The mole hole is a door to another universe

Wormhole the door to another universe
Wormhole the door to another universe

Scientists assure that space is a concentration of tunnels leading to other worlds and even to other temporal space. They most likely appeared together with the birth of our universe. These tunnels have been called mole holes. Their nature is different from that of black holes. There’s no return from the latter: once in a black hole, you can disappear forever. And from the mole holes can not only return, but also, according to mathematicians and astrophysicists, get into the past or future. Modern astronomy considers the study of mole holes one of its main tasks. When they first began to be talked about, and this happened at the break of the 60’s, they sounded like fiction. But they do exist in reality. They are made up of ‘dark energy’, the very same one that is part of two thirds of the universe. It’s just a vacuum, which also has a strong negative pressure. Most of them are in the middle of galaxies, and the mass is close to billions of our suns. If you use telescopes to try to look into the mole holes, you can see the reflections of the past or the future?). While black holes have such a powerful force of attraction that even light cannot escape from them. About 300 such holes have been discovered so far, although scientists suggest that there are actually billions of them. Around black holes, gravity is so obvious that there is a curvature of light rays in its field. Already in 1916, the Austrian physicist L. Flamm expressed the hypothesis that spatial geometry can exist as a hole that connects the two worlds. Already in 20 years Einstein and mathematician Rosen have opened, that at the decision of the certain equations connected with the isolated, neutral or electrically charged sources of gravitational fields, the spatial structure of “bridge” which is capable to connect two different universes – that is pair identical, actually flat, space-time turns out. They were later called mole holes, although the English version sounds like wormhole, which means wormhole. Electrical power lines enter the hole on one side and go out on the other without starting or ending anywhere. Translated into human language, this means that when you leave point A you will find yourself in point B, stepping over an incredible number of light years. It’s kind of like coming to take a picture with a dinosaur or to see your great-great-grandchildren. That’s fantastic? Not really. At one time, American Nikola Tesla designed an “electromagnetic bubble” – a screen that mirrors radar radiation, and the enemy “looked” past the ship. Despite the high secrecy of the expedition, which went to test the screen, it became known that not all members returned from it, and the rest assured that they had visited other worlds. In the works of astrophysicist Stephen Hawking scientifically proved that time is like an energy flow in which the flow can be broken. The moment when this flow is interrupted is characterized by chronal vortexes and “time spins”. On our planet near the huge pyramids in Giza the course of time is somewhat slowed down. There are many such anomalous zones on Earth, and in some of them the test clock either stops or starts counting backwards. So, according to the scientist, our planet is also a kind of time machine. In 1998, astrophysicist Kip Thorn mathematically calculated a four-dimensional time machine. But its engine, to leave our three-dimensional world, requires energy equal to the explosion of a thousand thermonuclear bombs. That’s the kind of energy you can get from black holes. But since it’s incredibly dangerous to even be near them, it’s easier to approach this problem by using mole holes with a slightly lower energy density. Because you can’t leave a black hole, but you can’t leave a mole hole. The only thing scientists haven’t calculated yet is where the researcher might be. But science isn’t standing still. It is possible that through the mole hole can get into antivselennaya, with opposite properties of our universe. And most likely, there are models that can not yet assume the most fantastic minds. In the meantime, scientists are working to identify entrances to the mole dens… To see these objects close by, you need ultramodern telescopes or radio telescopes. Very soon it is planned to launch a radio telescope “RadioAstron”, and in 2018 should start the project “Millimetron”. Thanks to ultra-sensitive technology will be able to see previously inaccessible objects. Of course, these programs are not limited to the study of only black holes and mole holes. Recent discoveries in quantum gravity prove that through these “spatial” wormholes, it is hypothetically possible to move not only in space but also in time. With very high probability it is possible to assert that they can have closed time lines. If these words are translated into normal language, it means that not only the future can flow from the past, but also the past from the future. This is absolutely mathematically proven. In addition, theoretically, it would be possible to create a model of the mole dens on Earth as well if we could get the corresponding antigravity and matter with negative pressure. Already managed to create atoms of antibodies – the Large Hadron Collider. Of course, these atoms appear only in a tiny fraction of a second, but the first step can already be considered done. But it turns out that there are opponents to the search for mole holes. If we imagine a hole with the beginning at point A and the end of the tunnel at point B, the researchers looking through the tunnel object B, will certainly begin to attract the gravitational fields from the opposite end to them. After all, stars and galaxies can also use this path. Therefore, our Sun, suddenly under the influence of the strongest gravitational alien field, too, can dramatically change its course, losing its planets. And our galaxy will immediately find itself at a very close distance to another galaxy, which will lead to their collision. Thus, creating a passing mole hole is extremely dangerous: it can lead to a catastrophe not only of our universe, but also individual stars and other galaxies. In any case, scientists hope that in the very near future mankind will completely change its view of the universe. But in which direction?

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