New England College, Genniker, New Hampshire

New England College is a co-educational College.
Year founded: 1946
Location: on 225 acres of Genniker (population: 4.700) State of New Hampshire, 1.5 hours from Boston, 30 minutes from Manchester
Climate: temperate, 4 seasons, winter snows
Nearest airport: Boston
Number of students: 1000 students — 6% international students
Accommodation: only in campus
Maximum number of students per class: 16

Equipment: computer centre, Internet, using e-mail, library, gym, bookstore, laboratory design and image, ice skating rink, indoor, health and beauty centre, mountain bikes, centres for extracurricular activities, student aid centers.

Entry requirements: TOEFL-450.

Programs: business, advertising, art, communication, computer information systems, science, the humanities, the environment, sports management, English language, graphic design, drama, philosophy, photography, ETC.

Diploma: Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree

Features of College: freshman seminars on human rights and the diversity of world cultures. Well structured curriculum, small class, qualified teachers. Orientation program in career choice, training in parallel to professional programs.

The main purpose of College: prepare students so that they have become leaders in all fields.

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