Exorcized from death

Long since the national rumor claims that there are people possessing improbable it is possible even to tell improbable survivability, capable to get safe out of, apparently, absolutely deadly situations. In other words – as if exorcized from death. Invincible Indians we Will remember, for example, our epic eposes athletes who were not afraid of either enemy arrows, or copies, or swords, came out winners from all duels. Something similar can be met also in many other cultures. Let’s tell, legends of invulnerability of Indian soldiers sound not less fantastically. The Russian researcher Yury Kotenko collected the whole collection of the corresponding stories on this subject. The leader from the tribe to a si the Big Horse was a real character. Under its management in 1876 in fight in the valley of the river Littl-Bighorn was crushed the American group under command of the general John Custer. One of tribespeople of this leader in the book “My People to a Si” wrote: “In fight at Littl-Bighorn he the first rushed towards to the enemy. Galloped by a rank of soldiers since one end to another. They aimed in it and shot, but any bullet did not wound either the rider, or a horse. So it passed several times and, as usual, remained is safe …” Tell that in the tribe to a si there were soldiers allocated with a certain magic force. They were called by “vakan” – “mysterious”. According to elders, there were cases when and having covered vakana, having painted in a special way only with nabedrenny pro-knittings, with sacred amulets on a breast, were built in a chain and met requirements of the people shooting at them. But at the same time arrows of attackers bent, and bullets fell to the ground. Giving this history, Yury Kotenko supplements it with another similar which hero was a leader by nickname the Iron Hawk, the representative of other Indian tribe-cheyenn. The plot is similar to previous: the American soldiers, and to it – also shot at it at all. Moreover, then it allegedly showed the bullets which got confused in his clothes. The writer Elena Blavatskaya told of not less surprising cases. In the book “The Exposed Izida” it narrates about the events which were taking place at the end of the XIX century. Several Europeans went to Sudan, having heard about the Abyssinian sorcerer famous in these parts and the miracles shown them. For a payment, small to the European measures, they had an opportunity to shoot at the sorcerer from guns and guns. At first about two meters, but the bullets as if exorcized shot from distance, flew wide of the mark. Then one of guests for extra fee was given the chance to shoot at an emphasis. And what? The trunk scattered on pieces to a butt, and the Abyssinian magician remained is safe. Filled up a moneybox of miracles and the old woman Europe. History which happened in the 16th century during war of the Netherlands to Spain is given in the book “Philosophy of Occult Sciences”. Prinze William of Orange sentenced then one Spanish prisoner of war to execution. Soldiers tied him to a tree and opened fire. Without results – the Spaniard survived and is safe. The amazed soldiers broke from it clothes to learn what armor it carries on the body, but found only an amulet on a neck. When the amulet was removed, the prisoner fell after the first shot. Of course, there will be many sceptics who will doubt truthfulness of the given examples. But how to explain phenomenal survivability of some very celebrated historic figures? The famous English pirate of the XVII century Henry Morgan became famous for the fact that for many decades of sea robbery, it participating in infinite fights and skirmishes when during a boarding business quite often reached fight hand to hand, did not get any scratch. On an attestation of eyewitnesses, the lieutenant Napoleon Bonaparte always went ahead of the grenadiers in attack. Being already the general, it during the Italian campaign personally conducted more than once in attack of soldiers. Bullets mowed clean those who were near it, but future emperor and then, and during the subsequent campaigns when under it horses perished more than once, remained is safe. Exorcized from death associates and the leader of the White movement in Transbaikalia and Mongolia considered the baron Ungern von Sternberga cherishing dream of creation of the Great yellow empire. After one of fights found 70 holes from bullets and blows in his dressing gown a saber. Heroes of the Great Patriotic War Went legends of phenomenal invulnerability three times of the Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Pokryshkin. For years of the Great Patriotic War he carried out 159 air fights, shot down 59 planes of the opponent. Happened that wounds were got its board arrow, but it passed war without uniform scratch. It is known that Germans diligently avoided meetings with “the exorcized pilot”. As soon as its plane appeared in air, the prevention was distributed: “Achtung! Achtung! Pokrischkin in der Luft” – “Attention! Attention! Pokryshkin in air!” Germans had experts who shot down more planes, but was the experts who are forced down and the more so not got wounds. And here the story of the St. Petersburg parapsychologist Martynov who communicated with the former veteran Antonov, the native of Tikhvin. The veteran passed all war, and steadily was on a front line. During this time the structure of its platoon several times was completely updated because of so-called “natural losses”, and the death as if avoided him. It was especially remembered to it, as well as all survived colleagues, a fighting episode during fights for Breslau (nowadays Polish city of Wroclaw). Their platoon of submachine gunners seized Lutheran church in the center of the big area and provided with that correction of fire to gunners. But soon the wire was killed as all area intensively was exposed to fire. The order immediately followed to reestablish communication. The first Antonov’s workmate went, but hardly he left shelter as it was killed. Then Antonov, according to him, crossed and spread in a plastoon way to the place of break. To it there were about 50 meters. Germans strengthened fire density, asphalt around it literally boiled from bullets. Nevertheless, Antonov successfully performed a task and safe returned to shelter. However, right there fainted from the tested overstrain. The surprising zagovorennost from death accompanied also life of a number of prominent politicians of the latest time. More than 30 times attempted upon General de Gaulle when he twice (with a break) became the head of the French state. And every time not some freezed fanatics, but professionals of the highest test were organizers and performers of attempts to kill it. The general as if believed in the invulnerability, as a rule managing the minimum protection. He so got used to danger that once when the presidential car was fired by 15 submachine gunners (!) De Gaulle, having turned to the sitting wife nearby, only discontentedly grumbled: “Well as it is pleasant to you, Yvonne, apparently, they shoot again …” Fidel No’s Phenomenon all records in this plan were broken by the Cuban leader Fidel Castro. For half a century of stay of the comandante in power more than 600 times attempted upon it! A row from these attempts was prepared by such serious organization as the American CIA. The American senate recognized at least eight cases of participation of the Central intelligence service in attempts at the comandante. It seems, there is no such way left which was not used against Castro: poison, bullets, dagger, explosive. And even such exotic weapon as pathogenic bacilli. Once his former passion Marita Lorentz agreed to kill Fidel. It was supplied with two ampoules with poison which it had to pour in food to the former lover. “No while I saw in a window of an outline of Havana, – she remembered, – I understood, that I will not be able to make it. Ampoules departed to the sea”. It is interesting that when they met, Castro asked: “You arrived to kill me?” Having stretched it the gun, he said the strange phrase: “You cannot kill me. Nobody can kill me!” The famous Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez wrote concerning fruitless attempts to liquidate the Cuban leader: “It seems, there is some special factor escaping computers of CIA. Perhaps, a certain Caribbean magic …” So here takes place, by the way, many Cubans professing a santerizm – mix of Catholicism and the African beliefs consider. They are sacredly sure that their comandante is under the patronage of the African gods and their apostles in Caribbean countries. For this reason it is taken by neither bullets, nor plots, nor damnations. Curious detail. After a revolution victory the Catholic church and Protestant priests, suffered persecution. And here the santerizm was not touched. Moreover, it was practiced even by some colleagues of Fidel. There is a set of the versions explaining a zagovorennost phenomenon from death. Many believe in miraculousness of charms, amulets, mascots. The American Indians considered that the subject in which a certain magic force is hidden can protect the soldier from death: a headdress from feathers, sacred onions, a board. Europeans it had various stones, crystals, a cross, holy water. In orthodox Russia for protection against bullets of mother and the wife handed to the soldiers leaving on war, icons, crosses worn on the neck and ladanka in which sewed a leaf with the prayer written on it … The official science rejects the explanations given above, but there are versions which support even some serious men of science. They, in particular, agree, though with some reservations, that at the moment of danger of death living beings, including the person, possess ability to create around themselves a certain non-material, but impenetrable field. In most cases it occurs at the subconscious level. However there are people – as, for example, shamans or the African sorcerers, – which are able to operate this mysterious field. So how to treat these and all other possible versions, the fact remains: “miracles” after all exist. Just modern science is not able to explain them in at the level of the existing knowledge.

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