Airboard inflatable sled

airboard naduvnie sani
airboard naduvnie sani

Western ski resorts are increasingly began to offer the unusual extreme entertainment – skating on the airboard. Airboard – it is nothing like inflatable sleds that do not require special training and equipment. All you need is a helmet and knee pads. This is the first inflatable sled that enable emergency braking, which is essential in emergency situations. This surreal view of the machine promises not to forget the feeling. It allows you to move above the earth at a height of 20 cm. Learn to fly with this unit has become extremely easy. This business idea belongs to the Swiss Joe Steiner, who created and patented his invention. Inflatable sledge Airboard – a small version of conventional hovercraft running on gasoline. To ride on this machine extremely easy. Due to the cushion and ventilation, the machine can lift off the ground. With a little practice, the control unit becomes extremely simple. Ryder, using a combination of balance, causing various degrees of surface contact. Influencing their weight from side to side, you get to revolve 180 degrees, etc. 360. You may like to just ride on the airboard, and try his hand at extreme sports, all conquering new heights. The feel of this extreme entertainment is best described as a combination of flying and skiing. By using varying degrees of weight transfer, Airboard can be made to react in different ways – acute or slow turns. The maximum speed of 25 km / h. Airboard inflatable sleds are easy to control. There are two control levers, one for lifting and one for thrust. When flight rider enough to deviate to the left to turn left and right, respectively, to turn to the right. In the care of the car is also not whimsical. The four-stroke petrol engine is one of the largest production companies in the world and only requires periodic maintenance. All worn parts, such as filters and friction linings can be easily changed. Inflatable sledge Airboard can be used on any smooth surface free of debris. This can be a lawn, asphalt, rocky surface or snow. The only limitation – airboard is not intended for use on the water. In the age category this unit is suitable for persons older than 14 years. It should be noted that in European markets began to appear cheap copies, perhaps this is due to the growing popularity of airboard, which can lead to the emergence of a new kind of sport. At the moment this extreme entertainment is very common in Switzerland, Germany, Canada and the United States. Demand for airboard actively studied ski resorts. Many of them began to open a special route, but the main condition is the hour of skating training.

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