard line on oligarchs – where you will trample against the order from those whose order not to execute – to death it is similar), and then business from the state will pass to those to whom it is necessary.

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