Awful look of the Basilisk

vasilisk vzglyad
vasilisk vzglyad

The unusual phenomenon was shown to scientists by the young Spaniard Monica Tejada. At a stare of her blue eyes metal objects bend. Researchers placed a steel wire in the soldered glass vessel. But also it did not prevent Monica to bend a firm thread in a silhouette of a dinosaur with the opened mouth. At the time of such work devices fixed temperature increase of a body and lowering of blood pressure at the ispytuyemy girl. Such combination nonplused doctors. Besides the device showed brain biocurrents, characteristic days of the sleeping person. It is known that some magicians and sorcerers are capable to do harm to health of the person if look at it with bad thoughts. However a look it is possible not only to jinx, but also to kill. The Roman scientist Pliny Sr. in the “Natural history”, stating the knowledge accumulated in antiquity, described “the tsar of snakes of the Basilisk” possessing ability to kill not only poison, but also a look. Subsequently biologists called by his name a genus of lizards from family of the iguanas living in South America At them as well as at a mythical dragon, on a back a crest. As for expression “the Basilisk look”, in sense “terrible”, though it entered many languages of the world, is just fantastic fiction, scientists consider; any living being cannot cause a look death. At all respect for science we will not begin to hurry with conclusions. At many people a symbol of death is the skull with empty eye-sockets. And this image has a hidden sense: he warns that “bony” eyes of the living person are capable to cause. The founder of medical science famous of Ibn Xing wrote about it in the 11th century, he is Avicenna; “Often the soul influences others body, for example, at influence by an evil eye”. And the philosopher Thomas Aquinas canonized came to a conclusion that owing to a strong soul pressure there are changes in elements of a human body. And mainly they are connected with eyes which as if load with special radiation air at distance. And in 1553 the famous European scientist Cornélius Agrippa in the work “Occult Philosophy” wrote: “In Illyria and tariball have women who destroy all those at whom they look in anger. Also the women inhabiting the Greek island Rhodes by means of the look change everything to the worst”.
Force in a look of natives
Once the high-ranking English official Carsten before death told relatives a curious story. It served in colonial administration in India. When the rainy season terminated, Carsten with friends went to hunting on which killed an elephant. Also found out that did not take with itself a special knife for cutting tusks. Having left servants to protect a trophy, British went to a plantation. When in three hours hunters returned, their frightened servants hid in bushes, and several dirty undersized savages cut out tusks at an elephant. The indignant Carsten ordered to native dwarfs to clean up away. But those in reply only impudently laughed loudly. Servants refused to banish them flatly. “It is mullukurumba. They cannot be offended. And that will send death”, – shaking with fear, Indian servants convinced. The ridiculous explanation brought Carsten and rage. He, the man tall, in the prime of life, in rage seized the leader of kurumb by hair, threw on the earth and several times struck with a bamboo stick.
– The dwarf jumped on legs, but, to my greatest surprise, did not rush away, and became, without coming off, to look at me,
– Carsten on a mortal bed told. – From his look I felt nausea. Such loathing gushed that I a kick rejected it aside.
The strange state to which the Englishman did not attach significance quickly passed. He derided ridiculous fears of the servants talking some nonsense about “a snake eye”, complained to friends in the evening as it is difficult to operate “these silly and superstitious people”. And next day, usually getting up very early Carsten, hardly woke up by noon. By the evening the right hand which the day before he “thrashed “the vile dwarf” strongly ached. For the third day the Englishman got sick at all: terrible weakness seized it. The official was urgently brought to Delhi. But doctors could not find any illness. “I feel as if poured in lead instead of blood”, – Carsten complained. The state quickly worsened: appetite was gone, sleeplessness and severe pains began. The healthy, athletically put person in four days turned into a skeleton. For the ninth day language was taken away from it, and on the thirteenth he died. A story about the European businessman who tried to seize force the Indian girl is known. That did not begin to beat off, and only so looked at the tyrant that that fainted. When he was brought round, it turned out that it paralyzed a leg, besides he became an impotent man. Similar cases explain men of science with sense of guilt and auto-suggestion which for some reason seize tyrants. The Canadian newspaper “Kanadiyen Tribyun” described a case on hunting when 55-year-old Steve Mac-Kellan was attacked by a grizzly she-bear. Lying on the earth, it instinctively exposed a hand with a knife forward, and itself the look full of rage and despair, rested against eyes of an animal. She-bear stood. The hunter continued to look continuously in her eyes, precisely in pupils. He knew – to act this way – only to kindle an aggressive animal. But could do nothing. And suddenly the she-bear published a loud roar and plummeted to earth. It turned out that it is dead. Later at survey of a she-bear on her did not find even scratch. Researchers assumed that a cause of death the powerful biopower impulse from eyes of the person which destroyed nervous cages in a brain of an animal.
Fatal aria
Except the general statements about terrible influence of eyes, there are also concrete attestations of eyewitnesses of this phenomenon. In the 80th years of the 19th century on the island of Sicily told about one resident of Messina whose eyes had deadly force. Casual, without any intention it could kill with the darted glance the person. Once he long looked at the reflection in a mirror of a show-window of shop. And soon after that ached and died: the mirror reflected and returned it his own “lethal” look. And here what case of death of several people in theater described the English magazine “Layt” in 1890: “At that time on a scene of the Imperial opera in Paris the singer Massol was a favourite of public. In private life this person differed in a sullen disposition, also it had a repellent exterior. Especially all were struck by unpleasant gloss of his eyes. His mental capacities were very limited, but the voice – is extremely musical so Massol had success; many French aristocrats found almost demonic bewitching charm in his singing. In premier statement of the opera of Gayaevi, “King Karl the Sixth” there was Massol’s party. Especially impressively it executed the aria “Damnation” so that the public often demanded repetition. Once at a performance there was a strange and inexplicable occurence. Massol sang “Damnation” with the eyes built to a ceiling, and an applause as the worker moving during the aria of scenery above did not manage to abate, fell. When rushed to it to the aid, it was already dead. It so heavily worked on actors and the audience that the opera was long not given. After a while it was renewed, and Massol had to participate in a performance again. The reminiscence of unexpected death of the involuntary listener, probably, was still too fresh, and this time, executing the aria, the singer did not decide to raise an eye. But in what – that the moment his look incidentally lingered on the conductor – the last felt almost at once badly and for the third day died of an unusual nervous attack. There passed several months before the Parisian public could hear the opera again; when declared the fatal aria, all in fear expected new misfortune. To Massol advised to sing, looking at in advance planned empty box. He agreed. It was later that the box was occupied by the visitor the businessman from Marseille who was late by the beginning of representation and was just to “Damnation”. And again Paris was shocked by news of new sudden death. After that the opera was shot forever from repertoire, and Massol in 1858 left a scene”.
Special energy or “tag of a devil”?
Scientists from the American university Kviz decided to make experiment to be convinced, the people capable, according to this ordinary opinion, to feel on themselves a hostile look how often meet. More than one hundred volunteers took part in experiment. Each of them was seated in the middle of the room. At some point in his nape the person with the “penetrating” eyes fixedly looked. As soon as the examinee felt a look, he immediately let know about it to researchers. When the results of experience were summed up, it turned out that 95 percent of the people who took part in experiment almost at once felt characteristic pressure on a nape. The doctor of medical sciences Victor Yakovlev considers that there is a special form of power attack – remote blow eyes. In the people it is called “evil eye”. However, on supervision of the scientist, the occurring opinion on the magic strength of people with a dark iris of the eye of eyes is proved by nothing. Blows equally well put with a look both dark-eyed, and light-eyed. The effect depends only on extent of possession of equipment of power blow and an emotional condition of the person.
Belief in “malefice”
In the history of existence of human society the attitude towards those who are capable to maleficiate was created a certain sort. But what circumstances and the reasons generate the person possessing “evil eye”? In this respect there are several assumptions. The main reason as believe, heredity is. In that case when someone from relatives of the newborn possessed a “bad” eye, it had to is obligatory to be descended. The strong damnation lying on the person can become other reason. And also such situation is possible. If mother separates the child from a breast, and then will regret the child and again will feed with breast milk, then he will become the owner of a “bad” eye. The belief is widespread that not everything, “noted” by a devil, can cause misfortunes the look purposely. At individuals it occurs even against their will. And from it there is a special otchitka. How to define whether the person possesses a “black” eye? The experience which is saved up by people for many centuries demonstrates that such people in appearance or character have something strange. Quite often they are allocated with big eyes and a fixed unwinking gaze. Meanwhile absolutely healthy faces are afraid of “evil eye”. The famous researcher of Slavic folklore A.N Afanasyev wrote: “Black and brown eyes were always considered as bad eyes”. But slanting eyes were most dangerous. So the hook such person cannot directly look in eyes to the interlocutor, considered that he looks at a devil. Therefore the word is used by “braid” in sense “devil”, by the way, death called “the cross-eyed old woman” too. There is a set of ways of protection from “evil eye”. However the main preventive moment was the aspiration to avoid someone’s envy. Therefore vigilant people always tried not to be allocated from lump and not to draw with the look attention of people around. By the way, beggars at many people of the world were considered very capable to a malefice.
Deadly impulse
It is impossible to distinguish on external signs of the person possessing ability to commit power assaults. To them the case with Vladimir Toktarov – the owner of unusual force e eyes can Be practically indicative any. Somehow in the summer to it on a farm near Samara where it grows up bull-calves, uninvited guests welcomed. Shaven-headed guys thriftily entered Toktarov’s house and began to offer it expensive “roof”. Illocal “mobsters” did not assume that the owner only pretends to be quiet, and actually in him his angry “gift” already rages. Minutes through twenty racketeers of be disconnected steel and to fall on a floor. After a while the farmer woke and showed the door the dumbfounded guys and advised them not to appear more here. In the village say that to the farmer the evil spirit will reel up. That laughs: “No, evil spirit here at anything. She does not favor me, I am an atheist and I do not believe in her, – and already seriously explained: – At me it is shown not at my desire, and I critical situations”. Usually Toktarov kills with a look only Colorado beetles: they are not on its site, and on next – the darkness, any himikhata do not help.
* * *
In respect of power information influence there is no basic difference between “the Basilisk look”, damage and a malefice. It is all volume what range of frequencies is present at the “sight beams” striking the person. Depending on it they break normal functioning of certain bodies and systems. Fortunately, not each person can jinx, not to mention the lethal “look of the Basilisk” sending a deadly impulse to heart. It is the same rarity, as well as gift of true biopower healing.
A. Belsky “Interesting newspaper. Magic and mysticism” No. 7 2012 year

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