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Training at English
Transfer in University of Malta, as well as in the majority of foreign universities, is made without examinations, on the basis of the certificate about secondary education. The university of Malta recognizes the Russian certificate about the termination of high school, but for direct transfer in university it is necessary to study in the Russian higher education institution 1-2 years, or to complete the preparatory annual course Foundation Year. Besides, foreigners need to provide the certificate on knowledge of English. A minimum level on English of TOEFL TOEFL ibt 61, IELTS 5.5.
University of Malta (1591): <>
Description: The university of Malta, one of the oldest in Europe, is founded by the Award of Jesuits in 1592, and in 1578 acquired the right from the Pope to appropriate degrees of the master, the doctor of philosophy and the right. Today the university of Malta has fine reputation, and its diplomas admit around the world.
At university students more than from 70 countries are trained. As a result of bilateral agreements and contracts on cooperation with the USA, France, Great Britain, Italy and other countries, several programs for an exchange of students and teachers work here. The university is included into many university communities: Community of Universities of the Mediterranean, Compostela Group, Santander network, Utrecht network. The university is a member of the international organizations NAFSA (Association of International Educatores) and CIEE (Council for International Educational Exchange).
At University of Malta of 11 faculties and specialized institutes and centers.
Number of students: about 9 thousand
Baccalaureate programs: archeology, foreign languages (English, French, Italian, Maltese), translation theory, oriental studies, art history, history, international relations, psychology, sociology, philosophy, theology, pedagogics, banking and finance, accounting, management, economy, public state policy, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, informatics, computer sciences, engineering, law.
Master programs: diplomacy, philosophy, foreign languages, translation theory, art, history, international relations, banking and finance, economy, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, informatics, engineering, law
Training duration: a bachelor degree – 3 years, a magistracy – 1,5-2 years
Beginning of programs: October, February
The cost of training is 2011-2012 academic year: 7 €500-9 600 in a year (bachelor degree), 11 800 (magistracy)
The program    Requirements    The cost of training is 2011-2012 academic year, euro, €
Foundation Year    The certificate about full education, TOEFL ibt 61, IELTS 5.5.    9’000 technical science plus English; 7’000 humanities plus English; Accommodation Cost: €900-1’000 a month
Bachelor degree, 3 years    the certificate about senior secondary education, TOEFL ibt: 89, IELTS 6.5    7’500 – 9’00 (AUC)
Magistracy, 2 years    profile higher education (bachelor degree), TOEFL ibt: 89, IELTS 6.5    9’600 – 11’800 24’000 – medicine 22’000 stomatology
Accommodation cost *: €800-1000 a month
* Accommodation: students can live near university in student’s apartments of room type. In each apartment several bedrooms on one or two, the general conveniences, a kitchen-dining room with all necessary equipment.
The bed linen, weekly cleaning of the room is included in the price of accommodation. In a complex of student’s apartments there are a bar, restaurant, a minimarket, a laundry, game rooms, a racetrack, a tennis court, the pool, the room for occupations, the hall for meetings. Students can also rent apartment at the choice.

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