Healing past

healing the past
healing the past

How many lives are released to the person? In what appearance we after physical death come back (if we come back) to our Earth? And, at last, as far as possible, having learned about the one whom you were in antecedents and what died of, to cope with any illnesses? The American resuscitator R. Moudi in the book “Return Back” tries to answer these questions. And creation of this work was preceded by the next events. 20 years ago in the USA the Association of therapy and research of antecedents was founded. 52 psychiatrists entered it, and today hundreds of experts became members of association worldwide. That the organization this quite solid, says the fact that for years of the work it issued the huge catalog of works on the subject, held hundreds of conferences founded the periodic “Magazine of regression therapy”.
Look for the reason of fears in the past
So, whether perhaps healing past? Researchers found out long ago that the events happening to the person in antecedents influence his health, behavior and views in the present. For example, one of phobias – fear of fire – can pursue the person only because he during one of the reincarnations died during the fire. And the fear of air flights can speak the fact that the individual living today fell in the previous life in an abyss, broke when flying in the balloon or even in plane crash. Of course, neither researches, nor especially the treatment methods offered by Association fit into a framework of science and modern medical practice. Not all physicians believe in reality of reincarnation, but facts are stubborn things: plunging during hypnosis into the past, patients wonderfully get rid not only from mental, but also of physical illnesses.
To wake genetic memory.
Where the person gets during sessions? In this respect there are several theories. For example, one of them says that the therapist manages to wake genetic memory, others are sure that it is memory of soul, the third – that under hypnosis collaboration of our consciousness and subconsciousness begins. Once was considered that the reason does not influence corporal illnesses. However during the numerous experiments made by scientists of Harvard university it was succeeded to prove that, for example, the immune system of the person of subjects is stronger, than it is happier. Other example: the rage can cause an angiospasm and the increased fibrillation. It is considered, as breath problems, for example, bronchial asthma, have an emotional basis and declare themselves in response to some negative experiences. Recently Harvard scientists incline to thought more and more, as oncological diseases are also connected with activity of consciousness and subconsciousness. Here what is written by the author of a technique, doctor Moudi: “During sessions of special hypnosis many patients had very bright visions: they saw themselves during different eras, in different situations and even civilizations. And only very few, about 10%, could not see the antecedents at all. All visions were very original and therefore almost in all cases it was succeeded to track communication with problems of the person in present life. So, the man who experienced difficulties of communication with women “found” himself in antecedents under a heel in the spouse despot, and then – the slave to the rich lady with the perverted sexual requirements”.
The murderer from the XIX century
Usually all plots during sessions of hypnosis have the same morals which to us, today’s, are patiently drummed. It is comparable with a peculiar exercise machine on which it is possible to get rid not only negative traits of character – weakness, cowardice, passivity, – but also many chronic diseases. Here, for example, history of one 30-year-old woman, since the childhood having asthma. At the most insignificant nervous tension it began the strongest attack. When the woman was hypnotized, she saw herself in London of the end of the XIX century – the housewife. She with pleasure was tidied up in rooms, went shopping. Everything looked is quite ordinary. And once. coming back home in strong fog from shop, the woman tarried at doors, taking out keys from a handbag. When it opened a door, the man who goodness knows where from undertook pushed it into the house and came next. She tried to escape from it, but soon he managed to grab from a sofa a pillow, to push the woman to the floor and to strangle. During a hypnotic session the woman managed to see a scene of the death from outside. She tested bitterness because that it was deprived by lives at such young age, separated from the beloved husband. Nevertheless, already the first session yielded fine results: attacks almost stopped and if appeared, then were lungs; it almost ceased to apply drugs. Now, even if the attack also begins, the woman reminds herself at once that she was killed in antecedents, but cannot make it in present. Incident in Ancient Egypt Other woman, we will name her Meryl, many years suffered from a hypertension. Neither the diet, nor regular reception of medicines gave a little notable relief. When doctor Moudi shipped it in hypnosis, Meryl saw herself in Ancient Egypt. In the last day of its antecedents to the town where she lived, the enemy army rushed. Almost all men died, the enemy literally covered the town with blood. Soldiers killed and plundered, destroyed houses, forced women. Meryl tried to hide somewhere, but it is vain: enemies were everywhere. One of them seized the girl and tried to rape. That very much resisted, and then the stranger hit it with a dagger in a stomach. In present life Meryl could not build up the relationship with men correctly: it had problems at work with colleagues and at home with the husband. She latently was afraid of men, and behind all this there was a deadly fear of the tyrant from the past. Several sessions of hypnosis helped Meryl to correlate the feelings to men to that episode from the past and to tell themselves: “All my present fears – nonsense in comparison with that which I felt when there was a violence”. The blood pressure was gradually stabilized, and today when Meryl suddenly begins to clash with men, she understands from where there is her intolerance, and is already capable to cope with it. No matter, in what a problem – the main thing, she knows that she to it cannot be worse, than was in Ancient Egypt: nothing threatens her life. Frankly speaking, immersion in hypnosis to see the antecedents – not panacea from all adversities and illnesses and helps not all patients. And progress in treatment is connected, first of all, with deep belief of the patient in healing.

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