Robot barber

In October this year, Panasonic introduced its original invention – a robot barber Hair -Washing Robot, designed for washing and head massage. Externally, the robot resembles a chair with a sink, which are used in hair salons. The client sits down in a chair and puts his head on the sink. All the rest of the work makes the robot to wash the head. He proceeds to wash, measuring out the necessary amount of shampoo, conditioners and water for washing the hair of the special sprinkler head and massaging the client’s own 24-packs fingers that exactly reproduce the movements of human hands. The whole procedure takes only three minutes. Over the next five minutes, the robot puts on a hair conditioner and hair dryer dries them. As expected, the robot to wash it goes on sale in next future. Its price is not yet known. However, hardly a robot barber for seniors will compete with the usual hair and beauty. According to the developer of the robot Toru Nakamura, the invention is intended for hospitals and nursing homes. Older people, the number of which in Japan is increasing rapidly, represent a vast audience with their needs. Leading technology companies have begun to produce special robotic devices to help people of retirement age and the disabled, which is difficult for health care for themselves independently. Robot Barber for the elderly was introduced the Panasonic 38-th International Exhibition for home care and rehabilitation, among other two inventions – Assistant-connected and robotic bed. The prototype robot messenger robot became HOSPI, intended for automatic delivery and dispensing of medicines to patients, which is already successfully used in many Japanese hospitals. The new version of the robot connected HOSPI-Rimo is based on the same technology, but already serves as an intermediary that provides a link between patients with limited mobility, and their doctors, family and friends. Robotic Bed is the latest version of the invention RoboticBed, which was first presented at an exhibition in 2009. This bed can be a few seconds to turn effortlessly in the electric wheelchair and put back. The advanced model of the robot beds, released this year, is equipped with a simplified management interface and executed in full compliance with safety standards. The manufacturer of robots for the elderly assumes subsequently exported to other Asian countries (such as South Korea and China), where the number of elderly people is also increasing rapidly.

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