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cooling foam
cooling foam

Japan called an unusual and mysterious country, unusual everything – from toys to fashion and restaurants. Every time I read about unusual inventions of Japanese wonder and think how that they could come to mind! This time they came up with an unusual business idea coolers to combat the tropical heat. Perhaps if Japan did not survived the anomalous heat this summer, this unusual product did not appear to be. The temperature was raised at 40, and escape from the hell it was not possible anywhere else – because the Japanese cut off the energy saving air conditioners. The situation was critical – Hospitals were overwhelmed by patients with heat stroke. It is believed that the only means of heat – to go to the sea or in the mountains, but the Japanese have come up with ingenious yet another effective tool to combat the tropical heat. Unusual coolers! Coolers come in many forms, for example, in the form of a cooling foam from a container “Hokkyoku Monogatari” (translated as “Tales of the North Pole”), which instantly freezes on the body, and it can be wrapped around the wrist or neck, which will provide long-term (within the hour) cooling. The next such cooler from the spray – cooling gel Ice Spark, which has a temperature of minus 9 degrees Celsius and the characteristic sound of creaking snow, which certainly pleases the ear and body in forty-degree heat. Cooling body gel dries within a few seconds, leaving only a pleasant sensation of coolness. Incidentally, this cooling gel can be used as a deodorant – it has a pleasant citrus scent. Another unusual cooler, which the Japanese have invented in order to save electricity, it Savanna 50 Blizzard. It has a temperature of minus 15 degrees Celsius and sprayed on clothing, handkerchiefs, towels, bed linen and even shoes. “Ice-Type” complements this list of unusual coolers from Japan and a cooling disposable wipes that can be used as for its intended purpose, and as coolers in the tropical heat. Finally, the complete list of unusual coolers from Japan – coolers, toys that work on the principle of heating pads. Despite the terrible tropical heat, you had to go through to the Japanese, it can be said that the summer they have issued a “fruitful” for business ideas!

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