Messages from other civilizations

Scientists assume that the journey in time and space is carried out through the so-called “Stargate”, the truth to reveal them until mankind has not yet succeeded. There is an ancient map, which indicates the location of the Stargate on the entire Earth – these corridors in space and time, which on the planet has always been 12, 12 areas, in the form of a triangle resembling a powerful geomagnetic anomaly. Planet Earth itself defined the places of such gates: it was she who curved them with her magnetic field. It turns out that ancient people knew about it: all the most important objects for their communication with the gods – pyramids, temples – they built in places where there was no need to spend much effort and energy. From a history of Ancient Egypt the mankind has learned about an obligatory oath of each Pharaoh not to change a calendar, besides Egyptian priests secretly kept one more calendar – it was a calendar of the catastrophes named dendera on a place of its storage (paintings of temple Hathor in Dendera). This zodiac calendar keeps past and future universal catastrophes in itself. It was bequeathed by the Gods and explained how to use it. The Gods came to Earth through the Stargate and lived on distant planets. The priests knew exactly when the gate would open and the gods would come. Our contemporary, about whom the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” wrote several years ago, is sure that our modern calendar keeps the message of those distant gods. According to it Vladimir Pakhomov – mathematician by education, officer of the Space Forces of the USSR, senior researcher of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and former deputy director of the Institute of Physical Problems in Dubna – calculated the date of the “end of the world”, which is precisely defined in the “time capsule”, about the location of which the calendar should say. By applying the seventh order matrix to the calendar, Pakhomov obtained a fairly clear outline of the Mintaka star from the constellation Orion. Pakhomov suggests that the date of the global catastrophe is associated with this star. Years of work that led Pakhomov to the Sun Island on Lake Titicaca have led many enthusiasts to rush there in search of a “time capsule” that is supposedly hidden there. There is a mixed opinion as to whether Pakhomov really saw the location of this capsule on the island or whether it was just a coincidence. Pakhomov published a book that details the sensational discovery, describing the entire process of finding the inheritance left to humanity by supercivilisations. “The calendar retains hidden information, and the very structure of the calendar helps to decipher this information. – Pakhomov writes, “It’s a test of humanity’s intelligence. In a word, it is a direct proof of the existence of a highly developed civilization on Earth for a long time, a message from which has collected a lot: images of Gods, a map of the Earth to the world flood, pictures of an ancient planet”. Or maybe one of those 12 places on the globe, which are considered to be the “Stargate”, and is the storage of the “time capsule”? According to Pakhomov, it is the Sun Island that hides the hidden message of the aliens, which he deciphered from the calendar. And the exact place is shown by photos of the island from space. According to all South American legends, Lake Titicaca is the place where people reappeared after the flood. Apparently blond Oriana came down to the lake in a brilliant spacecraft and, having given birth to 70 children, flew away. At the same time it is said that Oriana had 4 membrane fingers, which indicates its origin from the fishermen. Locals living along the shores of the lake, from generation to generation pass on the legend of the existence of the city on an underwater island, which is a maze and hidden entrance. On a map showing the location of this island, this place is translated as “thing” from the language of the Aymars – locals. What kind of thing is there? What message did the ancient civilizations leave us? There are a lot of unexplained legends on the island: about the existence of people who are surrounded by fireballs and who pass through a specific two-meter niche in the form of a keyhole, called Aram Moore’s Aymars. It is carved on the stones of the island that the modified eponymous living creatures, in which different blood flows, have settled on the highest lake of our planet. Aren’t these the same Gods people who lived here and left us their message? Another legend says that the mainland of Lemuria was submerged, and the sacred gold disc and scrolls were transferred to Lake Titicaca for storage in the main temple – the Temple of the Sun. After the Spanish came to the island, the disc was placed in the city under water. Pakhomov claims that the island of the Sun with its outlines is very similar to the place that gave him the matrix decoding of the calendar. So, Aram Moore is nothing more than the storage of the Solar Drive, which today is considered a “capsule of time”. Is the Solar Drive the answer to all questions, received from a universal source of knowledge – artificial intelligence, the database of some civilization? And did this supercivilization leave such a great gift for mankind – a gift “packed” in a time capsule? Or maybe photos from space, showing a glow in this place, say that the “time capsule” itself makes itself known? Maybe, the ancient civilization is arranged in such a way that it sends a signal to another sufficiently developed civilization, in a particular case – to humanity.

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