Taxi for women

The exclusive taxi service for the women was offered in the city of Puebla, being in Mexico. Services are provided by 25 bright pink Chevrolet vehicles which are operated by the girls drivers never stopping for the male client. Cars have stylish first-aid kits, GPS and buttons for emergency situations – all this at the request of women. The taxi service for women in the city of Puebla is a private property of the investor. The local government helped to train in driving more than 60 female drivers of a pink taxi who approached on age from 25 to 45 years. Also women were given additional lessons of assimilation of necessary skills, for example, on care of the car or on replacement of tires. After all procedures the service of pink taxi was given the license for service of clients. As if positive intentions in unusual idea of business did not progress, but the stereotype “the woman driving” is only supported with female vehicles. But such type of a taxi enjoys popularity especially at those women who do not like male drivers. Especially as the pink taxi works round the clock and safety to clients is ensured. Similar exclusive services confirmed success of this business of idea in various cities, beginning from London and finishing with Tehran. If such type of a taxi confirms the success throughout some time in the city of Puebla, then expansion of service of transport for women and in other cities is soon planned. Perhaps, and you do not need to think of prospects of business where the taxi works only for women if in your city still such did not appear.

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