Spaceships in the Bible

Spaceships in the Bible
Spaceships in the Bible

Prophet’s ships.

Another story placed in Bibles has a direct bearing, strangely enough, on the UFO, and also to distribution in the ancient time of aeronautics and aircraft. The prophet Ezechiel, if to trust history, the personality quite real. The son of the priest was the priest in the temple Yahweh (a name of God – the father according to the Bible) in Jerusalem. It was very esteemed in the people; says about it at least the fact that some time among his pupils there was a great Ancient Greek philosopher and the scientist Pythagoras. When Ezechiel was still young, in the history of his people there was an important event – the Judaic tsar Jehoiakim decided to dump a yoke of the Babylon tsar Nebuchadnezzar II. But the revolt was not crowned with success; soon Jerusalem was besieged, Jehoiakim is grabbed and executed. And Nebuchadnezzar took away with himself to Babylon 10 thousand people as hostages. Among them there was Ezechiel. Taken away were lodged in captivity at inflow of Euphrates – Habyuura (or Hovara) in Chaldea. On the fifth year of stay in captivity as the Bible tells, Ezechiel was called in prophets, having become the witness of an unknown event about which the speech will go below. In total he prophesied from 592 to 570 year BC. Having written the book about endured and seen, it was soon killed by the son of the Judaic tsar whom Ezechiel accused of idolatry. In the book of the prophet Ezechiel, a component one of parts of the Old Testament, we read:

 “Also was: in the thirtieth year in the fourth month, in the fifth day of month when I was among immigrants at the river Hovare, heaven was opened, and I saw God’s maintaining

And I saw: and here rough wind went from the North, a great cloud and the curling fire, and shine around it. And from its middle as if flame light

 Also there was a similarity of four animals, – and what look them was; the person had their shape as;

And at everyone – four persons, and at each of them – four wings;

And their legs – legs direct, and a foot of their legs – as foot at a little body, also sparkled as brilliant copper”.

These “animals” could move there and here at lightning speed, and they moved, without being developed, and besides there were also wheels. “And by the form them and on their organization it seemed as if the wheel is in a wheel”. “And the voice was from the arch which over their heads; there was a similarity of a throne by the form as if from a sapphire stone; and over similarity of a throne there was as if a similarity of the person above on it. Also I as if saw the flaring metal, as if a type of fire in it around; from a type of his loins and above and from a type of his loins and below I saw as if certain fire, and shine was around it. In what look there is a rainbow on clouds during a rain, this shine circle had such appearance”. Of course, future prophet is shocked, he hardly is at loss for words that though somehow to describe what was seen. What to it to compare “God’s vehicle” to how not with the chariot? But not simple, and flying … By the way, and in Old Indian literature – “Mahabharata”, Ramayan – it is also told about “the heavenly flying chariots”. But what stands behind so picturesque descriptions? The head of design department of NASA of the USA Yozev F. Blumrikh tried to understand it. “If a wheel in a wheel, – he writes. – to connect with a helicopter rotor as the auxiliary device helping the rocket to freeze up above the ground, and veal hoofs with the landing mechanism, Ezechiel’s text is filled with concrete applied contents. “According to the story of the prophet, the researcher believes, it is possible to reconstruct a general view of the spaceship and even to calculate its characteristics. In the book “Spaceships of Ezechiel” he gives the detailed grounds of the hypothesis and comes, eventually, to a conclusion that “the divine chariot” was the lowered shuttle device of the interplanetary spaceship more likely. Weight it, by Blumrikh’s calculations, made about 63 t., and the power of engines – 70 thousand hp. Parameters not only quite possible from the technical point of view, but also very expedient it is constructive. Fantastic in this case only the fact that such ship could exist more than 2500 years ago seems!

Not rags, but rotor …

To be fair it is necessary to tell that something in Blumrikh’s calculations nevertheless is surprising. To lift such weight from the Earth’s surface, the power about two orders bigger is necessary, than it turns out at Blumrikh. For the helicopter so huge capacities are simply not necessary. Helikopter can cost for rise in such weight four times smaller. Only a trouble – on such device you will not rise in space. And nevertheless sensible grain in Blumrikh’s reasonings, certainly, is. Here what combined design is offered, for example, by the German engineers. Recently they developed LAReC – the big returned capsule for Arean. This device intended for return of people and freights from an orbit to Earth consists of 3 main compartments. In modular, separated before atmospheric entry, will place engines of orbital maneuvering. The returned device having the form of the truncated cone includes a compartment of crew in which 4 persons can live 12 days, and a cargo compartment which can be depressurized, and then to load via the side hatch. At last, crowns a design a compartment which in this case is most interesting to us. In it except docking knot and radio engineering systems there is still … a folding helicopter rotor! With its help, but not traditional parachutes also now foreign experts intend to carry out a landing. Besides, also rocket engines of soft landing, sliding shock-absorbers are provided. In other words, in this design there are all those parts which Ezechiel mentions: and the rockets giving “fire and shine” and “a wheel in a wheel” – a helicopter rotor, and “legs with hoofs” – landing shock-absorbers. However, the kosmoplana constructed by aliens, not the only aircraft which Ezechiel could see. It appears, and our fellow countrymen were not a bast boards.

Above the ground Inca

They say, that was a gripping show! The balloon which – and a sphere it is impossible to call that – a huge tetrahedron looked like a carton of milk for Gulliver, with the gondola suspended to it in the form of the reed boat promptly went up. So a few years ago in Peru the experiment which main goal was a check whether the person could rise in air more than 2 thousand years ago began? As some researchers believe, ancient Peruvians quite could fly, say, over the Nazca Desert – the location of mysterious land lines and patterns which because of their hugeness can be considered only from height of bird’s flight. And here, having reached height of 200 m, the sphere suddenly began to descend. Did not help and thrown out by skilled aeronauts – J. Nott Englishman and American J. Vudman – two hundred-kilogram bags with ballast. The gondola boat was stuck into sand with such force that aeronauts literally “shot” from it. The facilitated sphere soared up into skies again and landed only in 12 minutes, having flown by during this time about 3 more km. How to estimate results of an experiment? Absolutely unsuccessful flight was not: nobody suffered; aeronauts got off that is called light and bruises. And you will not call it absolutely useless: the balloon constructed according to the drawings found on walls of an ancient tomb of Indians, all – flew up. Nott – not the beginner in the world of aeronautics (it, for example, possesses a rise height record in the balloon and many other achievements) – with humour peculiar to British declared after a high-speed landing that “it was really fantastic flight”. However did not fail to add that only from under clouds aeronauts could “enjoy a show of fancy figures and lines of the Nazca Desert”. Therefore let’s reckon nevertheless this experiment in an asset of researchers and we will focus the attention on its technical subtleties.

“Glider pilots of antiquity”

Gusman’s device not the only possible repetition of ancient designs. Let’s remember at least “a parakassky candelabrum” – one of the images found in the neighborhood of the same city of Nazca. According to experts, the drawing reminds a silhouette of the dvukhkilevy aircraft like a modern glider. And the sign just on that place of the desert where almost constantly there are powerful ascending streams is located. So, it as beacon fire, could specify to the pilot losing height: “Fly here, here you will be able to soar up into the sky again”. Further from “candelabrum” deep into of the continent the direct white line well visible leaves height of several honeycombs meters. It goes through mountains and valleys and comes to an end on the way to a plateau. It is possible to assume that this line once served as a direction sign on which ancient pilots quite often flew, using the ascending streams dominating here. And the” airfield” in the desert has still a set of “index signs” which could open a lot of things to an attentive look. So, the modern glider pilots surveying these places found out that here not only the most convenient landing approaches are specified, but also there is a drawing called “a wing the delta” which quite precisely designates a wind rose. “Triangles” inform the glider pilot on a possible side wind, and “squares” – on the best place of a landing. The stylized figures of birds, according to researchers, can mean places of parking. Exactly about them large boulders, in a form and weight suitable for mooring of gliders come across. Lately archeologists began to notice similar images and in other places of the coast – where there are good conditions for soaring of gliders and to them similar aircraft. It is possible to notice these images most often exactly as saw drawings in the Nazca Desert – from height of bird’s flight, from an aircraft cabin. On the earth they are almost imperceptible.

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