In search of traces of giants

skeletons of giants
skeletons of giants

The tomb of the huge person is found in one of the northern regions of India. Its remains allow to say that during lifetime of its growth equaled to 18 meters. In 2007 in many printing editions there were articles covering this event. And many of them were followed by the pictures taken during excavation. The fact that expedition was organized by national geographical society which authority admits scientific the whole world can serve as confirmation of reliability of this find. A set of eposes of various people of the world contain legends of giants that allows to make the assumption that on the earth really there were giant people. Indirect confirmations of it are found by representatives of the most different sciences and arts among which historians, archeologists, writers, anthropologists. For example, according to the writer Vadim Burlaka, during expeditions he often had a thought that what was seen could be constructed only by giants. The traveler Ernst Muldashev who does not call in question existence of giants several millions years ago at all agrees with it also. In his opinion, it were lemuriyets whose growth reached twenty meters. And the nature constantly hints at existence of huge people. Any more the fact that mother Earth was once a kingdom of huge animals is not called in question. The numerous archeological finds made in many regions of the world confirm it. The largest of nowadays disappeared animals were dinosaurs of a zavropoda whose weight reached 80 tons, and length reached 50 meters. However, and among modern animals there are representatives with impressive sizes. In the ocean it is a blue whale, and on the earth a champion is the African elephant. On this background the version about existence of people of giants looks quite natural. During evolution physical and intellectual parameters of the person changed more than once. It is quite possible that one of ancestors of the modern person much more surpassed him in sizes. There are also documentary evidences of existence of people with unnaturally big growth. As the most tall person, according to the Books of Records of Russia version, all times Fedor Makhnov, the resident of the Russian Empire who was born in 1878 in the Vitebsk province is recognized. Its growth made 2 meters 85 centimeters. Why now the people so different in the physical parameters appear? On one of versions which is put forward by scientists, the huge growth which is now perceived as anomaly once was for our ancestors a commonplace. And the mankind held it in remembrance. Gods titans and a one-eyed Cyclops at Greeks, a giant Goliath at Jews, Ilya Muromets at ancient rusich – legends of giants exist at all people of the world. However now the nature established the upper bound for the person – 2 meters, and who doomed all to tortures above. The nature as if would experiment on giants, and with their help the mankind prevents what so far, raise above, there is no sense. Slowly giants of fauna disappear from the face of the earth also. They contradict the evolution course too. However for the person the belief in fairy tales therefore searches of traces of giants in art, literature, dreams that they really existed, will proceed is peculiar. But nevertheless in spite of the fact that the existing giants we do not cherish fauna and we do not appreciate, these dreams enrich mankind life, and perhaps sometime they will become reality.

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