The moon – base for the interstellar ships?

Moon base for interstellar ships
Moon base for interstellar ships

Every day there are more and more proofs of the theory about existence on the Moon of alien bases. And with the increasing speed there are all new and new explanations of this fact. In the 10-11th century B.C., at the time of ancient Chinese dynasties, astrologers wrote many treatises about the star sky. But any of them did not mention Long. Therefore it is possible to draw conclusions that at that time the satellite of Earth was not yet. By comparison of this theory and a legend of the Flood, assumptions are made some researchers that emergence in an orbit of Earth of the Moon became one of the main prime causes of this ancient accident. Many scientists consider that the historical period which is connected with emergence in an orbit of Earth of its satellite also the first mentions of the strange beings who arrived to Earth from space belong. Confirms this hypothesis the ancient drawings of the people of the Maya representing people in unusual attires which go down from the Moon. The astrophysical information system of NASA in 1968 issued the catalog which contains descriptions about six hundred abnormal phenomena on a lunar surface. This catalog contains information of rather moving UFOs of various sizes and forms, lunar craters which appear, disappear, iridescent fogs, flashes of bright light and rejection of shadows unknown objects. And the Russian astronomer Kozyrev recorded a number of flashes of red color on the surface of the Moon. Anomalies of this sort were quite often fixed around one of the largest lunar craters. Its diameter makes over hundred kilometers. He received the name “Gigolo”. This crater the most mysterious place on the Moon. The American astronomer Karl Sagan in the 60th years of the last century made the statement that on the surface of the Moon caves which sizes and forms allow to make the assumption that they are not natural objects were found. The internal volume of the largest cave makes over hundred cubic kilometers. In due time the American astronauts told that practically all Moon missions of the Apollo spaceship during the period from 1968 to 1972 were carefully traced by representatives of alien civilizations. Besides, cases of contact of astronauts with aliens were recorded. They communicated with astronauts by means of the special code code. The theory about existence of such code is confirmed in 1958 to the Japanese scientists-astronomers Kenzakhuro Toyoda. He managed to see seven huge letters which later disappeared several nights on a lunar surface. And there was inexplicable an emergence of these letters. And quite recently Neil Armstrong’s phrase leaked out into mass media. American the astronaut said her right after landing to the surface of the Moon: “Oh, My God! Yes there are also other spaceships here. They are along the far-away country of a crater and watch us!». Iosif Shklovsky, the Soviet astrophysicist assumed that the Moon can quite be the huge idle alien ship. A bit later the similar version was put forward also by the radio astronomer Alexey Arkhipov from Russia. He made the assumption that the Moon – that other as the station of aliens which is created especially for observation of Earth and its inhabitants. Scientists and astronomers, including the staff of the American space agency, is sure that the government of the world hides information from people concerning stay of newcomers on the satellite of Earth. But existence of pictures which imprinted various constructions and the equipment marks left on soil of the Moon, confirm opposite. As it is supposed, alien bases of newcomers are hidden on a reverse side of the Moon. Astronauts from the mission of Apollo became eyewitnesses of so-called “lunar kingdoms”. It is rumored that on a reverse side of the Moon there are towers and transparent material castles which reminds rock crystal. Also there are various types of the equipment and the transport leaving marks. Undoubtedly, in the nearest future we are expected by not less surprising finds. Not for nothing our night star excites minds of people by the mysterious and inexplicable force for a long time.

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