Mysterious winged beings

Mysterious winged beings are known from time immemorial, they were part of folklore practically of each culture. To contain in legends of all people of the world descriptions of winged beings which are very similar to the person. But since the end of the last century, the message on these mysterious beings ceased to treat area of folklore, they passed into objective reality. Recently to them get accustomed steel more fixedly, trying to understand – what people meet on the native earth? Who are it aliens, mutants, newcomers from the parallel world, ghosts, demons or angels? For several years more than hundred people saw with own eyes this puzzle. Everyone calls it differently: the person moth, the person – a bat, the person moth, etc. They describe it as a gray humanoid, but is much larger. Eyewitnesses claim that this being had huge red eyes which could make hypnotic impact on the person. Also it had wings and legs similar on human. The gloomy and mysterious person moth already is of half-century object of studying and ufology, and cryptozoology. Many theories concerning the one whom is this being actually moved forward. According to one theory, it is ranked as the died-out species of eagle owls or owls as their eyes reflect light. According to other version, he is even considered as the alien. Supporters of this theory explain it with the fact that similar beings were noticed only within several years. Some hold the opinion that the person moth is a human mutant which appeared as a result of confidential experiments. So who is he actually? The similar being is unknown to science. Both biologists, and zoologists consider its existence very doubtful. But whereas to explain hundreds of attestations of eyewitnesses? Though supervision were made in different places, but similarities of descriptions of this being come to one image. All their descriptions coincide in the following parameters:
• the bright, round shining eyes;
• huge wings in a big way to three meters;
• the humanoid’s constitution, only without hands;
• black, olive, gray and similar shades of a color.
Testimonies of eyewitnesses absolutely precisely agree that at them everything floated before eyes, and it was just impossible to distinguish features or accurate forms of a kriptid. It means that the person moth has hypnotic abilities. Some researchers even consider that this mysterious being eats human power. It is possible to study the first documentary evidences of such phenomenon in military department of the USA which researches UFO. In it archives from which it is possible to learn about William S. Lamb’s meeting with the person moth remained. It occurred when William was on hunting – he heard a high-pitched strange sound which reached from above. He raised the head and saw a silhouette which reminded human, only with wings. It landed near a tree behind which the hunter hid. William wanted to catch up with it, but traces of a being disappeared. In these archives there is also information on a similar meeting which happened at two married couples. It occurred near the town Poynt-Plezant. They went to the friends on the car and unexpectedly saw the red shining eyes of a huge being with wings. At first all froze with fear, but then rushed off away. Soon they noticed one more such being on the next hill. It should be noted that there are no data confirming evil intention of this being. But, nevertheless, many researchers accuse him of destruction of the bridge which took place in 1967 in Ohio. Then 46 people died. Though results of research showed that causal the fatigue of metal was real owing to what, one of suspension brackets burst.
People after meetings with this being felt dizzinesses and a breakdown. The eyewitness Marcella Bennet told that this being appeared with shrill squeal from nowhere. Emergence of a humanoid is frequent connect with a cemetery as draw an analogy to vampires. People claim that the person moth lives in the abandoned buildings, bears malice at night, and hides in the afternoon. The flying being by 80th years of the last century was seen by already very many people whose opinion can be trusted. It was clear – it is not the person, a bird and not a bat. Most often it appeared about the town Poynt-Plezant, but after destruction of the bridge there nobody saw it. The ufologist John A. Kil wrote the story about the person moth on the basis of the facts of his emergence, and numerous. Then it was established that a being aerodynamically could not fly up even on meter and be long on air, gathering decent speed. Longer wings are required for such being having weight about a centner. It is one of nature riddles though ufologies explain it with the fact that it is mystification and a camouflage. John Kil, having studied all materials, drew a conclusion that this being appeared from another dimension. In Russia cases of meetings with this unknown flying being are also known. Their greatest number occurred in the Far East. The famous traveler V. Arsenyev wrote about it in the book “Dersu Uzala”. In Soviet period in the seaside many saw the person moth. It occurred near the mountain Pidan, and furs hunters, geologists, tourists, frontier guards witnessed. Frontier guards even somehow hit it, having taken for the saboteur. But the body did not manage to be found. The case when this being was seen by party of geologists in 1956 is known. They flew by plane, and the pilot unexpectedly saw ahead the being waving wings and similar to a huge bird. They went for overtaking, and then the being attacked aboard the plane. The pilot with great difficulty brought the plane as the lower wing was lined from blow to airfield. Then it became clear that scraps of black skin and pieces of flesh of a being got stuck in a covering. Tourists saw the person moth in the 90th years and even frames of video filming where it is visible that the being is similar to a bat, but with a human face remained. According to descriptions it was similar to what was seen in Poynt-Plezante in the 60th years. The local fan managed to photograph the flying person in 1999. The South Korean ufologist redeemed then from him a negative and exposed this photo in the private museum. The case when the winged person attacked the person is known. Evgeny Ilyinsky claims that he was attacked by this being at the village of Lukyanovka. It got off only with deep scars on a forehead and hands. For couple of seconds he managed to make out big black wings, short bluish wool and a pale human face. But no attestations of eyewitnesses, supervision and finds could bring closer to recognition of the real nature of this phenomenon. The being gave itself to film and to photograph, some provided even medical care to a being. But, despite it, there is an impression that it consciously avoids any contacts with people. The person moth reminds these the yeti or the yeti. But ufologists all the same will see off in an Ussuriysk taiga till several months, hoping to see a mysterious being. But whether there is actually a person moth? If yes, the fact what the being is? So far answers to these questions do not exist. The scientific world cannot draw serious conclusions owing to uniqueness and a rarity of this phenomenon.

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