The higher education in China

Education in China
Education in China

It is hard to find the good teacher. It is a hundred times more difficult to find the good pupil.
Chinese saying
Advantages of training in China:
o    Education in China is inexpensive ($1 500-3 000 a year).
o    Accommodation cost in the student’s hostel from $600 a year.
o    It is extremely fashionable to learn east languages now. Especially as the large Asian countries – China, Japan – our neighbors, and their influence grows in the world every year. So studying of east language is not only a craze, but also chance to get a good job.
o    The beginning of academic year – 2 times a year.
o    All facultative occupations are free, and you will be able to get acquainted with the most ancient art forms of China (a calligraphy, Chinese cuisine, martial arts, dance, playing national musical instruments, drawing, poetry, singing and many other things).
o    Possibility of studying of other foreign languages, both east, and European.
o    To Dalian occupations by scuba diving, rest in sanatoria on the bank of the Yellow Sea are possible.
o    At each university – rich library where it is possible to find both ancient manuscripts, and the most modern scientific works, the last magazines from many countries.
China is called in increasing frequency “a world miracle”. Really, the achievements in economy, high technologies, biochemistry, medicine reached by this country for the last decades changed understanding about China as about the country of “the third echelon”, spread in consciousness of Europeans throughout the last century.
One of explanations of “the Chinese miracle” – the education system existing in this country. Education in China free for his citizens, and programs of training are in schools and higher education institutions under strict control of the state. It, however, does not prevent the Chinese system to react quickly to calls of the outside world and to adapt to requirements of constantly changing international labor market, fierce competition from foreign experts.
Education system in China
Level    age
kindergarten    3-6
elementary school    6-12
incomplete high school    12-15
full high school    15-18
high vocational school    16-20
the higher school    18-25
The quantity of higher educational institutions in China is quite high – more than one hundred. Nature of training in the Chinese higher education institutions in many respects explains a phenomenon of modern China more and more loudly declaring in the different field of science.
Though all educational institutions of China – state, there is no uniform program for all. Universities differ from each other in subject of courses and a technique of teaching. Unlike the majority of the European and American universities where in one educational institution can teach hundreds of various specialties, the Chinese higher education institutions have specialization. There are technical, teacher training, linguistic and other colleges. There are courses where along with language the geography and economy is taught. At some universities the special attention is paid to local dialects, agriculture, archeology and demography. At the universities training politicians and businessmen, more time is given to working off of skills of the speech, a pronunciation and the letter. In some higher education institutions it is possible to study facultatively Japanese and features of the translation with Chinese into other east languages.
Each university has the advantages. University of Beijing – the largest university with a set of faculties and the richest technical base. It is located in one of the most beautiful parks of China, near historical sight – ruins of Ikheyuan.
At the Beijing institute of languages there is a faculty of journalism, the preparing specialists orientalists.
That who wants to combine business with pleasure and to spend time in the popular tourist center, we advise to choose Guansiysky pedagogical university.
Located in the depth of the country, at a foot of the mountain of Shintsa, Sichuan university – the ideal place for the quiet and concentrated study. However, ancient methods of teaching in it are perfectly combined with modern conditions of accommodation of students. In a campus – rooms on two people with all conveniences, the conditioner, phone, the TV.
And the most picturesque and unique landscape, certainly, in the city of Dalian, in the southern part of the peninsula of Liaodu. Here, at the foot of mountains, on the seashore it is possible to learn Chinese, its ancient letters and ancient literature. At university Dalian for students gymnastic activity (wushu and тайцзыцуань) and literary creativity is obligatory. In two other higher education institutions of the city quite modern objects – international trade, law, a finance and economy are taught, the Dalian Medical university is very strong teaching structure.
Diplomas and degrees
Course    Duration    degree
College    3 years    Certificate
Basic    3-5 years    Bachelor
The main    2-3 years    Master
Additional    2-4 years    Doctor
Academic year begins on September 1 and comes to an end at the beginning of July.
How to enter to the university of China?
For receipt in the majority of the Chinese universities, rather Russian certificate about secondary education. In principle, going to the Chinese university well would like to know Chinese a little. But it can be learned also on the place. A language course for foreign students lasts from 1 month to 2 years.
Receipt terms
Documents in the Chinese higher education institution are processed in February-March, but till this time it is necessary to manage to send letters there and to receive the answer. To submit the application for receipt one program better in January.
The list of documents for receipt in the Chinese higher education institution
o    statement
o    an extract from the record book
o    the copy of the diploma (if is available)
o    two letters recommendations (from any teacher or the employer)
o    medical certificate
o    passport photocopy
o    a photocopy of the payment order about payment of a registration contribution (~ 50 dollars)
Cost of training and accommodation
The program    $ cost in a year
Certificate of college    1500 – 3000
Bachelor degree    2000 – 3000
Magistracy    3000 – 4000

Accommodation option    $ cost in days
Hostel    2 – 10
Hotel    4 – 20
Family    10 – 30
The majority of higher education institutions of the People’s Republic of China can provide the place in the hostel if you notify on such need in advance: otherwise in the hostel it can “not appear empty seats”. Hostels of students have rooms of two types: hotel type, equipped with the conditioner, a bathroom, phone, the TV and the refrigerator; and rooms of economy class with phone and the TV in the room, but bathrooms in a corridor.
Work during study
Most of foreign students in China earn additionally though, with rare exception, work has temporary or “single” character. As a rule, students earn additionally the translations, private lessons of a foreign language or that is typical for China, participation in shootings of various commercials and TV series. Monthly earnings in such cases are limited to several hundred dollars.
Chinese courses
In the country there is a large number of both the state, and private schools on training in Chinese. There are also private universities which are successfully competing with the state institutions – both on teaching level, and at training cost. A difference between public institutions and a private language course that state, as a rule, offer a full set of services including issue of the invitation for registration of the visa, accommodation and т.п, and private – only training.

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