University of the Arts, the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

philadelphia university of the arts
philadelphia university of the arts

University of the Arts-University
Year of Foundation: 1876
Location: Philadelphia (population-5 million.) Pennsylvania
Climate: temperate, season 4
Number of students: 2000 students — 4% international students
Accommodation: in the residence campus (apartment)

The ratio of teachers and students: 91
Equipment: computer centre, Internet, emailing, computerised library, a gym, various laboratories, Studio (some are engaged in professional troupe), galleries, a health center, centres for extracurricular activities, student aid centers.

Entry requirements: Portfolio — slides (Visual Arts) and VHS (performing arts).

Program: animation, art history, choreography, creative writing, fil′mvideo production, graphic and illustrative design, music, performing arts, communications, computer systems, drama, photography.
New programs: writing plays and scripts using modern media technologies, digital programs in the design of interactive communications.

Diploma: Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree
Features of College: the University is located in the heart of the district, which is home to famous artists. University of the Arts is one of the best universities in the United States in the field of art.  The main purpose of College: creativity, the desire to develop Outlook and various types of innovation

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