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steelcase ideo
steelcase ideo

At last designers paid the attention to school furniture and accessories. In the collection of ideas we described interesting idea of design of a school backpack which is capable to facilitate considerably life to school students. We present to your attention one more interesting idea of design of an educational table which was for the first time presented at an exhibition to Chicago and won huge popularity there. Authors and developers of the project are the IDEO and Steelcase companies which consider that it is very convenient to use such table for study and out of school. Uniqueness of this model of a table is that it at the same time is both a school school desk and even the whole study. Despite the compactness, this educational table includes a surface for the letter, a chair, the place for storage of textbooks, bags and even the place for the laptop. One more advantage of a table – a study for study in its mobility, the system is supplied with castors which allow a table to hold any position. Compactness, convenience and universality is those qualities which are appreciated by modern consumers most of all. It is possible to call a mobile and compact educational table just such model which is capable to meet all requirements of choosy consumers. For modern educational institutions, holdings seminars and trainings most that, it is possible to give classes not only in classes and audiences, but also in the fresh air in a clear weather.

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