The higher education in Israel

The higher education in Israel
The higher education in Israel

It is considered that the Israeli education is excessively original and suits generally those who is going to live or work in this country. Actually diplomas of higher education institutions of Israel admit around the world, and the higher school almost completely copies the American. System of the Israeli education the three-stage: bachelor degree, magistracy and doctoral studies. Degree of the bachelor is awarded after three or four years of study, two-three more years leave on receiving degree of the master. At last, to become the doctor, it is necessary to finish doctoral studies (two-four years) and to protect scientific work. All three degrees can be received at eight state universities of Israel. Bachelors are let out by colleges branches of universities and some regional colleges (for example, Sapir’s college in Negev or college Tel-Huy). Other educational institutions as institute of H. Weizman, specialize only on doctoral studies. All others (medical and other professional schools, including art, music and drama schools, and also schools of hotel economy and tourism) issue diplomas about professional qualification. The last some years give out Council for the higher education of Israel to unacademic educational institutions of permission to assignment to graduates of degrees of the bachelor. Therefore attentively study the sites of the higher education institutions chosen by you: it is quite possible that, having waited one-two years, you will be able to arrive on a full-fledged bachelor degree. If you already have the Russian diploma about secondary professional, unfinished higher or full higher education, address to the Ministry of Public Education of Israel: will appropriate you the corresponding academic degree depending on duration of training, quantity of the taken courses and prestigiousness of the educational institution ended by you. As a rule, diplomas of the Russian universities are equated to the master.
Hebrew and English
In Israel three state languages: Hebrew, Arab and English. Generally training programs are taught in Hebrew, is more rare – in English. Therefore at receipt you should sustain language testing the assessment for which is awarded on a uniform scale. The majority of higher education institutions accept students with knowledge of Hebrew at the level “gimel-dalt” (average level). Medical, psychological and law departments of universities demand higher hey-vav level.
It is possible to be prepared for language tests in special training centers – ulpana. Training can borrow about five months (for 20-25 hours per week). Cost for foreigners – 4 thousand shekels. So-called repatriates can study free of charge, it will be in certain cases necessary to bring a registration contribution (about 200 shekels).
There are some types of training centers: the most widespread – ulpany-kibbutzim (the kibbutz – something like collective farm), studying of language alternates with work in economy here. Accommodation and food is free, but it is necessary to pay an entrance fee (is established individually by each kibuyets). There are ulpana of the youth centers (only for repatriates) and the summer university ulpana enjoying special popularity at foreigners. Occupations in them last six-eight weeks. Ulpana is not only in Israel, but also in Russia at the Jewish cultural centers. For example, in Moscow “Jerusalem in Moscow” where persons interested can learn Hebrew and the Jewish culture works ulpan.
Besides Hebrew foreign students have to know English in which the considerable part of educational literature is written. Knowledge of English all higher education institutions of Israel is estimated on a uniform six-level scale. For receipt in higher education institution it is necessary to receive the certificate of the third or second of levels. The first and zero (highest) levels exempt students from obligatory occupations by language at university for which the additional fee can be raised.
Students from Russia are in more advantageous position, than pupils of other countries: to 40% of teachers of the Israeli higher education institutions – Russian-speaking. Therefore if you will not understand something or will not catch, it is almost always possible to approach the lecturer on change and to speak the native language.
Except language dough entrants hand over the all-Israeli psychometric test, which purpose – to estimate intelligence arriving, to its ability to logical thinking, knowledge of mathematics and knowledge of English. Results of dough are valid seven years, they are accepted by all higher education institutions of Israel. It is possible to repeat unlimited number of times, but not earlier than ten months after the previous attempt. By the way, test can be passed in Russian.
For receipt in higher education institution on average it is necessary to gain 400 points (from 800). If you plan to arrive for engineering faculties, it is necessary to hand over also uniform paid examination in mathematics and physics (it is carried out in May in the Center of testing and an assessment). On offices of medicine and psychology it is possible to get only after additional interview in Hebrew, and in art, musical and theatrical higher education institutions it is required to provide creative works, to pass listening or viewing.
Training courses
Not each foreigner can pass a psychometric test without preliminary preparation. Therefore in Israel the whole network of the private training centers training entrants for dough and for study in higher education institution works (teach including in Russian). Usually duration of training courses – 80-200 class periods.
To the Russian entrants which school certificates do not admit equivalent Israeli, many universities suggest to complete a special preparatory course for repatriates and foreigners. It consists of basic subjects of the chosen specialty, and also classes in English and history of the Jewish people. Naturally, in its framework much attention is paid to preparation for psychometric dough. As a rule, occupations last 7-12 months for 35 hours per week. For revenues to a preparatory course it is necessary to pass examination for knowledge of Hebrew, English and the Israeli school program that, as a rule, does not cause difficulties. Upon termination of occupations carry out final exams which results are considered at reception in higher education institution.
At all not the fact that you will be able to get to the higher education institution chosen by you: competitions high (on some faculties of Tel Aviv University reaches 6 people into place). Therefore it is better to file documents at once to some educational institutions. However, for it it is necessary to pay (on 250 shekels for record: a half of this money higher education institutions to which you did not come, will return at presentation of documents on transfer to other higher education institution).
Students from Russia can be transferred to the Israeli universities and colleges. For this purpose it is necessary to send the record book in Department of estimates and confirmation of degrees of the Ministry of Public Education of Israel, then to pass examinations in Hebrew and English and if everything suits the Israeli side, you will be enlisted on the first course (irrespective of, how many years you were disaccustomed in the homeland). The part of subjects which you studied houses, to you, most likely, will reckon on the new: bring in administration of higher education institution a transcript – the academic reference certified and translated to English with the indication of the subjects studied by you, a number of hours and estimates. Only those disciplines which you handed over on “perfectly” are recalculated.
Sometimes to students from abroad suggest to pass special examination (in English or Hebrew) which would confirm their excellent knowledge of the subjects profiling at the chosen faculties, and also the high level of the general development. By results of you can translate to the second year of training.
Procedure of registration in the Israeli higher education institutions needs to be repeated before each semester. On the first half of the year record goes since February, on the second – since November. It is necessary to put the receipt on payment of a semester to the statement. If the student had financial difficulties, he can take the academic vacation and continue training a year later after the termination of occupations.
Grants – only to immigrants
Education in Israel the paid. Foreigners cannot count on grants of the government or municipalities. The financial aid and privileges are provided only for so-called “new repatriates” (immigrant youth). They can get free of charge advice on system of the Israeli education and attend a language course. But the most important – at them is the right for the state help with payment of housing and study.
Financial support is provided only to those who started studying no later than 18 months from the date of arrival in the country (the period of service in Israel Defense Forces does not join in this time) and arrives:
on preparatory offices (till 22 years) on a bachelor degree (till 26 years) in a magistracy (till 30 years). It is possible to receive the help from the state the next year only in case of a successful completion of the previous academic year.
Unlike Russian, universities of Israel except teaching activity are engaged also in research work. And chairs of the Israeli higher education institutions became famous not only in areas of Jewish Sciences and the international relations in the Middle East, but also mathematics, physics and biotechnologies.
The oldest higher education institution of Israel – the Israeli polytechnical institute – is known for researches in the sphere of engineering, mathematics and natural sciences, research institute of H. Weizman – researches of immune systems, genetics of plants, cytology, etc. The Jewish university (Jerusalem) – the recognized world center of studying of Jewish Sciences, Islam and an arabistika. In addition, in higher education institution conduct development in the field of agricultural sciences and biomedicine.
Specialists of university of M. Bar-Ilan study classical Jewish texts, religious practice, a wide range of humanitarian, social and natural disciplines, mathematics and computer technologies.
One of the largest, university in Tel Aviv, conducts researches in the field of electronics, engineering systems, nuclear physics, power, superconductors, physics of solid bodies, environmental protection. The university of Haifa is concentrated on archeology, research of the sea, history of the European Jewry and relationship of Arabs and Jews in Israel and in all Middle East.
At last, the youngest university of D. Ben Gurion specializes on family medicine, investigates deserts (prepares shots for work in the southern droughty region of the country).

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