Paint-spray for food

Esslack Food
Esslack Food

The German company The Deli Garage submitted the new invention allowing to diversify habitual dishes on the market. It is food paint under the name Esslack Food which is issued in the form of spray. Food paint contains safe dyes and is, on assurances of producers, the environmentally friendly product which does not have neither taste, nor a smell. Today the color scale spray-paint for products of Esslack Food includes gold, silver, red and blue paints with nacreous effect. Now gold chicken and silver sausage, blue apples and red bread can decorate your table. The cost of one barrel spray-paint for products with a capacity of 100 ml makes 24,80 euros (about $35). This unusual product is not delivered to America yet. However the novelty already caused a great interest and brisk discussion among potential buyers. Gourmets drop a hint of doubt that even the safest and tasteless paint on products will be able to tempt appetite. But new spray-paint for products designers and designers of interiors for festive events, for example, of a wedding or a Christmas dinner found application. By the way, the design of packing of food The Deli Garage paint was developed by the Hamburg creative agency Korefe. The same agency participated in creation of packing for other production of the same producer, including the The Deli Garage Vodka series. Vodka with taste of bilberry and espresso, mint and a melon, ginger and a coriander is on sale in silver flasks with unusual registration. Depending on a type of drink on a flask different monsters (the bilberry cannibal, huge ginger, a monster from mint leaves and the monster from coffee grains) which brave peasants try to overcome are represented. There is this vodka work of art only 23,90 euros (about $34) for a flask. The German company The Deli Garage (the developer of unusual food paint-spray) managed to put on the first place not only and not just tastes of the products offered by it (though, according to reviews, they too at height) how many their form and stylish design of packing. For example, macaroni in the form of screws, expansion bolt shields and nuts or cheese Parmesan in the form of pencils with cores of various taste – truffle, песто and chili.the Deli Garage positions itself as the independent cooperative which accepts on realization production of small farms and factories (from olive oil to vodka) packages it in stylish design packing and sells to the end user.

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