Baking of donuts

Technological revolutions allowed to realize the most improbable ideas of small business, having given especially house to kinds of activity quite commercial basis. One of such technological breaks for small business became emergence of units for production of such house product as a donut. The idea of production of donuts commercially belongs to the category modern business of ideas. Until recently donuts were a prerogative only of housewives who with pleasure baked it in house conditions. In realities of modern time this business the idea became property of small business. Producers of the equipment for small business developed rather small units for production of donuts in the simplest conditions, actually it is necessary for realization of this idea of business several square meters of the area, and also existence of an electric network. The equipment for production of donuts in its present models represents units capable at laying of the main ingredients to give a ready-made product. There are, of course, also more outdated samples where production of the test and roasting are divided into two different units.
That is, such idea of business has a number of advantages:
1. The low price of entry into business, actually all investments is reduced to purchase of the unit.
2. Small requirements to the room and area
3. An opportunity not to attract highly skilled hired personnel that is not possible, for example, at realization of idea of small business from scratch in the form of a mini-bakery
4. Ability of flexible approach to production of the production, actually donuts bake only in process of receipt of orders
5. To use additional opportunities for business, for example, to use the same delivery of warm donuts on offices and houses
Besides, production of donuts can serve not only fine idea of the business from scratch, but also an excellent source for the additional income. For example, at existence of own retail shop practically without problems it is possible to allocate several squares of the area for opening of the business on baking of donuts. Or during creation of own mini-bakery to use baking of donuts as an auxiliary view of production. This idea of small business fully meets the main requirements of small business – that is possesses flexibility, small starting requirements and is undemanding to personnel, the location. It is possible to refer need of coordination with a sanepidstantion, and also a number of requirements to ventilation of the room to shortcomings, but, having desire, these problems are solved quickly enough. In the practice, at realization given business of idea we used at the same time two units: one on the baking of donuts second for baking of fancy bread. As the main room took a small stall of 16 squares in which put the equipment. Employed 4 people, having divided into two changes. One acted as “baker” and the seller directly in the stall, and the second, armed with a small figurative box with thermoprotection, carried ready-made products on the next offices, shops, etc. Everything is rather simple, but is effective. Business began to bring in steadily the income for the 5th month from the date of opening. Emergence of low-quality production and, as a result, decline in demand became one of the biggest problems. As “bakers” found out then began to steal a few products, but the farther, the it is more. The problem was solved involvement of new workers, raising of a salary and its binding to the actual development and establishment of video of supervision in the stall. It is heavy to tell what conceived bigger effect, but business went uphill. For today the pastries work and bring in the stable income without special intervention in productions, of course, except for control.

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