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New trend of Silicon Valley – desks for standing. According to the majority of employees of companies such as Google Inc., Facebook Inc., it is much easier to work on the computer while standing. Interestingly, once these tables for standing there in the market, almost all employees of Facebook Inc. asked the administration to replace their old (“sit”) desktops on a new (“standing”). The desire of employees to work standing is easily explained. It’s all in the statistics: It’s no secret that many hours of rest a negative impact on health: blood increased levels of sugar and reduced levels of “good” cholesterol, there are factors that contribute to osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, intervertebral hernia, scoliosis, cancer, and as a 37% increased risk of premature death in women, in men, the rate is even higher than 18%. The company began producing tables for standing 17 years ago. Its owner Jim Gattuso (Jim Gattuso) began his furniture business because of health problems. Jim took a stand-up desk, when he started having back pain. But to find a table for work standing at the time was not easy. With difficulty, Jim found a furniture maker, who agreed to make it a stand-up table, but one – Jim would have to buy him three such table for working standing up, to justify its cost of materials. Two tables left himself Jim, and one sold. While Jim was looking for a buyer for the once standing table, he decided to organize his own furniture business for the production of tables for standing. Today, Jim Gattuso experiencing an unprecedented rise in sales. “Traffic online store grew four times,” – says Jim. All because of the fashion for standing computer desks, which went to Silicon Valley. In general, the culture of work standing has not taken root in modern societies. Fans at the standing tables a bit, but what (!): The famous American politician Donald Henry Rumsfeld, writer Philip Roth, chief creative director of TBWA \ CHIAT \ DAY Los Angeles Rob Schwartz, and even said that the famous Ernest Miller Hemingway wrote standing. Tables for work standing higher than usual desks just enough to be comfortable for them to stand and sit on a high chair. They have different depths and the slope of the tabletop. Stand-up tables – it’s really an outlet for those who have back problems and who have to work more than 6 hours at the table. The structure of the human body such that it is not adapted to prolonged static loads, and a sitting position – one of the most harmful for the organism, because the effect of gravity at this monotonous. Spine every day gets serious congestion, which quickly turned into chronic, and it causes serious consequences -the front parts of the intervertebral discs are compressed and the back – stretch; drives quickly lose their elasticity and wear. Obviously, it is really useful to the body than sitting. According to research by Swedish scientists conducted as early as the 20th century, in the supine position, the load on the spine is about 25% with respect to a standing position. If you lie on your side – the load of 75%. Sitting upright in a chair – 150%! It turns out that it is better to stand than sit! And even better to work standing up!

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