The birth of planets

“If you know about the builders of the cosmos, if you know about the materials from which it is constructed – perhaps you want to […]

Space steps of life

“When evolution of Materials progressed enough, then the second great Space wave begins to come from Logos. It gives an impulse of evolution of LIFE. […]

The moon inhabits Earth

“The moon played the biggest and most significant role both in formation of Earth, and in the population its human beings. Monads which passed an […]

Third race

The first Race created the Second by means of “budding”; The Second Race – “Then given rise” – gave rise to the Third Radical Race […]

Fourth race

Beginning of the Fourth Race The fourth Radical Race – Atlanta – began the existence about 4-5 million years ago. During that era the Third […]

The flying monk

Miracles of “The flying monk from Kopertino” (Italy) – among the most amazing and at the same time, probably, it is the best of all […]

Great phenomenon of India

Saints and wonders which they work, – an integral part of the Indian religious traditions and folklore. Seldom the western scientists manage to see and […]