How old is mankind?

Most of modern scientists try to limit history of development of a civilization of mankind by only several last millennia. Till this time, on their representations, there was a long and comprehensive Stone Age. Perhaps, everything would remain as before if not opening of such ancient points of history as the city of Jericho in Israel and maloaziysky Catalhoyuk. They became the reason of shift of the beginning of existence of mankind on four-five thousand years ahead. At the same time the modern science takes only those documentary confirmations which were considered into account and a century ago, at the same time absolutely ignoring the certificates giving the chance to estimate history of development of a civilization on our planet in tens of the millennia. Georgy Sinkell who lived and created on a joint of the eighth and ninth centuries A.D. was one of the most outstanding historians. For many years this scientist carried out sermons on the lands of Palestine, in 784 – 806 held a post of the personal secretary of the patriarch of Constantinople Tarasius. After death of the patriarch Sinkell went to the monastery where almost completely devoted himself to literary business. As its most known scientific work it is possible to consider the monograph “Chosen Chronography”. In the course of creation of this book works of many ancient authors from which it is possible to distinguish Iosif Flavia, Manefona, and also the famous Babylon priest Beros whose works differ in a large number of unusual information were used. Georgy Sinkell was so highly erudite that dared even to convict with deep arguments of falsification of the Egyptian historical chronicle of Evseviya Kesariysky, the recognized father of history of church. Sinkell in the works wrote that the Egyptian people have a plate which they call “The old chronicle”, in it three tens dynasties developing throughout 113 generations for 36,5 thousand years are described. The princes named by Auritami, Mestroyena and Egyptians were the first three dynasties, in his opinion. Sinkell writes that information that Hephaestus had no certain time as governed both in the afternoon, and at night is provided in “Chronicle”. His son Helios of rules thirty millennia, Chronos with 12 gods governed 3984 years. They were followed by eight demigods who governed 217 years. There are also certificates of the philosopher Simplition Kilikiysky, one of ancestors of the school of Neoplatonism founded and operating in Alexandria. It was known for the serious relation to the facts and extremely business character. According to him, Egyptians for 630 thousand years carried out calculations in the field of astronomy. But even if it was talked not about years at all, and about months, all the same the figure turns out very impressive – about 52,5 thousand years. There are also other similar certificates. So, Diogenes Laertsky, the famous historian and the philosopher of late antiquity who differed in sharp mind and not less sharp tongue made the assumption that in Egypt astronomical calculations were carried out almost on 50 thousand years earlier, than began to do it at the time of Alexander of Macedon. And Martsian Kapella, the famous writer Encyclopaedist creating in the first half of the fifth century was sure that representatives of the Egyptian people more than 40 thousand years conducted secret researches of stars and only then showed the knowledge to the world.
Zodiac as proof of antiquity
Even Manefon’s certificates, whose doctrines on dynasties are considered to be as a cornerstone in development of modern studying of the Egyptian history, assume that the beginning of the Egyptian civilization originates far deep into of centuries and that it much more ancient, than it is considered to be. Some fragments from its book under the name “History of Egypt” in which the historian claims that not who other as Hephaestus was the first person, or God who also became known as the pioneer of fire remained. It had a son Helios whose successor was Sosis, then Cronus, Osiris, Typhon, and after them – Chorus were governors of Egypt. It were also the first Egyptian masters. Then imperial powers passed continuously from one to another during nearly 14 thousand years, up to Bidis. Then during the following 1255 various gods and demigods ruled Egypt, and for 1817 existence the power appeared in hands of one more imperial sort. Then there came the turn of tsars from Memphis who operated the country of 1790, and then 10 more tsars ruled for 350 years. After that during nearly 6 thousand years “spirits of the dead” ruled Egypt. A graphic evidence of how stars were located about 90 thousand years ago, the image of the zodiac which decorated a temple ceiling Hatkhor in Dendere is. And it was so beautiful that by order of Napoleon (at the time of his Egyptian expedition) this ceiling was removed and transported to France, and instead of it left the plaster copy. According to the British ufologist Reymond Drake, symbols of the astrological zodiac can indicate that history of mankind passed three and a half big cycles, each of which is equal to 25 800 years. And even in spite of the fact that the temple in which this zodiac was created is destroyed long ago, thanks to efforts of the people wishing to keep proofs of so profound knowledge ancient the image of the zodiac was imprinted in copies. Ninety thousand years – it brings modern scientific minds into shock, the fact that history of a human civilization is estimated in about 4-5 thousand years became already habitual. And it not the only proof. Similar images of the zodiac were found also in the Indian northern temples, and on clay tablets in Babylon.
Imperial lists
It is known also that at the Semitic cattle breeding tribes which were living in the first half of the first millennium B.C. on the suburb of Babylon and having the name “impudent persons” so-called imperial lists at which there were very much also very ancient dates were also found. As these lists, history of development of a Sumer civilization which preceded Babylon in Mesopotamia, begins with creation of the person testify. The bible mentions 10 forefathers, starting with Adam; shumer called them the most ancient tsars, and as well as in the Scripture, they were 10. Bible forefathers were known for the longevity though if to compare them to Sumer gods, then duration of their lives is not so big. One of similar lists claims that all there were eight tsars, but they governed about 241,5 millennia. The second specifies that 10 lords throughout 456 millennia reigned. Then there was a flood. However thanks to efforts of one of the survived righteous persons the human civilization managed to revive. At this time there was a new imperial dynasty totaling 33 tsars who were perceived as gods and demigods. They also reigned during the subsequent 24,5 thousand years. Further in power there were some more little-known imperial dynasties. And only then development history which is perceived by modern science begins. As a reference point it is considered to be death of the epic tsar by the name of Gilgamesh at the very beginning of the 16th century B.C.
Whether one was mankind?
Very interesting certificates on history of development of a human civilization can be met in mythology of Aztecs and tribes of the Maya. Not one is mentioned in them, and several civilizations that found the display in teosofsky doctrines. In one of original monuments of culture of Aztecs – the Code to Vatikanusa – it is that the first race on the planet was presented by giants, but they died starvation. The second mankind died from the huge fire. However, the part it managed to escape, having created underground tunnels and cameras. Truthfulness of such theory is proved by numerous underground branched constructions which meet not only in the Sahara or India, but also in South America, and in Western Europe. There are traces of such constructions and in Russia – in Karelia. The third civilization was presented by reasonable monkeys who died from some unclear disaster. The fourth civilization something reminded modern people, however her all representatives drowned at the Flood. And only the fifth race lives and develops till today. There are also other similar documents relating by the time of Aztecs – codes Telleriano-Remensis and Rios. In them it is about four civilizations, though it is a little in other sequence, each of them existed about 4-5 thousand years. Also the fact that besides usual, traditional for us chronologies both Aztecs, and the Maya used also so-called sacred years is interesting, each of which had the duration: катун – 20, бактун – 400, пиктун – 8 thousand, and алаутун – 64 million years. So for a start it would be quite good to understand about what years these tribes talk. Of course, similar datings cause shock therefore the modern science prefers not to take them into account. But, maybe, after all it is necessary to treat them more seriously especially as very numerous ancient artifacts found in the most different corners of our planet hint at it.

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