University of Roehampton, London

Name of educational institution
University of Roehampton
Great Britain
Contact person
Olivera Farrell
+44 208 392 8110
Description of educational institution
§ University of Roehampton is proud of multinational structure of the pupils among whom there are 9000 students from more, than 130 countries of the world.
§ One of the leading new universities of Great Britain in the field of researches and leading in the field of biological anthropology.
§ The serious business school offers the courses focused on further employment including in the London companies.
§ Fantastically beautiful campus reminding park is presented by historical buildings, lakes and dormitories. Four buildings of college built in the forties the 19th century create a strong feeling of a unification on a campus.
§ The university won first place in the list of the best campuses (Times Higher Education 2009 Student Experience Survey)
§ Roehampton wins first place among londonskikhuniversitet on employment level.
§ Areas of studying include: Management; MBA; Marketing; Information Systems; Education; International Relations; Creative Arts; Literature; Linguistics; Conservation; Health Science; Bioscience; Psychology; Therapies; Sports Science.
§ … and all this only in 30 minutes of driving from the central part of London!
Direction of preparation
Economy and management
Preparation level

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