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zdorovaya pisha
zdorovaya pisha

Buying products in shop, we think and whether there are no harmful chemicals in them? Over time this problems overcomes us more and more. Anybody not the enemy to the health. The organic vegetables and fruit which are grown up without application of chemistry meet less frequently. The large agricultural enterprises specializing in cultivation of vegetables and fruit in aspiration to decrease in product cost, of course apply chemical fertilizers. Sometimes – exceed standards that does not improve quality of production. Small private enterprises I grow up vegetables, in the majority environmentally friendly, applying at the same time organic fertilizers. How it is possible to earn from healthy food? To organize daily delivery of fresh vegetables and fruit to a straight line from the village to small specialized shop. It is necessary to treat the choice of the supplier responsibly. It is better to study at first independently the market of wholesale of vegetables and fruit, buying production from different suppliers. And only then to choose several conscientious and with good conditions. Daily purchase of goods will make a dale for the sum of 400-600. The USA that will make about 2-2, 5 thousand dollars a month. The main thing of a condition – the goods always have to be fresh. Damage of unrealized goods can reach about 15%. These goods are sold at a discount by 50-70%. The minimum margin in shop fruit vegetables makes 30-40%, maximum – 200-250%. For opening of shop there will be enough 20 thousand dollars. The first stage – formal and documentary. It is necessary to be registered as SP, to get permissions of a sanepidstantion, fire service, state trade inspection. On all these campaigns on instances not less than two months will leave. For the conclusion of civil service of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate that the room meets necessary standards and requirements it is necessary to pay about 150-180 dale. USA. Besides, it is necessary to sign the contract for service of the equipment of greengrocery (cash registers, scales, refrigeration units) which costs the 75th dale. USA. The complete set of the equipment of shop will cost the owner $3,5-4 thousand and consists of show-windows, hills, counters (1 thousand dollars), a refrigerating show-window ($1,5-2 thousand) freezer ($400), scales ($15), cash register ($460). It is better to open fruit greengrocery or in the dormitory area, or near the subway. Both options of an arrangement guarantee to shop rather high sales volume. In the first case – at the expense of the regular customers living nearby. In the second – at the expense of a big flow of people. For a fruit greengrocery there is enough room of 50 – 60 sq.m. As a rule, about 40 sq.m are taken away for a trading floor, other area – for utility rooms, a warehouse, a bathroom, etc. An optimal variant for the businessman wishing to be engaged in fruit and vegetable business – to open one shop with a good warehouse and four-five points in shopping centers.
The range, quality of goods and the calculation it on show-windows play very important role in sales volume of fruit and vegetable shop. As for the range, it should be selected in dependence, from a location and the level of an outlet. If the fruit boutique is in shopping center, then it is possible to include safely in the range expensive exotic fruit, the buyer on them will be, and here in the dormitory area they, most likely, will be spoiled and except losses will bring nothing. To make less mistakes with formation of the range it is enough to do the working greengroceries long ago and to look what there is on sale. In assortment of specialized greengrocery there has to be all: from traditional pumpkin to exotic fruit. The quantity of descriptions of goods has to be not less than 70-80 units. Exotic fruit it is better to have on the top shelves to create illusion of a wide choice at the buyer. You should not hide fruit in the closed glass show-windows as they have to smell. The fruit smell can become a highlight of such shop. For strengthening of aroma it is possible to buy special fragrances. It is possible to complement the range of greengrocery the preserved and frozen vegetables and fruit, and also juice including freshly squeezed. Staff recruitment in greengrocery. Benevolent personnel – guarantee of successful sales in greengrocery. As the main buyers of shop in the dormitory area are inhabitants of neighboring houses, all of them will pass into the category of regular customers sooner or later if service and quality of goods in shop is pleasant to them. The salary fund of greengrocery which is served by three sellers and one loader makes – $800-1 thousand. Trade in fruit and vegetables a specific type of business, in particular, it is desirable that the goods in shop were in free access, but not behind glass. It gives, at least, two advantages. First, the buyer will have an opportunity to independently choose the goods which were pleasant to him. Upon purchase of the trade equipment for fruit and vegetable shop it should be taken into account this factor. Secondly, the smell of fresh fruit positively influences sales volume. Some shops even resort to such tricks as fragrances are more artificial, with a fruit smell. It is desirable to take care of pleasant trifles for buyers, for example, such step as delivery of a free package upon purchase will add loyal buyers over time. One of the most unpleasant moments in business selling vegetables of fruit are the spoiled goods. What effective would not be system of purchase and storage, there will always be spoiled goods, part it it is possible to sell, having sharply reduced the price, and other part should be thrown out. The percent of illiquid goods can reach 20%, especially at first works when the range and volume of purchases is not optimized yet. Better at emergence of the first signs of damage to reduce the price, it will be more effective, than then it is simple to throw out goods. The margin on vegetables and fruit begins with 30% and comes to an end with figures in 300%. The flexible price policy will allow to reduce significantly quantity of the written-off production and to considerably raise profit. How much is to open fruit and vegetable shop – the Tenancy of 50 – 60 sq.m – $1-2,5 thousand a month. – Repair of the room (minimum) – $10-12 thousand – Costs of purchase of the equipment – $3,5-4 thousand:-show-windows, wall racks, hills, counters – about $1 thousand – one refrigerating show-window – $1,5-2 thousand – one freezing chest – $400. – two scales – $150. – two cash registers – $460. – Costs of purchase of the first consignment of goods – $2-2,5 thousand – the Salary to personnel (three sellers and one loader) – $800-1 thousand. Total: $17,3-22 thousand. Figures: from 30-40% to 200-250% the margin on vegetables and fruit at retail makes. Second direction of business. We considered one option of business on healthy food, but on it business does not come to an end. The second option demands smaller expenses and has the small competition that very attractively today. The same principle as in the first case – is signed the contract with the farms or individuals living to villages on cultivation of organic vegetables and fruit. And further there is something interesting, we do not open shop, and we open … office and office. The essence of business consists in exclusive delivery of fresh products to individuals, that is rich Buratino. At us is in the country many rich people, and also people with middle-income. The majority of them is concerned about the health and health of the relatives: buy the filtered water, various air purifiers and other nonsense. Well actually the idea is clear: we open firm, we sign contracts, we remove a warehouse, we employ personnel including couriers (products will be it is got directly home), we give advertizing, etc. Summing up the results, one may say, that both types of business can be very popular and profitable if to approach intelligently. So those who do not know than dare to be engaged, the competition small – business profitable, at rather small expenses. On point 2 I can tell that it is only in several large cities of Russia. In the West this business prospers for several years …

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