The satellite of Mars – the huge spaceship

Richard Hogland, the ex-consultant of NASA and the head of the American group of researchers of anomalies of space of Enterprise Mission – the constant author “A planet echo”. The scientist regularly “delivers” us “fresh” extraterrestrial sensations. This time Mr. Hogland declares that one of Martian satellites is the huge spaceship. Moreover, according to the researcher, Russians the first will bring from Phobos to Earth unique “samples” which will confirm its artificial origin. – Every day we, in Enterprise Mission, more and more distinct feel that the human civilization approaches the new round of the development connected with studying of a space. A lot of things from this what fantasts wrote about, will become a reality. People will find out that Earth actually belongs if it is so possible to be expressed, to the whole Galactic federation. That is, to certain if you want, to the establishment consisting of planets on which was or still there is intelligent life. And some planets which people of Earth still considered as such “space bums” – desert and lifeless – will give us the mass of surprises and in actual fact will be the disguised spaceships of really grandiose scales. I want to give Phobos, the so-called Martian moon as the example supporting this courageous hypothesis. On the channels we obtained absolutely stunning information concerning an origin of Phobos recently and hurried to publish these data on our website. As soon as data were laid out, the website Enterprise Mission began to be exposed to massive hacker attacks. As well as always in similar cases – we were delighted, having received one more confirmation to the fact that our organization moves in a right direction, doing secret “X-files” by property of the public. The essence of sensation is as follows. The European space agency – European Space Agency – obtained recently the evidence that Phobos represents object of an artificial origin. It – hollow. I will quote our “source”: “Phobos is the whole artificial hollow world”. In fact it means that the satellite of Mars is the huge sizes space station! Information that the European space agency intends to share the reasons and factual base with all “space” powers also went into the disposal of Enterprise Mission. The only thing, we do not know how many “Europeans” are going to wait. Delay can turn back various unpredictable consequences, and as a result information which all mankind has to learn, will be hidden again. That is why Enterprise Mission considers a duty to tell about secret of Phobos by means of the Internet and mass media already now, without delay. We are interested in all-planetary discussion on this subject. Proofs of “artificiality” of the Martian satellite are based on the pictures of Phobos made from distance, as close as possible to it, and also on the other data received by scrupulous scanning of its surface by a radar and other methods. A series of valuable photos was made by the European space agency on March 7 this year. On Phobos a large number of the curious educations, prints and reliefs having the obvious geometrical form is located. The particular interest causes a phenomenon of the superfast movement of Phobos on the orbit, and also an arrangement of craters in which “systematicity” is guessed. Judging by kraterny “drawing”, something improbable turns out – or on Phobos once there was a volcanic activity that would be obvious nonsense in view of the tiny sizes of the satellite, or meteorites for some inexplicable reason of drop on its surface very accurately, one by one, forming accurate lines! Besides, the scanning which is carried out by means of a radar revealed existence of huge emptiness under a surface of Phobos, and in these cavities there are some unusual “impregnations”, many of which possess accurate geometrical forms. How you think what we deal with?! And all this is only small part of those surprising data which set people of science thinking on an origin of Phobos seriously. I understand: at inhabitants all this will raise only a smile. But to us not to get used to such reaction. All the time will place in the places. A question only in, when. But, I believe, at current development of space engineering and information technologies of this “exposure” it was necessary to wait not so long. By the way, I want to pay your attention that the Soviet experts began to suspect that Phobos is huge “properties” in 1989 when directed to it the satellites “Phobos-1” and “Phobos-2”. The first device broke on approach to the Red planet, and here “Phobos-2” safely achieved the objectives. But communication was interrupted also with it soon. However, the device after all managed to transfer several mysterious images on which the shadows cast by some strange “objects” were distinguishable to Earth. Next year Russia is going to direct the pilotless ship to Phobos – mission is called “Phobos soil”.

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