Taylors College, Australia

Taylors College
Taylors College

Taylors College was founded in 1920 in Melbourne. Today education centers of college are located in three cities of Australia: Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. During this time the college won fine reputation thanks to the highest quality of teaching, qualification of teachers, the modern equipment and equipment, the thought-over programs of education. By the academic results Taylors College in 1997 — 2000 was recognized by the best college of the State of Victoria in the highest division. On quality of education to the academic education in 1996 the college took in a rating the 6th place, in 1997 — 1 place, and in 1998 — 2000 Taylors is the leading college of the highest division.

Taylors College by right is proud of the academic results of the students who get the highest points at examinations — for example, within 3 last years of 90% of the students who were handing over mathematics on “A”, were entered in the sheet of achievements of staff. By the number of the students who entered the university, the college also occupies one of the leading positions. College develops and publishes fine education materials at all courses which supplement already existing textbooks. College gives free of charge additional classes and seminars to help students to be prepared thoroughly for transition from high school to university. In each college there are consultants who will help students to organize better their occupations, to choose university and specialty for further education, will give necessary support in difficult situations which can arise far from the house. Taylors colleges have the most modern equipment, the latest computer providing and fine opportunities for achievement of the best academic results.

Taylors College, Sydney

The college occupies the new spacious five-floor building near Waterloo. Large light audience, the computer center, library, restrooms for students, laboratories for occupations by physics, biology, chemistry, classes for occupations by music, studios of arts and the dormitory on 125 places — in college is provided everything that students received the maximum advantage of the education. The college carries out programs of education in 10, 11 and 12 classes. Upon termination of the 12th class and successful passing the final exams students receive the Certificate on senior secondary education of the State of New South Wales which gives a receipt opportunity in any university of Australia. In the tenth class students learn English (or English as foreign) and all obligatory subjects of the school program. Students of the 11th class study English (or English as foreign) and as 5 more objects at choice, in the 12th class besides English it is necessary to choose 4 more subjects.

Taylors College, Melbourne

The college is located in the downtown, near university of Melbourne and a campus Parkvil of university Monash. The college occupies the multistoried building where audiences, perfectly equipped chemical and physical laboratories, classes for occupations by music, art and design — studios, library and computer laboratories are placed

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