Warminster College, Wiltshire, England

Warminster College
Warminster College

The college is in the city of Uorminster in southwest part of England. Uorminster is a small ancient town with the population of 18,000 people in the County of Wiltshire, near the historical cities of Bath and Salisbury. The school Uorminster was founded in 1707, and now at it more than 500 school students — boys and girls — aged from 4 till 18 years study. The quantity studying together schools is rather small therefore training is carried out in small classes and guarantees individual support to school students who need it, encouraging at the same time further development of abilities of more gifted pupils. Transfer in school depends rather on potential opportunities of the pupil, than on already achieved success. It is possible to tell that results of training reflect that significant progress which pupils try to obtain in school. The school has a deserved reputation of an institution in which sincerely care for each pupil and there are fine conditions for training and accommodation. Last year pupils achieved fine results at examination of GCSE and A-level — 87% of successful delivery (A*-C Grade) of examinations of GCSE and 90% of successful examination of A-level. The school Uorminster is focused on traditional educational values and respect for the identity of the pupil.

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