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Besides UFO, in the sky not less puzzles – LOLO, easily identified flying objects periodically are registered. They look as usual clouds, but behave as any normal cloud cannot behave. Voronezh region. To be engaged in studying of this phenomenon I was roused by history which I heard from the old acquaintance Nikolay Vasiliskov. In the early eighties after the termination of geographical faculty of teacher’s college it was called up for military service and directed the operator RLS of a weather service of the Borisoglebsk air hub in the Voronezh region. In this airfield “the latest military planes learned to fly”. Nikolay’s service passed behind the screen of a radar on which he watched various air objects including clouds. Once early in the morning after night watch he sat near barracks and thoughtlessly looked in a blue clear sky. Its attention was drawn by several appeared small cumulus clouds. They behaved strange. At the height about 3 thousand meters formed almost closed ring with a diameter of 5-6 kilometers and not movably stiffened in such situation as if watching the earth. On the radar screen Nikolay of it never saw and decided to look how mysterious clouds will behave further. In an hour flights began. One by one reluctance machines with a roar soared up into the sky in the middle of a cloudy ring. The most surprising was the fact that the exhaust stream did not affect it – it still hung over a point of a separation of planes at the end of a runway. When the last fighter flew up, the circle began to be reconstructed in a cloudy tape which quickly disappeared behind the horizon. Every other day approximately in the same place, at the same height and at the same time mysterious “performance” in the sky repeated once again. Baikonur. And here that Nikolay Vasilyevich Marchenko working at the spaceport in Baikonur tells about “curious” clouds: “What I observed contradicts common sense, and I do not undertake to offer to what was seen an explanation. There was it in the early nineties when at the spaceport there was a preparation for start of next “Union”. Put up to a throat, to stare at the sky there was no time. And what interesting in a chasm, whitish from heat, without uniform cloudlet? Here if meteorologists predicted deterioration in weather, then all would glance at the sky. On the eve of start when at our group “window” was given, we went to the steppe. There we had a secluded place far away from administration eyes where it is possible hour or so – to relax another. We lie on tarpaulin, we drink tea from a thermos. Mechanically I looked at the rocket. Against the sky before sunset she resembled a fantastic huge minaret. I saw it such more than once so only by the way threw on it a cursory glance. But it as if for something was hooked. At first I did not understand for what. Got accustomed – and understood that was unusual: small group of white cloudlets at the horizon. They reminded the lambs who crowded at a trough with water. But from where these “lambs” for all day remaining cloudless the sky undertook? However, the thought of it flashed and left. In the morning in day of start of “Union” I again mechanically looked at the western sector of the sky where I saw clouds yesterday. Also did not believe the eyes. The sky is still cloudless, but “lambs” remained! I not for long reflected on clouds – twirled in vanity. Hour through four after all remembered “lambs”. They “were grazed” on the same place in the western sector. And if earlier unusual clouds kept together, then now stretched a rare chain. Them there was seven, all of an identical ellipse form. As there could be such evolution if it was not felt the slightest whiff of a breeze, I did not represent. Though we did not have it, below, at the spaceport. And highly in the sky wind quite could blow. But then why it did not carry clouds which in bright sunshine seemed white fuzzes? And here to me absolutely wild thought came: really clouds wait for start of “Union”? And what you think? So it also appeared: “lambs” really “were on duty” at the horizon until the rocket with a roar directed in space. I did not notice at what moment of a cloud disappeared. But soon after start the western sector of the sky was pure. Besides strange “watch” of clouds for me remained a riddle how they in general could appear in dry air over Baikonur in which there are no traces of water vapor even in the summer?” Belomorye. There are also other witnesses of “reasonable behavior” of clouds. Here what is told about one of such cases by Sergey Alekseenko: “There was in my life time when I flew almost each day one flight: in the morning – to the place of work, in the evening – home. For me any plane – always laboratory for supervision. The western part of the White Sea is called as the Kandalaksha lip. Flying by over it in 1975, I with amazement saw how from the North moved on the cloud South, having been built as then spoke, in the square-cluster way – in each corner of a square the small cumulus cloud settled down, and all of them accurately observed a distance among themselves. Having approached the northern coast of a lip, clouds were reconstructed in a cloudy tape, as if took each other by hands, and this tape moved over a water smooth surface. Having passed the southern coast, this cloudy tape was suddenly broken off, and the same cumulus clouds which were built on square corners as those which approached a lip from the North were formed of it! Further this cloud layer continued to move on the South. Doing sketches of this phenomenal phenomenon, I kept saying to myself: “Here to you and water vapor, only whose commands it executes?” Pamir. At first sight it seems improbable that clouds could behave in so “intelligent” way. But Sergey Alekseenko gives also other case of such behavior: “In 1980 our helicopter made an emergency landing on one of mountain eaves of Pamir late at night. The eaves are a platform of meters 100 on 300; on the one hand – an abyss more than 1,5 km in depth, from three parties – mountains. In a landing time in the helicopter some smelly varnish therefore decided to sleep on the earth spilled, having taken cover tarpaulin. When darkened, I clearly saw how the long shining cloud came up from the gorge to our eaves and was curtailed in a ball meters in hundred from us. I pushed sideways the pilot. He rose, looked at a cloud and, having waved a hand, told: “Well and that? Still Lermontov told: “The cloudlet gold on a rock giant breast spent the night!” We want to sleep, and it too. Sleep! ” I turned sideways facing a cloud, and when already began to fill up, suddenly it seemed to me that from it “hand” reaches for us! I pulled out a small lamp and lit the earth: really, from it the whitish gut hand reached for us. Here it already almost nearby, and I rezanut on it light! Slowly, as if unwillingly, the cloudy gut hand began to leave to a cloudlet. “Well it, – I told myself, – it is necessary to sleep!”. And, having taken cover tarpaulin, dozed off. In Mountains Pamir at the height of 3 km in the early spring at night freezes. I began to feel that I freeze, but suddenly became for some reason warm, and fell asleep. With the first summer lightnings we woke up and understood that the cloud “occupied” all eaves – even the helicopter meters in ten from us was hardly looked through! When the first beams of the sun began to shine, the cloud contracted to the evening sizes, then several times jumped up and began to rise smoothly up. The pilot waved to him with a hand and shouted: “Thanks, buddy, for what warmed us at night!” The cloud was suddenly developed in the long castle shining on the sun and quickly floated for the mountain pass. In an hour we arrived to the city of Nurek. Leaving, I asked the pilot: “Really you believe that the cloud warmed us at night?” He answered: “We have on Pamir all live: people, mountains, clouds. All help each other. And then, the person for 96 percent consists of water, and a cloud – on 99. Communication between us a straight line”. Heart of Russia. It is difficult to judge, how seriously the pilot told that a cloud – the living being who is connected with us by the general physical matter – water. But as a hypothesis it is quite possible to assume that some clouds are other form of live matter which exists along with ours. And peculiar “consciousness” is inherent in it too. Both also explains “intelligent” behavior of clouds. The main argument against it consists that clouds – too short-lived educations that the intelligence could develop in them. But, being introduced from the outside, some time it can quite exist in the rarefied water educations having the form of clouds. This phenomenon very rare. About its mechanism and the reasons it is possible to guess as much as necessary. However cases which are very similar to arrival to us such “cloudy guests” are registered. Here is how Sergey Alekseenko describes one of them: “In several hours of flight from east suburb of Russia to its capital it is possible to see many mysterious cloudy structures. During one of flights I see how over clouds the cone-shaped cloudy mountain and grows from its top as at the real volcano, the smoke begins to curl. I go to a cabin to pilots. I show them this volcano and I ask to fly by near it. Pilots agree and do around it a loop. The impression is tremendous: the cloudy volcano “throws up” the rarefied cloudy stream in the portions as though the skilled smoker lets out smoke rings! Pilots smile, show a thumb: “Fine! But we also stronger saw before!” I leave on the place and I puzzle: how can at the height of 10 km where temperature almost – 50 degrees Celsius, from water vapor to be born “volcano”?!” Caucasus. I will provide one more certificate of Yury Belousov: “” I went over the country much, proceeded hundreds of kilometers. Among a set of impressions one haunts me. In September, 1959 I was in the Caucasus in an alplager “Elbrus” on inflow of the river Boksan. We in camp were 150 tourists and the person of the 50th service personnel. In an hour of after-dinner rest when all of us sat on tents, exclamation was suddenly distributed: “Look! Look!” I jumped out of tent and saw that all camp costs, having thrown back the heads. Directly over us in the sky unusual clouds were born! Were born precisely in one place. The impression was it as if in an igolochny puncture the small cloudlet painted with all flowers of a rainbow was blown. It sailed aside, and in that point new was born. On the sky more than ten clouds floated already, all of them grew in the eyes, and all their folds were decked by a rainbow. It was a surprising show which and now, later nearly half a century, was not greased in memory”. Taimyr. Having learned that I collect materials about unusual clouds, my old friend, the navigator of polar aircraft Oleg Veretennikov told me curious history. Once they flew over the coast of Taimyr. The sky was tightened by low dense clouds. And suddenly “explosions” began to perforate this continuous cloudy field. Veretennikov just could not find other, more suitable word: clouds with some unnatural force suddenly scattered in the parties and up, forming the cloudy fountain just as it happens at a rupture of a shell on the earth. In total they counted more than ten such “explosions”. And after each of the formed “funnel” the small cloudlet swelling in the eyes slipped out. Though over the coast of Taimyr that day squally wind blew, these “newborn” clouds rose vertically up and at the height of several kilometers stiffened absolutely not movably. When “explosions” stopped, clouds as if having understood that there is nobody to wait more, in single file quickly floated towards the continent”. That it was, the navigator does not undertake to judge. And here very knowing meteorologist whom I acquainted with the collected facts, agreed with my hypothesis. It is quite possible to assume that mysterious clouds get into the terrestrial atmosphere from the parallel world, but do not appear in it as a result of condensation of water vapor. It is more than that – our mother Earth can generate “reasonable” clouds. The matter is that, according to many scientists, our planet not the dead body rotating around the Sun, and the live organism having reason stronger, than ours. She long suffered violence over herself. But now the patience bursts, and Earth sends to the atmosphere of intelligence agents in the form of clouds to estimate scales of dangerous actions of the people leading to degradation of the nature. Far East. The point of view concerning activization of Earth is shared also by the research associate of the DVO Russian Academy of Sciences Pacific oceanologic institute, the doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences Valery Abramov: “Of course, it is connected, and directly! – he emphasizes. – In 1997 we observed mysterious objects directly over Amur Bay and island Russian. Observed with colleagues – just in Vladivostok there took place scientific conference. Discussed several versions – from extraterrestrial aircraft before tests of rocketry by military. Probably, theoretically some of them can really have the extraterrestrial nature. However I am inclined that the majority is given rise by the made active Earth”.

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