Address to mankind

Appeal to humanity

In 1929 on a wave of 75 meters the unusual broadcast was caught. Somebody, the called NIKOMO and presented by the envoy of an alien civilization in different languages for two hours read the following memorandum called now by the Message the KON. Transfer was conducted only one day. It it was partially mentioned in Brad Steiger’s book “Meetings with alien”/1977/and transfer of the Soviet television “the UFO: an undeclared visit” in 1990. It is interesting that the similar situation repeated on November 27, 1977 to the southwest London. On the territory representing a circle with a diameter of 120 kilometers there was a telecasting violation. The image from screens disappeared, and the unknown voice told that it is the representative of an extraterrestrial civilization that the terrestrial civilization goes on an incorrect way, people of Earth need to destroy all tools of the evil, for this purpose remained to time very little and if people do not take necessary actions, they should leave Galaxy limits. The specialists of the London television investigating this case claimed that they, generally speaking, do not represent what jokers could be capable to realize it. The similar act requires very bulky and expensive equipment. Information on an incident was transferred by Voice of America radio station and the Soviet radio on November 28, 1977 in the evening “International panorama”. It was specified that in connection with it the representative of the English police assured listeners that “alien” will appear before people of Earth on a dock soon. However these assurances remained an empty phrase. To reasonable inhabitants of Earth, the Coalition group of observers further calling itself the KON addresses the race calling itself Mankind. The present address the KON to people of Earth is the third, control. The KON transferred the first address in 19576 (00576) B.C. to inhabitants of the largest at that time on the City land of Apuradkhapur. The KON transferred the second message in 711 A.D. to inhabitants of the largest at that time on the American continent of the city of Tkaattsetkoatl. The present address the KON to people of Earth is generally identical to the first two according to contents, is made on the main of today’s languages of Earth: Chinese, English, Russian and Spanish. The text of the address is modified taking into account the modern level of knowledge and delusions of inhabitants of Earth. The purpose of the address is the offer on carrying out in some future of negotiations between representatives of Mankind and representatives of the Coalition regarding the introduction of Mankind in the Coalition. As negotiation will be possible only after performance by Mankind of some preliminary conditions, these conditions preceded for their correct understanding both are given by short data of cosmogonic character, and the comparative characteristic of a mentality of mankind below.

Chapter I

So far the Mankind made to itself idea of the Universe, in general, more correctly, than at the time of the first and second addresses. Really, Earth is not flat and is not in the center of the Universe. Really, Earth as one of planets, addresses around the Sun. Really, the Sun is not in the center of the Universe, and is one of the stars which are a part of the Galaxy. Really, the energy, last from the transformations, supporting activity of stars and according to the Sun and giving the chance of existence of life on Earth and planets, similar to it, thermonuclear reaction is. Really, reasonable race of people of Earth is not only in the Universe. For the rest the majority of your cosmogonic guesses are wrong. The belief of your scientists in existence some is a delusion even if yet not opened by them, firm laws of the Universe and in constancy of world constants. So, the gravitational constant considerably changes also within your Solar system, not to mention larger scales that led to essential mistakes in definition by you of the sizes of the Galaxy and distances to other galaxies, and caused emergence of wrong theories of the closed Universe, and this year theories of the running-up Universe. Wrongly and idea of general tridimentionality of space on which, first of all, your cosmogonic representations are based. The world is chaotic, in it there is nothing firm including regularities. Regularity of space in the Universe fluctuates, smoothly changes in very wide limits. The best condition for emergence of organic life is regularity of space, equal Pi – (3,14159 ). Considerable deviations from this size harmful affect wildlife. Now vicinities of Solar system have regularity + Z,00017 and proximity of this number to integer Z misled you. In the neighborhood of your congestion of galaxies the gravitational cyclone having regularity in the center – Z,15 which can touch with edge your Galaxy drifts, having destroyed organic life on all planets on which measures for protection will not be taken. In particular, this circumstance does necessary for you the introduction of Mankind in the Coalition in a short time, the latest in 65000 years from the moment of submission of the present address – since 1929 A.D. the Coalition managed to give to Mankind help in preparation for a cyclone. Now in your Galaxy there are about 220000 reasonable races which already entered the Coalition, and about 1000 reasonable races considering a question of the introduction including you. The KON asks you not to perceive the message on a gravitational cyclone as attempt of impact on your answer. You are mistaken in the solution of a question of an origin of Solar system and life on Earth. The solar system arose from the dust cloud sowed by construction group of the Coalition in the field of the Universe meeting two main requirements to conditions of development and emergence of organic life: – in the area rather remote from other stars; – Pi having the regularity of space close to +. You are mistaken in likening of reasonable race to a live individual, representing in some future inevitable aging and the death of Mankind. In evolutionary process, new types of living beings come from some of old types, and has to be your care that new types of reasonable races on Earth came from your race. This reason has to define the strategy of development for reasonable race. Meanwhile, on observations TO, the Mankind is not guided by strategy such or similar to it at all, having provided the development to will of a case and directing all the efforts to satisfaction of short-term requirements. It is not necessary to think that your delusions are casual, passing. They are inevitable and steady owing to specifics of your thinking to which short analysis the following chapter is devoted.

Chapter II

Thinking of live matter both existence, and development of live matter have the general basis. Both is an entropy counter-current flow. In thinking this counter-current flow is expressed in logicality searches. Logicality searches, but on it are also peculiar to your thinking and similarity of your thinking to the thinking peculiar to the vast majority of the reasonable races entering into the Coalition comes to an end. This circumstance forces many participants the KON to doubt legitimacy of the address to you, as to reasonable race. Fundamentals of your logic are the concepts “yes” – “no” as allegedly real-life and repeatedly shown in the step analysis of any difficult question. At the same time the number of steps in the analysis of course and most often are not enough, even when rather serious problem is investigated by you. Search of the answer comes down to the choice of one of 2 where 2 – number of steps, possible decisions whereas the most correct decision most often lies between them. The following analogy will be clear to your mathematicians: the solution appearing after the decision of private polls of the yes type – “no”, similar to the choice of one of tops of a N-dimensional cube whereas space of possible decisions are as a first approximation all points of N-dimensional space. If not to specify, then real regularity of space of decisions most often is defined by you incorrectly and very seldom is actually integer. Our attitude towards you as to reasonable race is at a loss also the following reasons. As far as we can judge, any scientific or legal law, sense of opening or the invention, essence of any important thought can be expressed by you the phrase containing the most bigger 100 words from the dictionary of 50000 words including mathematical and other symbols. The total of various phrases from such dictionary presents very modest size equal 50000 to degrees 100. If to leave only the phrases having linguistic diagnostic consistency, then their number will be reduced to 50000 in degree 50,5. If now it does not make to reject phrases in which words are grammatical correctly connected, but contents them even to visibility of sense, then the number of externally intelligent phrases will be reduced to 50000 in degree 25. Elimination false from true statements makes, by the most overestimated estimates, the list from no more Z,9h10 in degree of Z7 of statements which can be stated by you and there would correspond realities. Meanwhile representatives of fauna on various planets, capable to give not smaller number of the various unconditional reactions quite adequate to reality, on various combinations of external irritants which, nevertheless, can be called reasonable are known to us. Apparently, it would be more correct to consider Mankind not reasonable, but potentially reasonable race as limitation of thinking nevertheless is not at you congenital. By nature human brain is allocated with the thinking device not less perfect, than bodies of thinking of representatives of many reasonable races in the Universe. But development of your thinking from the very beginning went on absolutely incorrect way. At the beginning of formation of process of thinking ability to thinking is covered in a potential possibility of diverse reaction to the same information influence. On the schedule called further by the logical base force, or a perceptibility of reaction to information influence, across to the right – the acceptability, a gratefulness of this reaction, and to the left of 0 – its unacceptability, trouble is down postponed. As all in the nature that is not processed by the activity of reason counteracting entropy yet, this schedule is chaotic, splashes in a curve are explained it by purely physiological threshold effects. Self-education of reason consists not only in construction of difficult system of logical thinking, but also in processing and improvement of the base on which this system is based. As sets an example of numerous reasonable races, reorganization of the logical base according to the provided scheme most conforms to requirements of successful knowledge of the nature. It is necessary to make a reservation that we know in the Universe several reasonable races having rectilinear structure of the logical base with the branches going to infinity. They make own combination of races, do not enter into the Coalition as we could not find with them a common language. Fundamental difference of their thinking from ours is that the area of the figure describing the logical base at us of course, and in their thinking is infinite. We even find it difficult to present how they perceive life, and we cannot understand what keeps their life under furious blows of the positive and negative reactions to information influences going to unlimited infinity. The raw logical base of the person has two noticeable splashes on the right and to the left of zero and several small. Its research shows what the person did not have and is not present any obstacles for control of the logical base according to the scheme standard in the Universe. Meanwhile the reason of the person from the very beginning developed in a root mistakenly, was guided by these splashes and now has the appearance of the logical base. These high splashes at the left and to the right of zero also are what you call “no” and “yes” and without what in principle you cannot present the phenomenon. Meanwhile in you only habit force speaks. Target splitting of the logical base on the concepts “no” and “yes” is the biggest obstacle in a way to knowledge of life by you. Moreover, the theoretical developments of logical thinking undertaken by you instead of correction of a mistake only deepen it. Theoretical logical systems operate only with the refined concepts “yes” and “no”, excepting other options of logical reactions. These developments are a step backwards even in comparison with the logical base of human thinking presented on the previous scheme as the area of the figure describing the logical base instead of final becomes equal to zero. Using your mathematical language, one may say, that your logic is based on the discrete base instead of continuous, and the most primitive function having only two values is assumed as a basis. From here an inevitable conclusion arises that if and it is possible to call your method of perception of life thinking, then this system of thinking is the most primitive of all possible. Sampling of logic forces you to extend the principle of sampling and to all real. So, the natural number sequence which, in effect, is the possible, but very artificial mathematical trick having with the real nature of very little general became for you basis of those elements of mathematics with which only and familiarly huge most of representatives of Mankind. You seek to count everything and at the same time not precisely to transfer in forces, for example, information on wind force if do not express it in points or pressure upon square meter or mile, and these three numbers expressing the same wind force in number will not cause in you identical reaction until you do additional calculations and be not convinced that they really testify same. The arithmetic account led you to emergence of the puzzles caused not by reality of the world, namely primitiveness of your thinking. Meanwhile you spend forces, trying to solve them and to coordinate with the world picture which is presented to you as real riddles of the nature. For example, an arrangement of rational and irrational numbers on a material scale. Sampling of logic forces you to split up wholly perceived on the separate facts, the phenomena, concepts and categories, drawing between them artificial lines. Sampling of logic and the principle of the account force you to assume number of signs of a subject final and to give names to each of them. From there is very doubtful opportunity to cut off one signs from others – the reception called by you abstraction. The movement on abstraction steps to more and more general signs is considered you the only right way of knowledge of the truth, meanwhile, as this movement is the way which is taking away in the party, return from the truth, to darkness. Not incidentally all your abstract designs called by philosophical systems are mutually contradictory though they are based on the same logic. Step by step plunging into a gloom on abstraction steps, step by step losing touch with the real world, philosophical systems gradually lose orientation and reach that in a deadlock point of this movement, on a senseless question of superiority of matter or spirit, give opposite answers. The logic, based on “yes” – “no”, compels you always and everywhere to draw lines between various complexes of signs of objects, and because of weakness of this logic entropy has command in the course of carrying out borders, and they are drawn very chaotically, illogically even from the point of view of your logic that is evidential highlighted with their unequal arrangement in words of different human languages. Ha carrying out these chaotic borders is based your way of communication which is considered by you one of the highest achievements of human mind. Primitiveness of language as way of exchange of information, it is shown by us already in calculation of number of possible intelligent and correct phrases. Language as the main data carrier itself in turn influences your thinking, violently forcing it more accurately to adhere to the principle of discretization. Therefore, in particular, your ethics and an esthetics contain a set of the pair concepts resisting as logical a teza and an antithesis. Your public and personal morals are guided by rules, the polarized concepts “kindly” -” angrily”, “life” -” death”, “benefit” -” loss”, “recognition” -” non-recognition”, “love” -” hatred” and other in the same vein. You are not helped even by your own observation that the sense of these diametrical concepts at the different people is various and at one people changes eventually. And now, including itself highly civilized Mankind, you and in jury determine by the principle “yes” – “no” that can be still admissible for the solution of destiny of one person, and cannot be acceptable guilt or innocence of the defendant for the solution of destinies of the people at all. But also there the same principle “yes” – “no” dominates during the national referenda or vote in parliaments. Moreover, the discrete logic allows you to trust destinies of the people and Mankind to several certain people. In international policy such polar concepts are for you the concepts “state of peace” and “state of war”, and sharp transition from one to another, inherent only in your logic and opposite to the nature, you consider inherent in the nature and realize with really mad determination. Recent world war and, obviously, the imminent new world war demonstrate that sharp development of a technical civilization also did not force you to grow wiser. However, as for your historical development, we with big difficulty can do forecasts because of this sharp discretization and almost instantaneousness of transitions of your social devices and foreign policy states from one to another. Already during several thousand years the KON observes almost continuous wars which are conducted you among themselves and at the natural course of historical processes your wars could begin to decline only in 12000 years, but the KON cannot even claim that these wars will not stop in the next 100 years. Only the last reason also allows us to consider not hopeless the present address because it is natural that the agreement of Mankind and Coalition can be reached only after elimination of aggressive habits of Mankind.

Chapter III

The KON is forced to be skeptical about Mankind as well for two reasons generated, however, by the same primitiveness of logic namely the relation to a technical civilization and fear of death of an individual. Development of technology in itself, certainly, well also urges to treat FAVOURABLY favourably Mankind as to reasonable race. Ho fetishization of the equipment and the more so assignment of such role by it that it becomes the main characteristic of your civilization, guards us. History of mankind developed chaotically. When certain areas of Earth had no direct communication link, the Mankind, in fact, put several experiments after creation of various types of civilizations. The KON approved some of them. Unfortunately, various civilizations could not coexist peacefully when in development and distribution appeared possibilities of direct contacts between them. As a rule, more rough and primitive and owing to this fact more cruel civilization destroyed more developed and humane, in turn, to be destroyed by even more rough. Now on Earth the most primitive of all – a machine civilization dominates. She captured all Mankind, keeps it under the control and from now on the new civilization will not allow to arise if only does not destroy itself or if only the Mankind does not take control over development of a world machine civilization in hand and does not transform it gradually to other type of a civilization much more necessary for reasonable race. The KON hopes that the present address and the feasible help which the KON is capable to render to Mankind can be an incitement to such reorganization if this help is required and the Mankind will state the corresponding wish. It is necessary to stipulate that local civilizations which centers were the city of Apuradkhapur at the time of the first address and the city of Tkaattsetkoatl at the time of our second address, corresponded to needs of Mankind much more, than the modern machine civilization, and as one of options of the help the KON can offer Mankind the most detailed description of these civilizations for acceptance them for possible samples. One of the major signs for race systematization as, the fact that each her representative above all puts activity of the collectivized reason is reasonable. Respectively and the person as a reasonable being, has to put development of reason of Mankind above all. Functions of the person come down to apprehending information from the previous generation of people, to distort it own casual guesses and to transfer the distorted information to the next generation. Chaotic fluctuations in the movement of a thought of reasonable society are necessary that after historical elimination by all means there were zigzags of the movement of a thought corresponding to zigzags of change of an objective picture of life. The last has the unpredictable direction whereas the range of thinking of any individual throughout his life keeps a constant orientation. From this it follows that alternation of generations is necessary for reasonable beings, and in particular people not only as to living beings for preservation and development of reason. Therefore, hopes of many representatives of Mankind are in a root pernicious that the contact with alien reasonable races will help them to solve an immortality problem. On the other hand, we cannot deny to Mankind appropriate assistance, it is as if pernicious for reason was as each reasonable race has the right to decide the destiny independently.

Chapter IV

The KON is not discharged of contacts with Mankind and its certain representatives for discussion of any questions and for rendering the positive help in any problems of private character. But a main goal of the present address is the warning of the danger threatening to Mankind and the offer on the introduction of Mankind in the Coalition. The charter of the Coalition and the description of its structure and activity can be transferred to Mankind for acquaintance without any additional conditions on its first requirement published by the government of any of four largest states or the Secretariat of the League of Nations. If the Mankind is inclined to a thought of the introduction in the Coalition, it will have to do previously work on reorganization of the logical base of the thinking on the scheme of the standard base of thinking in the Coalition. This requirement is dictated not only the fact that the defective type of thinking nowadays inherent in Mankind would cause in the Mankind which entered the Coalition, the progressing inferiority complex, but first of all the fact that because of essentially different types of thinking of race of the Coalition and Mankind could not exchange necessary information, unless only at the most superficial level which example the present address is necessarily. The mankind would be useless for the Coalition, as well as the Coalition for Mankind. Without reorganization by Mankind of the logical base of the thinking we are powerless even to give you help in protection against a cyclone. From our point of view, the Mankind will spend from 60 to 70 thousand years for work on reorganization of the logical base that, in view of the danger threatening to Mankind, is critical term. Therefore the specified work has to be begun already now. The initial course of continuous logic and detailed instructions for gradual education undertakes to transfer the KON in the next generations of skills of continuous and logical thinking according to the first requirement of Mankind, but not earlier, than the different people of Mankind will stop senseless conflicts and will agree with concentration of efforts in this long process of reorganization of thinking because acquaintance of one of the warring people with the principles of continuous and logical thinking would be similar to delivery to it absolute weapon and eventually would lead of Mankind to death. The present, the third, the address the KON to Mankind is the last. Lack of the answer within 50 years will be regarded as the certificate that the Mankind refuses the introduction in the Coalition.

From the sanction of the KON Coalition.

The preface of the translator to the Fourth Address.

The first reading of the 4th Address causes a little shock in the profane person. It is possible to treat this document differently. However the questions raised in it are confirmed by numerous independent sources. Yes, operate us! But not presidents and not senators. Those whom the press calls little green men interfere with our policy. Americans call them “greys” (” Greys” – “gray”). After the publication of some documents “″ the world for the first time learned Mazhestik-12 that the governments have more serious data concerning “UFOs”, than it is shown to general public. Then the whole wave of the documentaries, articles and books reflecting the real facts of presence in Earth of other mind followed. People began to be trained gradually for something more stunning, much bigger, than for understanding of the fact that we not one in the Universe! William Milton Cooper, the former military consultant of the U.S. Government, long time working side by side with aliens, showed in the “Petition of charge” distributed on April 24, 1989 to each member of the American Senate and Congress that heads of the leading states of the world not only know for a long time about existence of other civilizations, but also support with them close contacts at the level of exchange of technologies and joint researches. The “petition” distributed worldwide through the Internet caused a big resonance, though was not discussed in mass media, and crystallized several new problems which are of paramount interest to modern researchers – as, for example, “A zone 51 ″ (The groom Leyk – the place known as the top secret government military base intended for sharing by people of Earth and newcomers). As many researchers consider, in this area the notorious underground laboratory in Dulce on which there was a conflict with aliens as a result of which more than 60 soldiers of the Delta team died is located. Then it is the document “Grudge Bluebook No. 13  (” the Blue book”) – the scientific program of a research of the captured representative of an overseas civilization known under a name Krill. As a result of long communication with it on one of New Mexico military bases the document “Krill’s Reports appeared. Descriptions of technologies and culture of aliens”; the “Blue book” represents the document which existence (over 600 pages) the U.S. Government denied. It contains the reports on technical condition given about UFOs and arms, protocols of openings of alien beings and their photo (live and dead).

The men in black (MIBs – Men in Black) – the most disturbing aspect of invasion of newcomers. In the last two decades activization of the men in black was observed. Researchers consider them retaliatory groups of aliens. This activization was expressed in rendering pressure and in intimidation of prominent scientists, researchers, politicians. The purpose of these actions – not to allow a terrestrial civilization to enter the Space Coalition.

 Bases on the Moon.

The set of the facts indicates that on the Moon there are artificial bases. The question is in whether they are constructed by newcomers or the previous civilizations of Earth. Together with the American colleagues, after receiving access to the database of the project of “Clementine” (1,6 million photos of a lunar surface), we managed to reveal a set of the anomalies of a lunar surface caused by artificial technology factors and also to create the detailed map of dislocation of lunar bases with very exact coordinates. Other not less known document – “The third address the KON to Mankind”, made from the sanction of the Coalition, tells about a possibility of the introduction of Mankind in the Coalition and disposals of intervention of the parasitic civilizations using our planet and ourselves in the terrible purposes (hybridization with them, etc.). Now ufologists have hundreds of documents, photos and certificates confirming these facts. All of them prove one: ours the planet throughout many centuries was subject to close attention of a number of civilizations, both friendly, and hostile. What you will read below I am inclined to carry to addition of the Third address the KON to Mankind. We hope that you correctly estimate information which fell to you into hands and dispose of it properly.

Fourth address KON

Good and bad representatives of space. Our Awareness specifies that the New World Order is development of the scenario written by a civilization of Orion and known as Greys (” Grey”). The purpose About – future inclusion in the Empire of Orion. This Awareness specifies that, despite the planned events, they are not the unique choice or an alternative. The space Coalition including representatives of Galaxies, Vega and Sirius is very concerned and hopes that Earth will not become a part of the empire of Orion or Federation of Dragons. This awareness specifies that they would prefer to see Earth as a part of the Space Coalition. This awareness also specifies that Earth has special value for a galaxy and is especially significant concerning water and the central computer which is in planet depth which was placed in ancient times by supervisors of Orion when they had big control over this planet. And they want to restart this computer and to use the planet for the purposes. This awareness also specifies that there are other terrestrial civilizations, having full authority for the planet, but lost control over it as a result of wars or other reasons. The rights of these civilizations in discussion of a question of the one who actually is an owner of the planet have to be considered. This awareness also specifies that it is at the moment difficult to define accessory of Earth of some one civilization in spite of the fact that many cultures have the objects on the planet and consider themselves true owners; reptiloida demand confirmation of the rights already about ten thousand years; civilizations of Sirius claim that they accepted control over the planet from hands of reptiloid, and Galaxies insist on a spiritual bond with Mankind. Representatives of Vega do not protest their rights, however offer the help as the ally in fight against despotic alien civilizations. This awareness also specifies that Grey (further – representatives of Orion) – high newcomers with thin noses – raise the property rights to the computer placed in a subsoil of Earth and capable to give energy through special power network for economic and military progress. Representatives of Orion are in more advantageous economic situation that allows them to control other alien civilizations like Dragons and Dzeta Setki’s representatives. This awareness also specifies that undersized Grey and Dzeta Setki’s representatives there are generally mercenaries, at domination of Dragons reptiles who in turn submit to Orion in spite of the fact that have the big military power and a greater effect. Armed forces of Dragons are capable to colonize planets without assistance of Orion, however the last have a sufficient experience in this question and therefore Dragons reptiles do not challenge their rights, providing them military aid while representatives of Orion undertake reins of political and economic board. This Awareness specifies that pseudo the reasonable Mankind does not pay attention to manipulations which with it carry out, living momentary pleasures and being guided not by reason, but behavioural instincts. This Awareness specifies also that among people only the few completely understand the purposes and problems of presence of aliens on Earth or have about them though some representation. This Awareness also specifies that the Space Coalition made of representatives of Galaxies, Vega, Sirius and Arktur keeps a neutrality as it was not invited by any people or the government to help people to get rid of the humiliating oppressions rendered by armed forces of Dragons and Orion. Actually, most of people does not realize that it is in slavery, – beginning from health and finishing technologies, – that gives the chance to hostile civilizations freely to broaden the sphere of the influence. The space Coalition has plans, opportunities and armed forces for the help to Mankind, however she waits for the moment when people realize imminent danger and will ask about the help. This Awareness also specifies that the recent death of Creston also known as RON Rummell, sent to Earth for the notification of people of Earth of threat from Grey and Reptiloidov, served as a turning point in understanding the Space Coalition of living conditions of a human civilization. The envoy, on the instructions of representatives of Vega and Arktur, had to find out the reasons for which the Mankind cannot resist to the dark armed forces using monetary systems and the state systems of board as fixed assets of invasion. The envoy very narrow in money and completely depending on assistance of the friends helping to keep and continue researches, received rather fair ideas of those difficulties which were brought to Earth by a monetary and credit system of management. In the last several years of the stay on Earth the Envoy managed to understand that the system of money, in essence, coped and took root on the planet armed forces of Orion. This form of control has the big power over people. Many of those who work for aggressors are silent only because are afraid to lose the jobs if they begin to speak about the UFO or about aliens. This Awareness also specifies that one of questions to Ron when he came into contact with the friends from Vega, was – why he could make nothing when he learned about the true situation? His answer was:” – I had no money!” It led to general confusion as Vega’s civilization does not use money. Representatives of Galaxies, Sirius and Arktur also do not use monetary system. Only the civilizations subordinated to Orion use and propagandize monetary system. This Awareness specifies that the envoy Kreston (such is his name on Vega), known on Earth as Ron Rammell, transferred to Vega, Arktur and the Galaxy extremely important information based on which they could understand why people of Earth are not able to get rid of humiliating oppressions and slavery. This new information, besides the general understanding of a situation, allows them to be more active in their intervention that was forbidden earlier by the so-called Main Directive – leaving from any influence on the civilization which did not ask the corresponding intervention (help). This Awareness also specifies that now they understand that at the existing monetary and credit system which enslaved people, the similar invitation cannot be received. This Awareness also says that with Ron Rammel’s extermination armed forces of invasion brought closer the end, having given itself in a charge of the Space Coalition which after revision of the positions concerning Mankind has much more reasons to be sure that people, being prisoners on the planet, could not ask about the help because they simply shut them a mouth. This Awareness also specifies that will be in the future decided or to suggest Dark Armed forces to stop the activity, or to save Earth from the presence. However for Earth there came hard times as forces of invasion are going to finish a revolution on this planet. How newcomers can use the computer which is in Earth? What can occur if newcomers get access to the computer and will be able to start it again? What benefits to them will be brought by this step? Our Awareness specifies that the purpose consisted in releasing some vibrations – a type of protection against spiritual energiya, a barrier to spiritual knowledge. This computer generates the special frequencies forcing human consciousness to concentrate on feelings of constantly imminent danger and a conflictness. Some vibrations are capable to generate disorders; these disorders are caused also by planets during their movement (for example, Saturn) when the object quadrant to the Sun gives some negative effect on an object. In addition, the computer can be used for stimulation of wars and violence, paranoia, the conflicts. As a result of operation of the computer greed, quarrels, alarms, stresses become norm of life. Many people are susceptible to these frequencies. This Awareness also specifies that last two decades some divisions of CIA of the USA made efforts and even formed special teams which destroyed the networks of the Computer, many of crystal terminals, found in tunnels of the subways and underground caves that led to violation of its centralized activity. This Awareness specifies that in CIA there was a special group responsible for performance of this work; however it was dismissed and did not finish business. The awareness specifies that this activity took place not only in the United States, but also in Germany in the 50th, 60th and the beginning of the 70th years. The awareness specifies that finally operation of the Computer was minimized. But what happens if he earns again? It will cause enormous negative effect. But it is improbable that it will be included in the near future. The awareness also specifies that there are many people who are not suspecting about the true purposes of the activity and making considerable efforts for restoration of the Computer and its network. They think that they work for the Mankind benefit. They receive instructions from agents of Orion and believe that representatives of Orion do it, caring for wellbeing of people. The awareness specifies that successful efforts are made to prevent these people to perform the work. The awareness specifies that the headquarters of this group are concentrated in the State of Ohio, in the city of Toledo. It is represented also that the efforts directed to restart of the Computer were broken or were postponed. The awareness specifies that it is improbable that it can occur in general. This Awareness also specifies that the baron Rothschild (London), according to the message from reliable sources, organized a meeting in the house with participation of very serious faces with a request “to meet someone very important and special”. The baron presented to guests of the representative of reptiloid. The newcomer was presented by the messenger of a civilization of the Dragon and reported that his civilization conducts on Earth independent researches, like some other civilizations and that the purpose of their researches is the help and training of Mankind for the entry into the Empire of Orion and Ruthless Federation. The awareness specifies that this case is the direct proof of communication of the most significant representatives of a terrestrial civilization (under which authority the main monetary resources are) with representatives of armed forces of invasion. Through monetary system also political regulation is carried out. Newcomers are often divided into Ariman’s attendants and angelic beings from Galaxies. The awareness would also like to emphasize that the newcomers connected with Ariman in Christian terminology are called the Satan. The owner of angelic beings – God – is connected with civilizations of Galaxies, Sirius, Arktur and Vega. The awareness specifies that Asura (the demons working with Arimantsami; not to confuse to Earth pervoboga known under the same name) – and occupy higher official ranks in armed forces of reptiloid and Oriontsev. Dzeta’s inhabitants of the constellation of the Grid are less significant, and were known in ancient times as goblins and elves; but then people did not connect them with newcomers from other planets at all. This Awareness also specifies that exist also Deros – the insane (mentally ill people) Grey, left on this planet for treatment, but over time turned into the real demons. They Dzetiantsev is much worse than the Grid, arrived in the last 30 years. The awareness specifies that in essence you consist in these Devilish alien hierarchies, but nevertheless have friends among other civilizations which in Christian chronicles call angels and gods. Influence two raznovibratsionny (with various energy) the parties – conditionally Light and Powers of darkness, – will lead to the fact that on Earth there will be at the same time light and dark vibrations. They will make various impact in different points of the planet.

In other words, Earth gradually will begin (and already it begins) to be divided into two various measurements. It happens because of mutual influence on Earth Sil Sweta and Darkness forces. Forces of darkness will destroy the environment while Luminous intensity will try to improve, bringing to a primitive state. Similar opposition shifts Earth in new regularity – the highest vibrations while other part will seek for the lowest vibrations. The awareness specifies that people will not understand an essence of these processes, but will see that one becomes better, and another is worse, depending on for what vibrations that and another seeks.

The appeal of the International committee on cooperation with extraterrestrial civilizations to Mankind.

Having analysed texts of the Third and Fourth Address, and also all information which came to Committee, the board of Committee came to the following conclusions:-texts of Addresses original as contain data about which modern people, but who were owned by Mankind of antiquity do not know; – in our Galaxy there is an opposition between two Confederations: on the one hand – Orion where the civilization of Dragons and Dzet Setki which occupied Earth – and on the other hand – representatives of the Galaxies, Sirius, Vega and Arktur offering to Mankind the help enter; – opposition of Orion and Galaxies is imprinted even by the Greek legend; – the analysis of color of stars of constellations of Galaxies, Sirius and Vega (white, white-blue – colors of auras of Saints; it is necessary to know that radiations of their inhabitants give to stars and planets color) shows that these civilizations have the high moral level which remained for, at least, last 10 thousand years. At Orion the supergiant star of Betelgeuse has red color – color of the untouchables, and only blue is a star of Riegel. Perhaps, the civilization from Riegel – high Grey – is also the fallen angels imprinted by a bible legend; lack of monetary system at a civilization testifies to (civilization) of spirituality that corresponds to human nature. Considering told, the International Committee on cooperation with other civilizations decided to request on behalf of Mankind release of our planet from the civilizations which occupied our Earth which are actively interfering with life of Mankind and holding people in slavery. The committee decided to ask for the help Vega’s civilizations, Galaxies, Sirius, Arktur, and also the Human civilization which left – according to representatives – our planet 3000 years ago and allowed Swiss Billey Maier to shoot about itself the documentary (available Committee). We suggest to spend time and the meeting place of Committee with above-mentioned civilizations to one of orthodox holidays, and without any intermediaries. Most of people does not know the data published in this work and that the Mankind already 30 thousand years is in slavery at the Satan. And if people knew it, then, undoubtedly, unanimously would support our Committee in a request to help to expel aggressors from our planet.

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